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Big Buck World celebrates 10 years of Big Buck Hunter this fall

September 3, 2010

In the latest issue of Replay Magazine (September 2010), they have a cover story on the success of the popular arcade series Big Buck Hunter, along with a tribute to the game’s 10th anniversary this year. As a part of that tribute they also have a scoop on the next game in the series which will be celebrating that anniversary, currently titled Big Buck World. Not much is revealed about the title in the article but it will include new animals and bonuses and promises to combine the two most recent Big Buck titles, Open Season and Safari into one game. Don’t let that stop you from reading the article though, it provides an in-depth look into the history of Play Mechanix and Big Buck Hunter, which is worth a read.

I imagine that the game itself will be as fine-tuned as ever since they’ve been perfecting the concept over the years but there is one area before the customer even starts to play where some tuning is sorely needed.  Big Buck World will certainly continue to have online features provided by the CoinUp network but I hope that they take the opportunity to improve the interface. I have been operating a Safari since I opened my arcade and I jumped on board with the online stuff as soon as it was available but I’ve had trouble in getting most customers to grasp the concept. The online add-ons do really well in bars but to make it more arcade friendly, if there is a way to simplify the process of signing up that would be great. I have often wanted a “cancel’ button on the screen instead of making the user pump the gun a bunch of times to make the timer hit zero and having a voice explain each screen instead of hoping that the user will read the text(which they often don’t even when they are stuck) would be a nice touch as well.  Resolve the issue where the game asks for more coins than it originally advertises under the Trophy Club category would also make life easier for the operator.

There aren’t any shots of the cabinet or the game at this time but you can be sure that as soon as such media is made available, we’ll share it here.

Visit the Play Mechanix website here.

You can also find out more about the September issue of Replay by visiting their Facebook page.

Big Buck World Championship qualifiers underway this month

August 6, 2010

Hot on the tails of the 2010 DDR US Championship announcement comes another tournament that already has established it’s legs as an annual event with 2010 as the third year the event will be taking place. The Big Buck World Championships are now going through their qualifier phase as well, where players can compete on any online-enabled Big Buck Safari or Big Buck Hunter Pro machine. The grand prize you’ll be aiming for if you participate: $10,000. According to the BBS official website, here is what the top players of the regionals can expect:

It all starts with a revamped Online Qualifying Tournament that runs August 1st – 29th. The top 16 in each region will be invited to Chicago for our first-ever 2-day World Championship Weekend on October 1st and 2nd.

All four of the Regional Finals will be held on October 1st followed by the 2010 World Championship on October 2nd. If you’ve never attended the World Championship, you owe it to yourself to make this your first. Beyond the Big Buck games, the tournament, the Big Buck Girls, and the huge prizes, this event is created with you, our players, in mind.

It’s a huge party that allows players from across the country to meet, eat, and drink. Whether you win or lose, you will not walk away from the weekend disappointed.

And let’s not forget that $10,000 top prize! You can start your quest for it at your nearest online game this August.

If you want to find a location near you, all of the online-enabled machines can be found on these sites: Big Buck Safari Location Tracker / Big Buck Hunter Pro Location Tracker

Here’s a video from last year’s tournament

The 2009 Big Buck World Championships wrap-up (updated)

October 29, 2009

Nick Jug Girls-small

I received a couple of e-mails recently asking about details on how the 2009 Big Buck World Championships went down a couple of weeks ago but I hadn’t heard anything about it until today. You might recall that there were two national tournaments that occurred at the same time – one for BBHPro(the night before the tournament it was revealed that this tournament would take place using the new Open Season update) and the other on Big Buck Safari. When all was said and done, two brothers walked away with the $10,000 prize, Nick Berg for BBHPro and Jerad Berg (who also won last year’s national tournament) on Safari. For more details on the event, see the press release after the post break(updated with a corrected press release).


Do you like to Big Buck Party?

June 22, 2009


This ticks all the boxes for me. Beer, pretty ladies, prizes and Big Buck Hunt. If it ticks all your boxes too, then why not try and get down to one of these Big Buck parties that are taking place in across America.

Big Buck Party Schedule:

Thursday, June 18th at Delta House in Omaha, NE
Friday, June 19th at Jack’s Bar and Grill in Lincoln, NE
Saturday, June 20th at Side Pockets in Omaha, NE

Thursday, July 9th at Grand Avenue Ale House in Bellingham, WA
Friday, July 10th at O’Malley’s in Tacoma, WA
Saturday, July 11th at Bleacher’s in Seatlle, WA

Thursday, July 23rd at Coach’s in Houston, TX
Friday, July 24th at Mulligan’s in San Antonio, TX
Saturday, July 25th at Lavaca St. Bar in Austin, TX

More dates to be announced soon.

For more info visit or

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NBA and Big Buck Hunter coming to pinball via Stern; and see the new post-apocalyptic stripper-themed pinball machine called Lost Vegas that is NOT by Stern

April 9, 2009

Well there is a bit of pinball news to kick around today it seems. First off, I wanted to pass along something that I have found out from a couple of different sources and that is what is next on the table from Stern now that 24 is out and about. In something that I found to be a surprise, Stern will be bringing Raw Thrills’ Big Buck Hunter to pinball, which is the first video game license to make it pinball in sometime and after that, they have licensed something to do with the NBA but I could find out very little about that. Having a video game turned into a pinball can be a good idea as it can pull fans from that game into pinball (personally I am surprised that a Halo-themed pinball hasn’t been done yet) – as long as the game is good. Where BBH is still one of the most popular coin-op games in the US I can see where this makes sense but we will have to wait and see what happens with the actual game. As for NBA pinball, that’s something else we’ll have to wait and see on.

In other news, one company is now in the process of creating their own original pinball machine conversion kit. Classic Playfield Reproductions is now working on creating a title called “Lost Vegas” that will be released sometime in 2010 as a conversion kit so you can have a new and original pinball machine. They plan on making 100 kits and possible some full lostvegasmachines as well from what I have read.  The theme itself is NOT for kids however as the story revolves around a story of strippers set in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. This also marks the first non-licensed pinball machine (something I have heard a number of people comment about lately – I think people are hungering for something that isn’t based on a TV or movie license) we’ve seen since High Roller Casino. It’s too bad for operators who target people of all ages that the theme on this one is limited to the adult market as I think it’s great that someone else is giving pinball a shot in today’s age. I am not meaning to play down what Stern has done in keeping pinball alive but at the same time I think that competition is a great thing. Granted with only 100 kits going out it’s not really posing much competition for Stern but they have to start somewhere if that is their goal.

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Webzine looking for dating advice from…Big Buck Hunter Fans!

October 15, 2008

While most of the time we deal with ‘serious’ news, occasionally we come across something I’d classify as being more light-hearted such as with this call for dating advice from Big Buck Hunter fans. We were contacted by and they do a dating advice column often looking for such advice from a variety of different sources – from bridesmaids, to voice over actors to medieval historians and more. So with them looking for Big Buck Hunter fans is at least a sign that one group of arcade players is being recognized!

The way it works is they want interested parties to answer about 10 out of 20 questions, along with a picture of your happy face. If you’re interested in contacting the site with answers to the 20 questions then you can find the info after the jump. Keep in mind however that a few of the questions are adult-oriented (so NSFW) so use caution if you click below (don’t say that I didn’t warn you)


“Caribounga!” – Play Mechanix hosting online tournament with BBHPro

June 6, 2008

[Via Betson]

Fortunately it seems that not everyone on the development side of the industry thinks that it’s all down the tubes. Take Play Mechanix for example – not only have they created a very popular game, they hold constant competitions for it and they market the game far more aggressively than any other arcade title I know of. What does this do? It brings out the players, and in one case a man drove three hours to find a place that had an online version of BBHPro for a competition, as was the case with Mr. Steve Guenther who won the Big Buck Bowl last month.

Starting tomorrow another online tournament begins with Big Buck Hunter Online, the “Caribounga!” tournament. This means that anyone can participate in the competition, as long as they play on an online enabled unit. It goes until the 27th and 52 lucky players will walk away winners. Hit the post break for the full press release.

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