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If Marvel VS. Capcom 3 was an arcade game, it would look something like this

September 16, 2010

We’ve been having a lively discussion about Capcom and their attitude towards the arcade market in the SSFIV Price Tag comment thread and surely this will continue to stir the debate. Capcom has already stated that there are no plans for Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 in arcades, which is something we heard about early on about SSFIV as well. Now we have this video from Japanese news site Gigazine that shows a very arcade-like setup for MVC3 at what I assume is the Tokyo Game Show. We still can’t get our hopes up yet – if it were a real arcade release we would expect to see it in a VEWLIX cabinet and I haven’t seen any “MVC3 coming to Arcades” announcements yet . As such this looks like an ‘arcadified’ kiosk, similar to what we saw recently at PAX in the US so all we can do is dream (or I’m sure people will be planning their own MVC3 home-made arcade cabinets). Once again, this is where the Game Gate VU can come in handy, as that has a modular control panel where you can add arcade sticks to itassuming that MVC3 will be a part of the iGames license which includes Capcom games.

Speaking of TGS, there is some arcade love there at Konami’s booth, who brought Love Plus Arcade to the show and unveiled another arcade title that appears to be a variation on Love Plus called “Happy Daily Life”. More details on that @

The obligatory Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 teaser trailer

April 21, 2010

Here it is – rumors have been circulating about MvC3 forever now and Capcom has finally given fans what they want. A trailer.

Well, a trailer of a game people have been clamoring for since Marvel VS. Capcom 2. No word on whether they will bother bringing this to arcades or not, I will say maybe for now.  I am not terribly optimistic about the whole thing yet as it could end up being another SFIV arcade that only a few locations are able to pick up and it will be overshadowed by the console release. That certainly won’t stop hardcore fans from wanting a proper arcade version and as an operator I would love to see an MvC3 arcade but only if the price is decent and the arcade version gets more to brag about than having the right controls on hand and no lag to worry about.If someone wants to set my mind straight and help me see the bright side of this, then by all means comment.

Keep in mind that this does not completely represent how the actual will look/play. UPDATE: Capcom says no plans for an arcade version. Perhaps if the fans clamor for it again like they did with SSFIV?

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