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Big Buck World Championship qualifiers underway this month

August 6, 2010

Hot on the tails of the 2010 DDR US Championship announcement comes another tournament that already has established it’s legs as an annual event with 2010 as the third year the event will be taking place. The Big Buck World Championships are now going through their qualifier phase as well, where players can compete on any online-enabled Big Buck Safari or Big Buck Hunter Pro machine. The grand prize you’ll be aiming for if you participate: $10,000. According to the BBS official website, here is what the top players of the regionals can expect:

It all starts with a revamped Online Qualifying Tournament that runs August 1st – 29th. The top 16 in each region will be invited to Chicago for our first-ever 2-day World Championship Weekend on October 1st and 2nd.

All four of the Regional Finals will be held on October 1st followed by the 2010 World Championship on October 2nd. If you’ve never attended the World Championship, you owe it to yourself to make this your first. Beyond the Big Buck games, the tournament, the Big Buck Girls, and the huge prizes, this event is created with you, our players, in mind.

It’s a huge party that allows players from across the country to meet, eat, and drink. Whether you win or lose, you will not walk away from the weekend disappointed.

And let’s not forget that $10,000 top prize! You can start your quest for it at your nearest online game this August.

If you want to find a location near you, all of the online-enabled machines can be found on these sites: Big Buck Safari Location Tracker / Big Buck Hunter Pro Location Tracker

Here’s a video from last year’s tournament

Actor Willem Dafoe plays some Big Buck Safari @ MTV

January 9, 2010

Arcade machines aren’t just for arcade venues – they can be great for offices too. The people at MTV Multiplayer certainly think so and they not only have a Big Buck Safari onsite, they have an ongoing celebrity tournament running on the machine where they invite the celebrities that they interview to compete for the highest score. This of course offers some fun for the people who come in for interviews and it also provides some decent mainstream media coverage, as we see here with actor Willem Dafoe getting in on the tournament. Mr. Dafoe is starring in a new vampire/sci-fi movie called ‘Daybreakers‘ which releases today.

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The 2009 Big Buck World Championships wrap-up (updated)

October 29, 2009

Nick Jug Girls-small

I received a couple of e-mails recently asking about details on how the 2009 Big Buck World Championships went down a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t heard anything about it until today. You might recall that there were two national tournaments that occurred at the same time – one for BBHPro(the night before the tournament it was revealed that this tournament would take place using the new Open Season update) and the other on Big Buck Safari. When all was said and done, two brothers walked away with the $10,000 prize, Nick Berg for BBHPro and Jerad Berg (who also won last year’s national tournament) on Safari. For more details on the event, see the press release after the post break(updated with a corrected press release).


Big Buck Safari passes 5000 units sold

September 2, 2009


I have mentioned before that we don’t often get sales numbers for arcade titles but Raw Thrills has had a few hits over the past year or so that they reveal such information on and this time we have word on Big Buck Safari. According to the press release they have now sold 5000 standard units and 500 deluxe units of the game to various locations. It still has a way to go before catching up with it’s sister game, Big Buck Hunter, which surpassed 10,000 units sold over it’s lifespan of three years.

It would be great to know what the sales numbers are for all of the coin-op games out there, I’m sure that would help any prospective developers know what they’ll be getting into with a particular type of game although that is probably one of the reasons why we don’t see this information made public too often. Keep in mind that while these numbers would look pretty small compared to console sales figures, for the current arcade industry any game passing 5000 units sold is pretty good.

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Do you like to Big Buck Party?

June 22, 2009


This ticks all the boxes for me. Beer, pretty ladies, prizes and Big Buck Hunt. If it ticks all your boxes too, then why not try and get down to one of these Big Buck parties that are taking place in across America.

Big Buck Party Schedule:

Thursday, June 18th at Delta House in Omaha, NE
Friday, June 19th at Jack’s Bar and Grill in Lincoln, NE
Saturday, June 20th at Side Pockets in Omaha, NE

Thursday, July 9th at Grand Avenue Ale House in Bellingham, WA
Friday, July 10th at O’Malley’s in Tacoma, WA
Saturday, July 11th at Bleacher’s in Seatlle, WA

Thursday, July 23rd at Coach’s in Houston, TX
Friday, July 24th at Mulligan’s in San Antonio, TX
Saturday, July 25th at Lavaca St. Bar in Austin, TX

More dates to be announced soon.

For more info visit or

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Big Buck Safari Online tourney for February – Jungle Jam

February 4, 2009


Play Mechanix just wanted me to pass along the newest online tournament for Big Buck Safari and once again, 20 people have a chance at winning some cash. They also have simplified the process for claiming your prize, where you go to the Winner’s Circle on instead of calling a phone number. The tournament is running now on online enabled versions of BBS. Good luck!

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IAAPA 2008: Final Round-up (now with some release dates)

November 28, 2008



We’ve received a final batch of pictures from the IAAPA show in Florida (thanks again to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report)and it’s only fitting to ‘finalize’ our coverage of the event. Overall I think that it was a great show, in terms of new games and what we can look forward to coming into 2009. While there isn’t any new game seem here, we do get a better look at a few games.

Slambot was at the show – I know that they have been to previous IAAPA events and I’m glad to see that they were there. In case you have missed previous coverage of Slambot, it’s an arcade game that uses robots inside of an enclosure as they slam into each other and colored buttons around the edges. I almost got one for my arcade but there was a few month waiting list so I wasn’t able to get it at the time. (Videos of previous Slambot versions here and here)


Here is a new game, Xball by Unis (or Universal Space). It is similar to a couple of games we’ve seen in Asia that came up with the ‘throw a ball at the screen’ concept. I’m just waiting for someone to make one of these games where it’s a virtual snowball fight, which could be a lot of fun without the need of getting pegged with iceballs.  While Universal Space’s website doesn’t list Xball on it yet, I noticed that they do have IGS’s Pirate Revenge game there, which I had thought would not come over to the US.


For another video redemption title we have Jungle Drummer. It says that it’s part of the Percussion Master series so I wonder if this has something to do with Pump It Up Jump (which was not at the show but I talked with Andamiro about it at AMOA). I like the cabinet design, very eye-catching for kids.


Similar to what you see above is a DDR clone called Boogie Down. The dance pad is simplified and with the brighter color scheme this also should attract kids pretty well.


Here’s a couple more shots of Brick People. I heard that when the game is finished, the game clears the bricks itself but at the moment it sounds like that feature is sort of clunky with how it works and may not clear it properly every time. They still have time to figure that out though.

dsc01215 dsc01216

Big Buck Safari Deluxe was at the show and from what I heard it was working better than it was at AMOA and ASI. I’m still not sure when we’ll see it though.


Here’s a little more on Textminator by LAI Games. Here is a picture of the promotional flyer for the game where you get a look at what it’s about and notice that there is a pad on this much like DDR but no foot controls of course. I wonder if it’s DDR meets texting. It probably won’t be my cup of tea but for it’s target audience it will probably do really well, especially where it has ticket payout.

dsc01207 dsc01208

Here’s a variation of the new pedestal cabinet from the Fun Company for Incredible Technologies. I like the lit up version on the right better than the standard ones.


These racing simulators are cool. I’m not sure what racing game they are playing but they would be quite attractive at any amusement park.


And finally, what post would be complete without more pictures of girls playing Guitar Hero?

dsc01206 dsc01245

As for release dates – Guitar Hero has been given a date of February and I hear the price tag is around $7000. The game will also include a hook-up for a separate TV so more players can see what’s going on. American Idol is scheduled to come along in January and while I haven’t heard a price, it’s going to use the CoinUp network extensively. Also according to some distributor sources of ours, Namco is planning to release Razing Storm and Nirin in March, just in time for ASI/AMOA. R-Tuned Racing is set for January, Hummer for March and Harley Davidson for “1st quarter 2009”.

So where does that leave us off? I counted at least 24 new games if you count video game redemption titles and I know there was more for just regular redemption. Still, for the video sector that’s pretty good and not what I’d call a dead and buried industry. Of course we will have to see how operators take to all of these games next year. 

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