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If Marvel VS. Capcom 3 was an arcade game, it would look something like this

September 16, 2010

We’ve been having a lively discussion about Capcom and their attitude towards the arcade market in the SSFIV Price Tag comment thread and surely this will continue to stir the debate. Capcom has already stated that there are no plans for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 in arcades, which is something we heard about early on about SSFIV as well. Now we have this video from Japanese news site Gigazine that shows a very arcade-like setup for MVC3 at what I assume is the Tokyo Game Show. We still can’t get our hopes up yet – if it were a real arcade release we would expect to see it in a VEWLIX cabinet and I haven’t seen any “MVC3 coming to Arcades” announcements yet . As such this looks like an ‘arcadified’ kiosk, similar to what we saw recently at PAX in the US so all we can do is dream (or I’m sure people will be planning their own MVC3 home-made arcade cabinets). Once again, this is where the Game Gate VU can come in handy, as that has a modular control panel where you can add arcade sticks to itassuming that MVC3 will be a part of the iGames license which includes Capcom games.

Speaking of TGS, there is some arcade love there at Konami’s booth, who brought Love Plus Arcade to the show and unveiled another arcade title that appears to be a variation on Love Plus called “Happy Daily Life”. More details on that @

Konami readies Road Fighters for release

September 13, 2010

It’s been almost a full year since we first revealed the development of a new Konami racer called Road Fighters and now Konami is finally ready to bring the game to market. It has changed quite a bit since the first test, adding 3D support and a slick cabinet and soon we’ll see how the 3D additive helps the game compete against other technical racers such as Initial D and Maximum Tune. The new page for the game mentions e-Amusement support for keeping track of player data as well as online competitive play. They also tap into Konami’s plentiful Bemani library for the background music, which might be a way to help pull in Bemani music fans who don’t mind playing racers either. To round it all off, the game lets the player pick from a diverse line-up of licensed cars, six of which are shown on the product page(click the link below). Road Fighters will be released in Japan next month; there is no indication at this point as to whether this will be getting an official international release and that seems quite unlikely given the game’s hefty price tag of around $35k per unit (that is per AM-Net, unsure if $35k is for a package of four units like we saw with SFIV or just one).

[Konami Road Fighters product page]

Konami Location Tests Reflec Beat in South Korea

September 1, 2010

Newsfeed 916 via

Alternate headline: “Konami strikes back in DJ Max Technika’s hometown”. The location test is actually over at this moment after Konami was able to gather player input over the period of a few weeks. Fortunately we have some extensive videos of the game in action now, it’s like a chaotic version of DJMT with the touchable notes floating all over the place as opposed to sitting on fixed points of the screen. Reflec Beat makes it’s Japanese debut next month in October but Technika 2 will not be far behind with a December release.


DDRX2 location testing in East Hanover, NJ; Southend,UK

August 25, 2010

DDRX2 on test

I was starting to get a little anxious as it’s a much slower news cycle at the moment than usual but there is some welcome news coming our way via with a report that Konami has begun their first location test of the new Dance Dance Revolution X2 arcade game in North America. The game has already been released in Japan and it has been known for some time that it should be getting an international release but we weren’t really sure when since Konami is still keeping things pretty low key in the US market. As for the location test, if you live anywhere near the Funplex in East Hanover, NJ you may still have a chance to check the game out before it disappears as location tests can last either a day, a week or more depending upon the developers wishes. As for details on the game so far, the pictures @ Bemanistyle show keypads, USB ports and e-Amusement support although it’s highly doubtful that it will include Paseli support that Konami is using for DDRX2 in Japan. The game also has new footpads which should avoid the issues that the terrible DDRX1 pads had.

More @

UPDATE: Thanks to Dan’s comments below here’s an addition: DDRX2 has been testing in the UK for a few weeks already, somewhere in Southend, UK. I would have reported that earlier but I didn’t know about it until now. DasBacon from BemaniStyle says that the UK test is using the old, disliked pads which can certainly affect the test.

Konami testing Space Agent in Japan, a new shooter that uses Augmented Reality

August 20, 2010

Konami's promotional hand fan for Space Agent

The Am-Net Blog has pictures of the marketing materials for a new Konami light-gun game testing in Japan called Space Agent. Not much is known about the new game at this point but what is clear is that it uses a mostly enclosed cabinet, it has e-Amusement features and mounted guns which add an element of “Augmented Reality” to the game. On top of the guns is a screen that has something to do with that AR feature, most likely in finding enemies. In that way it’s actually like Silent Scope but we’ll have to wait and see how similar it might be to SS.  The cabinet does look cool as do the guns but they could always tweak the design before the final release.

Space Agent is currently testing at the ROUND Store in Yokohama Nishiguchi, right next to the Terminator Salvation game there judging by the picture to the right here. It’s too bad AM-Net can’t take any pictures or video of the cabinet directly (Konami is usually pretty harsh on photos at loctests, although occasionally they let up on it or people manage to sneak it) but if we’re lucky someone will post some of that soon.

UPDATED: Japanese site Small Room Aries has posted details about the game from the location test. The level provided has you defending New York City from alien attack and it appears that there is a special mode for the cameras mounted on the guns. They mention that the game will often switch into this mode, probably as the aliens are hiding and you have to uncover them.  The guns have two firing features, a regular shot and a pump shot,  and instead of reloading you have to watch an overheat meter. Even though it’s fairly large, I like the cabinet design. While it’s one of those that could become an infamous “den of iniquity” cabinet due to the enclosure, it’s very eye-catching.

2010 DDR US Championships going on now, finals in December

August 2, 2010

Newsfeed 891 via

Last year, Konami held tournaments across the US to find the best DDR player in the US. Those tournaments didn’t happen without some headaches but with those lessons learned, Konami is taking a crack at it again with the 2010 DDR Championships, which already began last month starting on the 15th. At the moment they are going through the Round One Qualifier which ends on September 30th. Konami has a page setup for the championships, where locations with a DDR (I assume that it has to be a particular version however) can sign up to be a part of the Round One Qualifiers; Round Two and Three locations haven’t been announced yet.

You can visit the DDR 2010 US Championship website here.

Konami’s “Love Plus Arcade” brings dating sims, creepiness to Japanese arcades

July 24, 2010

I have never seen a study been published on whether or not dating simulation video games actually improves ones behavior and/or chances with the opposite sex but either way such games have a following for some reason which eludes me. I find them to be on the creepy side, not like building your own robotic female companion, but creepy nonetheless. A new dating sim arcade game by Konami is no different, but from the looks of things on AM-Net, quite a few people were excited to check out Love Plus Arcade when it was on location test in Akihabara yesterday. The loctest version allowed players to participate in three mini-games where they try to win over the virtual 3D cel-shaded girl. It uses a touch screen, a card system and even has little barriers to keep others from watching your screen. Maybe if they had real women on the other side that male players could try and win over it would be less strange but perhaps I am missing something here and they are fun games that some guys seek out solely for entertainment purposes; or maybe they are effective for some individuals. I still would have zero confidence in a guy trying to win over my daughter in the future with ideas and expectations he learned off of a dating sim. But to each his own, there are worse methods out there, especially on the internet, for people to learn how to interact with one another.

AM-Net has several links on sites posting about Love Plus Arcade with more pictures on this than we saw with Super Street Fighter IV. There’s an official site for it as well.