Arcade Games On The Rise

This story makes a nice change from the usual doom and gloom that we usual hear about the arcade industry. In fact it’s made my day

Following a substantial price hike in shopping mall floor space and increased competition from games consoles, the number of US arcades plummeted to as low as 2,500 in recent years, down three quarters from 10,000 sites during the industry’s 1980s peak. However, a revival has seen that figure rise to 3,500.“Quite a resurgence,” according to Michael Rudowicz, president of the American Amusement Machine Association. “The Y generation communicates by word of mouse. It’s cool to get out to play with your peers,” he said.A Fox News report claims that nostalgia and an increased focus on family orientated entertainment centers both play a prominent role in this growth. Popular Japanese import Dance Dance Revolution is just one game doing the rounds at national chains including AMC Theaters and Chuck E. Cheese, a restaurant franchise set up by Atari founder Nolan Bushnell.

Game designers and developers frustrated with mainstream industry practices are also getting in on the action, with last year’s top selling arcade title Big Buck, which shifted 7,000 units, designed by former Midway Games employee Eugene Jarvis

[via Arcade Ranaissance]

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3 Comments on “Arcade Games On The Rise”

  1. Christine Says:

    That is actually the Korean dance game called Pump It Up which can be found at several locations like Chuck E Cheese which has a contract with Andamiro (the company that makes Pump It Up). Chuck E Cheese also has a children’s version of the game called Pump Jump.

  2. Josefa Says:

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  3. Marcus Says:

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