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More footage from the 48th Amusement Show

September 21, 2010

UPDATE: Please note that for the latest news, go to ARCADEHEROES.COM. The site made a major move after the post below but we have kept doing the same thing, reporting on the world of arcades.

While we eagerly await news from the Sega Private Show to come about, including more information on GRID and Let’s Go Island, let’s take another look at the recent JAMMA show that took place in Japan.

First off, Taito released a video featuring an overview of their booth, which includes the first footage of their new racing title, Battle Gear Spin Wheel. This one won’t have any trouble earning it’s place on the list of “quirky” arcade titles as you will see briefly below.

Here is a brief look at the Sega and Namco booths from SankeiNews, which shows a quick clip of Deadstorm Pirates 3D.

This user, wx4058, has posted tons of videos from the show, content includes Gundam Extreme Vs., Blazlbue Continuum Shift II, Initial D AA Arcade Stage 6 , Shining force Cross Raid, Pengo, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Darius Burst and more. To get to the JAMMA stuff you’ll have to scroll down past all of the Tokyo Game Show videos.

I am surprised that no one tried to get any video of the autostereoscopic displays that were there, at least as a means of discussing the topic.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Announced, coming Summer 2011

September 18, 2010

With the move just about complete (please let me know what you think of the Theme – the one we had been using doesn’t seem to be available so I’m changing it up) I have some time to post about the big news that came out while we were moving the site.

The producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada made an announcement while TGS was taking place but more specficially at the Super Battle Opera, a popular fighting tournament in Japan that we’ve covered in the past. To everyone’s surprise it was a new Tekken game that wasn’t exactly Tekken 7 but instead, a followup to Tekken Tag Tournament. TTT2 will be coming out in arcades next Summer in Japan, prior to the release of Street Fighter X Tekken and Tekken X Street Fighter (in that order). The Tekken 6 engine has been modified for this game to allow for the extra characters on screen and the control scheme will be like that of the first Tekken Tag Tournament.

2011 will be an excellent year for fighting games although for us arcade purists the probable console releases loom over that positive outlook for next year. Hopefully Namco will be able to release TTT2 for much less than they did T6.

Here’s the trailer, it’s actual in-game footage. Fingers crossed I can get the Youtube embedding to work…


Also since we’re on the subject, Kotaku has the footage of the new SSFIV Arcade characters Yun and Yang (thanks Phil)

SNK celebrates 20 years of Neo Geo with shirts and cups

September 10, 2010

Newsfeeds 922 & 923 via

The Neo Geo MVS is undoubtedly one of the most important arcade hardware platforms created to this day. The system had support for over a decade and in that time it built up an amazing library of games, some of which still attract attention in arcades today(for example, Metal Slug 5 was listed on the Top 10 Best Video Software titles in Replay Magazine last month). It certainly helped that the games were so easy to swap out and stack up with in multi-slot cabinets. Twenty years after the hardware was released, SNK hasn’t forgot about the platform which brought them success and brand name recognition and so they are celebrating the event. Not with a new game (unfortunately) but with some NeoGeo merchandise – a T-Shirt, a hoodie and an insulated cup. It’s nothing terribly impressive but at least it’s something. If you want a new NG game then you’ll have to look to the homebrew scene for that. [Neo Geo 20th Anniversary – Dengeki Online]

If you feel underwhelmed by that then the Stinger also pointed us to these Asteroids, Centipede and Pong wall decals by Think Geek. Come to think of it, Pong’s 40th anniversary is approaching in 2012. It’s doubtful that Atari would celebrate that with a return of a new Pong in arcades that offers some sort of crazy twist on the original but I suppose we could dream.  That or maybe we’ll get some T-shirts out of it.

JAMMA 2010: New games, hardware and ideas that could shake things up

September 9, 2010

The 48th JAMMA Expo is now underway in Japan and with that comes a flood of news concerning future projects that Japanese developers will be bringing to the market. AM-Net has a number of photos that they have published from the event, with more to come and here are some highlights including new Taito arcade hardware, more 3D gaming from Namco, Sega’s new Pengo and an online content delivery system from Taito that could revolutionize the industry called NESiCAxLIVE. Read on!

UDATE#1:More System Board Y3 details including glasses free 3D display made for arcades; Namco’s Dead Heat goes 3D; Sega and Namco introduce new IC card system called AiME; added a few more pictures + some videos

UPDATE#2 – Videos added by Gigazine

UPDATE#3: AM-Net and Sega have updated galleries of photos showing crowds gathering around the various booths. I’ve added a few select photos below, including a shot from the new VF5, The Tablecloth Hour and more

UPDATE#4: This Youtube user has posted a number of videos from the event.

UPDATE#5: has some direct screenshots of Initial D Arcade Stage 6AA, Shining Force Cross Raid and Border Break 2.0, a couple of which I’ve added below

UPDATE#6: Just when you think we’re done, we have more content from the show. Thanks to Fillmore Games, a distributor in Japan for providing more pictures of the show. From them we find out that Vulcan-M and Heat Up Hockey were there as well.


SI Electronics develops hardware for glasses-free 3D arcade games; Sega bringing Pengo to JAMMA

September 7, 2010

Y3 in action on a 3D glasses-free display made for arcades

Newsfeed 921 via

When news began to trickle out about the upcoming JAMMA show in Japan, we found out early on that SI Electronics was planning on showing off a new arcade hardware platform called the System Board Y3 but beyond the name there were no details revealed about that hardware – until today. AM-Net linked to an official SIE document detailing the hardware specs on the Y3(also picked up by Andriasang) and the big surprise is that it’s been developed with glasses-free 3D games in mind.    Here are the specs:

■ SYSTEM BOARD Y3 Overview (tentative)

CPU: PowerPC 800MHz
Memory: DDR2-800 1GByte
Graphics: 2D Drawing up to 18 billion pixel/sec
Polygon: Drawing up to 10 billion pixel/sec
Movie Playback: Supports Full HD video (implies 1080p resolution)
Sound: 32ch
Media: Undecided
Output: Video, Analogue, D-Sub 15pin x 2
Sound: Stereo 2ch, RCA Connector
Game I/O: JAMMA Connector, JVS I/O Connector
Serial: 1ch
GPIO: 16ch

The board will be at the Kaga Amusement booth, but we don’t know if they will have a game to show off using the technology or it will simply be a technology demo. Hopefully this will not be interpreted by anyone as some new game console but the chances of that are pretty low since SIE isn’t known as a console maker to begin with.

On another JAMMA related note, Sega has revealed that the new multiplayer Pengo arcade title that was recently tested in Japan will be at the show. The game uses the Ringwide hardware but the page the announcement was made on suggests that it will be a four player game as opposed to an eight player one (which is was tested as). Perhaps they’ll have a unique cabinet made just for the game instead of putting it onto stock machines and such a design wouldn’t work out for the eight player concept. But the screenshots on the announcement page still show 8 players as being possible so they may not have ruled it out quite yet. As Pac-Man Battle Royale will be at the same show it should be fun to see the two games compete since they will be gunning for each other. I’m surprised that Sega hasn’t enhanced the graphics beyond giving it a widescreen but that should mean that development costs for this are quite low. It’s similar to Sega Racing Classic in a way but that didn’t stop them from charging way too much for that game. Hopefully the lesson was learned and we won’t have to see the situation repeated with Pengo.

More games from the GTI Asia China Expo 2010

September 7, 2010

Newsfeed 920 via

We finally have an extensive look at what went on at the GTI Asia China Expo 2010 and along with plenty of games came a few surprises. I’m still trying to find any video posted from the event online but so far no luck – if anything substantial comes along I’ll update this post. Some of the games you’ll see below: the first non-glasses stereoscopic 3D arcade game, Disney’s 3D Ping Pong; Pentavision’s DJ MAx Technika 2; Dino Survivor 4D by Belrare; a new version of Konami’s Mocap Sports; Taito’s Gaia Attack 4; Hypaa’s Mozarc; Andamiro’s Pump It Up Fiesta; a 10-player game called Ocean Spirit 2 and much more than we had seen previously.


Guest post: Capcom Turns Console Gamers To Arcade Releases With Release Of Super Street Fighter IV Cabinet

September 7, 2010

Today we have a guest post to share with you by James Mowery. He takes a look at the effects the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV Arcade can have on the scene. Continue on the link below to read James’ take on Capcom’s next big arcade release