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ASCAP looking for licensing fees from an arcade operator for Guitar Hero Arcade

December 19, 2009

Guitar Hero

Here’s a little bit of a strange news story – nine months after Raw Thrills’/Activision/Konami released Guitar Hero Arcade, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (or ASCAP for short – good thing they left out that extra ‘S’ right?) is saying that an operator in the US needs to pay them $800 in licensing fees for simply running a GHA machine at his location. According to,  ASCAP sees the machine as a jukebox and thus wants their piece of the pie for “public performances”. ASCAP gets such from jukeboxes and considers Guitar Hero Arcade to be a jukebox in a public place rather than a video game.

Of the question now is are they going to go after every Gamestop/Best Buy/WalMart in the US which runs an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 kiosk featuring a Guitar Hero game? If they want to remain consistent then they should otherwise it seems quite unfair to me. Are they going to go after operators who have other music games like Dance Dance Revolution? If that is the case then it’s going to put a lot of extra strain on music games at the arcade in general unless they involve original music that ASCAP doesn’t control. It’s hard to say where this is headed and when it comes to music rights it certainly seems to be a sensitive subject for many. Raw Thrills’ has not commented on the story yet but the ASCAP says that they are”…currently in negotiations with the manufacturer for the commercial use of these machines.” We’ll keep an eye on this and see what happens.

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The Guitar Hero arcade CA Extreme 2009 Championship

July 16, 2009

California Extreme has come and gone once again but with it are some lucky players who participated in some of the competitions that were held at the big event. One of those tournaments was a Guitar Hero Arcade competition, sponsored by Raw Thrills and Betson Enterprises. Over 50 players competed against each other with the top 16 walking away with a prize of some sort, the grand prize being a Ultimate Guitar Hero Prize Package which included a Wii console complete with a full band kit and what the press release calls “5 Guitar Hero Arcade titles” although I assume that means console games and not full GH arcade machines. Here is a video that showcases a few parts of the competition and the press release can be found after the break.


IAAPA 2008: Final Round-up (now with some release dates)

November 28, 2008



We’ve received a final batch of pictures from the IAAPA show in Florida (thanks again to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report)and it’s only fitting to ‘finalize’ our coverage of the event. Overall I think that it was a great show, in terms of new games and what we can look forward to coming into 2009. While there isn’t any new game seem here, we do get a better look at a few games.

Slambot was at the show – I know that they have been to previous IAAPA events and I’m glad to see that they were there. In case you have missed previous coverage of Slambot, it’s an arcade game that uses robots inside of an enclosure as they slam into each other and colored buttons around the edges. I almost got one for my arcade but there was a few month waiting list so I wasn’t able to get it at the time. (Videos of previous Slambot versions here and here)


Here is a new game, Xball by Unis (or Universal Space). It is similar to a couple of games we’ve seen in Asia that came up with the ‘throw a ball at the screen’ concept. I’m just waiting for someone to make one of these games where it’s a virtual snowball fight, which could be a lot of fun without the need of getting pegged with iceballs.  While Universal Space’s website doesn’t list Xball on it yet, I noticed that they do have IGS’s Pirate Revenge game there, which I had thought would not come over to the US.


For another video redemption title we have Jungle Drummer. It says that it’s part of the Percussion Master series so I wonder if this has something to do with Pump It Up Jump (which was not at the show but I talked with Andamiro about it at AMOA). I like the cabinet design, very eye-catching for kids.


Similar to what you see above is a DDR clone called Boogie Down. The dance pad is simplified and with the brighter color scheme this also should attract kids pretty well.


Here’s a couple more shots of Brick People. I heard that when the game is finished, the game clears the bricks itself but at the moment it sounds like that feature is sort of clunky with how it works and may not clear it properly every time. They still have time to figure that out though.

dsc01215 dsc01216

Big Buck Safari Deluxe was at the show and from what I heard it was working better than it was at AMOA and ASI. I’m still not sure when we’ll see it though.


Here’s a little more on Textminator by LAI Games. Here is a picture of the promotional flyer for the game where you get a look at what it’s about and notice that there is a pad on this much like DDR but no foot controls of course. I wonder if it’s DDR meets texting. It probably won’t be my cup of tea but for it’s target audience it will probably do really well, especially where it has ticket payout.

dsc01207 dsc01208

Here’s a variation of the new pedestal cabinet from the Fun Company for Incredible Technologies. I like the lit up version on the right better than the standard ones.


These racing simulators are cool. I’m not sure what racing game they are playing but they would be quite attractive at any amusement park.


And finally, what post would be complete without more pictures of girls playing Guitar Hero?

dsc01206 dsc01245

As for release dates – Guitar Hero has been given a date of February and I hear the price tag is around $7000. The game will also include a hook-up for a separate TV so more players can see what’s going on. American Idol is scheduled to come along in January and while I haven’t heard a price, it’s going to use the CoinUp network extensively. Also according to some distributor sources of ours, Namco is planning to release Razing Storm and Nirin in March, just in time for ASI/AMOA. R-Tuned Racing is set for January, Hummer for March and Harley Davidson for “1st quarter 2009”.

So where does that leave us off? I counted at least 24 new games if you count video game redemption titles and I know there was more for just regular redemption. Still, for the video sector that’s pretty good and not what I’d call a dead and buried industry. Of course we will have to see how operators take to all of these games next year. 

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