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Blazblue gets an update with Continuum Shift (updated)

September 26, 2009

bbluecsThere is another HD fighter out there that is turning heads in arcades and it’s not SFIV but the Guilty Gear-like BlazBlue. Personally I have not played BlazBlue yet although I have had a number of customers call me inquiring about the game and it seems to be generating a decent bit of excitement among those who have played it. As such it should come as good news to fans and operators who bought the arcade that the arcade version is getting an update called BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. The update will add new modes, characters and levels to spice up the game. As a side note, BlazBlue did get an international release outside of Japan in both the US and Europe so I imagine that this update will also be available in those territories not long after it’s release.


For more details, check out the official BlazBlue site here or read the Famitsu article about it here.

UPDATE: Small Rooms Aries is reporting that there was up to a five hour wait time to play the new BlazBlue update at a recent location test.

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Pre-ATEI buzz – Tekken 6 rumors and BlazBlue tested in Europe

January 12, 2009



In a build up to ATEI within the next few weeks, Europe has seen a location test of the new fighting game BlazBlue (pictured above), with a big turn-out of players only hampered by the fact that the cabinet used was a hatchet job of a CRT and other parts that gave up the ghost after hordes of players came down to check the game out. It’s good news for Europe that the game is coming to the UK and it should be seen at ATEI but if the effort put into the testing is going to use a converted cabinet instead of a Vewlix or something more official then it is certainly not going to help increase enthusiasm for the game. As Kevin Williams pointed out when he sent us this story: “when a successful opportunity exists for the amusement sector to save at least some credibility – it drops the ball at the last moment.” Location testing could be used to build the hype for the game in addition to seeing how a game will handle in the marketplace but we constantly see opportunities for such a thing passed by, with DJ Max Technicka being a notable exception.For Kevin’s review of the BlazBlue Europe debacle, hit the post break below.

In other fighter news for Europe, rumor has it that Bandai Namco will debut Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion at ATEI. This would be the second time T6 has shown up at ATEI and hopefully this time we won’t see another scene where players are arguing with execs over the game. Stay tuned for more info and discuss it on the forum.


BlazBlue now available for arcades in the US

November 18, 2008


While a certain company may feel that arcades are dead and so there is no use selling their fighter arcade title in the US, a different company known as Aksys has eschewed the logic of the aformentioned ‘certain company’ and released their fighter for arcades today known as BlazBlue. In case you are not familiar with it, BlazBlue is a high-definition 2.5D fighting game based upon the Guilty Gear series that had previously been available in Japan. AkSys has a website for the game available now and it should be shipping out to arcades who ordered it already.  I imagine that the price is the same as it was we first found out about it a few months ago (kit: $3500, full machine could vary between $5k-$7k depending on the model).

I think that it’s great to see another gauntlet thrown down for fighters in the US.  If Dark Presence can make it out before the end of the year, then that will mean that 3 fighting games (clarification: in an official manner) will have been made available to arcades this year alone – I wouldn’t be surprised to see more next year if the trend continues.

BTW- If you’re an operator interested in BlazBlue, I do not believe that they are going through distributors to sell the game but are doing it direct. I’m not sure how that will affect their sales overall but it will explain why you won’t see this game showing up on many distributor websites.

[Official BlazBlue Website] [Discuss on the Forum]

More stuff from the 46th AM show: Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, BlazBlue, Gundam NEXT, HOTD Ex & more

September 20, 2008

There is more to talk about with the upcoming AM show in Japan as there are many Japanese game sites out there gathering information and photos on the many games to see at the show.   Naturally one can expect more titles we’ve mentioned in the past such as Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom, BlazBlue (which comes to the US on Nov. 18th; I still have not been able to find out if it’s coming to Europe or not), Mobile Suit Gundam NEXT, House of the Dead EX and Demon Bride, a new fighter by Examu (makers of Arcana Heart 2). Taito is proudly showing off their Vewlix cabinet at the show, coupled with the fact that many games there are using the design. I also like how the color schemes change from game to game, Blazblue has a blue cab, Tatsunoko uses red, etc.

House of the Dead EX is being shown off but I haven’t found any direct screens yet or a better idea of how the game plays. I’ll have to look around later when I find the time.

Examu will also be showing off their Exboard in more detail, it runs Demon Bride and Arcana Heart 2 and others and it can also be used a console of sorts since it hooks up to a TV. It looks like they are aiming to make this the next NeoGeo MVS, but with far smaller carts. The Japhei Game Blog has more on that, along with a lot of other info they’ve gathered from various sites around the net about games at the show.

Like always AM Net has taken a lot of pictures and put it up to their site, just about every booth is packed with people so it’s hard to see the games but it goes to show how there is plenty of interest in arcades, even in Japan where we’ve been hearing from certain sources that arcades are struggling so hard against the waggle machine known as the Wii. Anyways, in addition to pictures of booths they also have some snapshots of various fliers, including Vulcan Wars. They also reveal that Rambo, Virtua Fighter 5R and Sega Rally 3 will be there.

Here’s a closer look at the Harley Davidson cabinets. Pretty nice looking if you ask me and at least there will be a standard version for those on a tighter budget.

Namco is showing the update to MaxiTune 3 in full force. I was surprised that this wasn’t at AMOA since they had MT3 at ASI.One thing that I haven’t seen so far is any indication of that Wii based hardware Namco talked about a while back, I’m wondering if they have just decided to stick with their PS3 based stuff instead.

In case you ever wanted to see what one of those Namco PODS looked like on the inside then they also have that on display. I want one of these – if I only had the money. 🙂

For many more pics check out AM-Net’s picture album and the Japhei Blog.

UPDATE: I also came across some of the show coverage at Game Watch (thanks to Kotaku for the link on that) they have some direct screenshots of Harley Davidson and Hummer Extreme. Harley Davidson looks really good, I just wonder if that pixel shading stuff around the edges is going to be there most of the time or not. I wonder when Sega is going to supplant Lindbergh with Europa though. Here’s a teaser or two along with a 3D CG version of the new Elevator Action cabinet. According to Game Watch, the Elevator Action game also has up and down buttons for the elevator and will be coming to Japan at least next summer. Here’s hoping for a US release

More about BlazBlue (US release date & price)

August 20, 2008

I had a a really good conversation with Harry at Arcsys yesterday in regards to BlazBlue and I figured that it would be worthwhile to pass some information along to you. They really are dedicated to getting the game out to as many arcades as possible like I heard and they are being quite flexible with how you cn go about it. The game will be released in the US on November 18th (which I think is close to if not the same day as the Japanese release). A kit will be available for about $3500, you can get it in a dedicated Viewlix cabinet for about $7k-$8k or they will even look into cheaper HD cabinets if you can’t afford that. The game will run in any high rez montior cabinet, such as an Atomiswave cabinet but overall Arcsys just wants Blazblue to get out there. Also, unlike that other fighter which uses the Taito Type X2 hardware, you only need one kit for 2 players, none of this garbage about forcing operators to buy two. I tip my hat to them for that!

They also will br bringing more games to the US beyond BlazBlue so expect to start hearing more about official stuff from ArcSys outside of Japan throughout next year.

[Arc System works Japanese site] [Discuss on the Forum]

Arc System campaign for BlazBlue to get it into as many arcades as possible

August 17, 2008

[Thanks to Jared Rea for passing this along]

Arc System Works’ wants their new arcade fighter BlazBlue to be a success and they mean it. So much so that they are asking for players who want to play the game to send them information about a local arcade of theirs so Arc System can contact that arcade and see what can be done to get BlazBlue on that location. It sounds like a lot of work but it sure is a nice breath of fresh air when you consider that a few other companies with fighting games simply pass the fighter arcade scene off as dead so they will do nothing about it. From Jared Rea’s page, here is a quote from Arc System Works’ that is wanting to make this all happen:

I do feel some of you may not have an arcade near you, however, here’s where you guys step up and help the scene. If you have a arcade near you and you know they may not know about BlazeBlue, please let me know by sending me a PM, emailing me, send a bird out with a note, whatever it takes and I’ll personally call that arcade and I’ll work it out with them on getting a blazblue board or cabinet. This is our chance folks, to try to broaden this release beyond just the usual arcades. Granted, I can’t promise all arcades will take them, but if we don’t try, we’ll never know, right?

They are willing to do this for the US and even in South America, no word on if they’ll try it at the UK too but I think it’s great how they are trying to involve players in getting the game out there. If you have an arcade or other location friendly to coin-op games nearby where you would like to see BlazBlue, drop Aksys a line ( with as much information about the place as possible (name, phone, e-mail, mailing address, etc.) so they can get in touch with them.

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A look at BlazBlue from AnimeExpo

July 8, 2008

One of our forum members, PhilVer 0 had the opportunity to go to AnimeExpo in LA last weekend and check out the location test of the new arcade fighter BlazBlue by Arc System Works. They weren’t allowing pictures to be taken but he managed to get a couple taken without getting kicked out. The game is still incomplete (they said about 60% done) and to not expect it until early next year (“maybe Spring ’09”). To quote Phil directly:

The game is not balanced yet and its only 60% complete. Noel is top tier as well as a few others. Can this game be consider cheap when it comes to some characters? Yes, since you can continue attacking characters when they’re on the ground I believe infinities are possible can Noel is one of those characters you can do it with real easy.

The game is [Guilty Gear] like I said and hopefully they’ll fix the problems with the game by time of the release. This game in my view is going to be a hit, and if they fix the problems it will be a bigger hit.

He also mentions that it runs on WIndows Vista, which is new for Taito to try out as previously they were using a modified version of WinXP on the TypeX2 hardware. In addition to BlazBlue showing up at the expo, they also had Battle Fantasia (which will be coming out for the Xbox 360 and perhaps the PS3) and GG Overture up to play at the Expo. After this showing of new fighters do you think it will continue the push towards more fighters coming along from other companies?

For more, check out the post about BlazBlue on the forum.

Fighter mania continues with BlazBlue

June 24, 2008

The notion that no one wants to play fighters in the arcade anymore is silly. Apparently Capcom and Namco thinks so when it comes to the US but I have noticed a very interesting trend in my two weeks of running the arcade – there are a lot of fighting fans out there who want to play fighters in arcades, even if they can get them at home. I had a lot of people ask about Marvel VS. Capcom so I looked into it, found one and it’s arriving today. I’ve been a little surprised by the thirst for fighters as it is still quite strong and in Japan developers seem to realize this but in the US they seem to ignore it for the most part, hence the official lack of Tekken 6 and Street Fighter IV to the streets (of course the outrageous price tags don’t help either). At the very least we’ll be seeing Dark Presence from US developer Galloping Ghost later this year but beyond that the fighter scene was looking grim outside of Japan.

Until now that is. Fortunately there is another developer who is going to test out their new fighting game here in the US, as Kotaku reports, Aksys Games will be testing out their new and highly anticipated fighter BlazBlue at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles from July 3rd to the 6th. I had thought that this would only be seen as an import here but I’m glad to be wrong on that. Hopefully the game will test well, find distribution and come out at a reasonable price. If they need another location to test at, I’d be happy to host it for a couple of days as being a location tester would be very cool.

[BlazBlue Debuting at AnimeExpo – Kotaku] [Discuss on the Forum]

BlazBlue on Japanese location test

June 13, 2008

BlazBlue location test noticeBlazBlue is one of those fighting games which seems to have gotten a little lost in the shuffle – not surprising when you consider the big name fighters that have been announced and released this year, but a shame regardless. In case you’d forgotten BlazBlue is being developed by Arc System Works, the development team behind the Guilty Gear series, and is a high resolution 2D game on Taito’s Type X2 board. If you’re in Japan and want to check the game out this weekend, it’s out on location test from today in two arcades: the GIGO Ikebukuro in Tokyo (until the 15th) and the Chateau Kyobashi EX in Osaka (until the 16th).

[Official announcement] [Discuss on the Forum]

Some news from games in Japan

April 3, 2008

A bit of Japan news here (which as always we must keep in mind that something here may or may not show up outside of Japan although we always hope that it will), first with a lookpopnmusiccab.jpg at another Bemani title from Konami known as Pop N’ Music Party, this is #16 I pic2.jpgbelieve and includes more than 700 songs, with 40 new songs being added to the game along with new characters. The cabinet certainly is colorful and eye-catching, I’d like to see this game being played at least. Speaking of that I believe that it was an earlier Pop N’ Music game that was featured in a popular video that has made the rounds around the internet for a few years, the control panel looks similar but I have never played Pop N’ Music (imports are hard to come by where I’m at).

Also we have an update to the popular technical racer from Sega, Initial D4. While it is not entirely clear what the full details are regarding this update, it’s obvious that it includes some new cars and some improvements to the overall balance of the game. I was hoping to see this at ASI as I don’t know of any arcade near me that has an ID4 unit. Either way the game continues to look great and any improvements to the gameplay to what is already considered a great game deserves a thumbs up.

pic1.jpg pic5.jpg pic3.jpg pic4.jpg

[The above via Ge-Sen and The Stinger Report]

Also there has been an update to the website for the new arcade fighter Blazblue that includes 2D character artwork against 3D backgrounds. They have posted a video there that shows more of the in-game action but I don’t know if the video is anything differentbblue.png from what was shown in AOU. I think that it looks pretty good and should please fans of these kinds of fighters that love to throw all these over-the-top effects on the screen with the moves. But they also have posted a PDF that shows the move sets for four of the characters.

[BlazBlue Official Website]