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The Arcade Heroes Pinball Game of the Year Poll

December 31, 2008

Last year we included pinball games into the main poll about the GOTY but I think it is probably more fair to make a separate poll for pins so they get a little more attention. This is a much smaller poll obviously, if anyone wants to include virtual pinball sets in the poll I could add them afterwards but for now I’ll just throw the proper pins on there.

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The Annual Arcade Heroes Game of The Year Poll

December 31, 2008

Last year we did our ‘1st annual GOTY’ poll and we almost forgot it but by throwing it up now, we’ll be in before the lock as they say. The idea is simple – vote for what you think should be the Game of The Year. While there is plenty of competition to go around thanks to SFIV, you never know if there will be an upset. Please keep in mind, that this is to cover Europe and the US only, we could do a separate one for Asia if anyone wants one.

BTW- If we have forgot a particular game, we definently apologize – we have tried to make sure that all arcade games released in 2008 are on here. If we did happen to overlook something though, put it in the comments and we’ll count that or try to fix the poll. We also will do a separate poll for pins. We’ll go for about a week on this, we should have a good idea of what the winner will be by then (if not before).

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Stop…Roster Time!

December 31, 2008


(Thanks to Phil on the forums for the tip)

The roster for the upcoming installment of the King of Fighters XII has been released and for those interested, you can find out all the details of each character, including measurements, birthdate, and more (if you understand Japanese). I am surprised to only see 20 characters on the roster (I’m used to KOF 98 where there is twice that but I admit that I haven’t played the newest installments of the gamesince 2003) but even with a smaller roster than some  KOF titles, it has many fan favorites and is overall a well-rounded line-up. Hit the link below to check out the site

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NX Absolute Released in the US

December 30, 2008


In what is probably going to be the last arcade release of 2008 or the first of 2009 depending on how you look at it, one US distributor site is listing the latest installment of Andamiro’s Pump-It-Up series, NX Absolute as available for sale. We saw NX Absolute at IAAPA (as pictured above), so this isn’t a surprise but it should be welcome news for fans of the series who have been waiting for their local game facility to pick this up.  I have checked a few other distributor websites and they don’t have it listed yet but this one site is saying that the game is already in stock so I doubt they’d say that unless it was available. There is a standard (29″ CRT) and a deluxe (42″ Plasma) version available, with prices around $7200 & $11200 respectively (as always keep in mind that prices will vary between distributors). Has anyone out there had an opportunity to play both NX Absolute and DDR:X to see how they compare?

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The ATEI 2009 Arcade Show Timeline

December 30, 2008

Our friend Kevin Williams at The Stinger Report has created a timeline for the upcoming ATEI 2009 arcade show in London, which includes pictures and videos of games that will be be at the show. So far Konami and Sega are dominating what we know will be there and most of the games were shown at IAAPA in November. But if you have any tips to add, feel free to comment here or on the timeline page itself, where you can currently see a few embeded videos of games incluing Razing Storm, with more to come soon.

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A look at Keystone II (with some SFIV in there too)

December 30, 2008



While the following video we’re going to discuss on is billing a Street Fighter IV Pro Player match-up, I am far more interested in the place they are playing it at – Keystone II. We mentioned Keystone II a while back – it’s a small arcade in Northern California that runs on an invite-only basis (I believe) and features several great fighting games to play and on top of that it attracts some of the top players in the area. In the video, they discuss the history of Keystone II and show off what they have there quite a bit, along with some reminiscing of arcades in general. The second half of the video is all about  SFIV and what makes it special, different, etc. I’m not sure if there is much new there but at least check it out for Keystone II. Unfortunately we can’t embed the video here so hit the link below to check it out.

[1up Show: SFIV at Keystone II] [Discuss on the Forum]

Exclusive pics of the Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom hardware – Wii it is!

December 27, 2008


There has still been some speculation as to what hardware the new Capcom fighter, Tatsunoko Vs Capcom is running on – while some sources stuck firm to the claim of it running on Wii-based hardware, others have stuck with it being something more along the lines of System 256 (which is PS2 based) or similar. Well now we have proof that T Vs. C is running on Wii-based hardware, thanks to these exclusive images that were sent to us by The Stinger Report. Many thanks to them and enjoy!

The first on the left is the T Vs. C hardware in it’s standard case. The second is that same thing but open, the third is what the home Wii hardware looks like when open. While the boards are obviously different in overall design, notice the Nintendo logo in the upper right hand corner of the board on the T Vs C board. It’s interesting to note that the T Vs C hardware includes a WiFi device and no wired ethernet port. One question now is how many other games will they use for this hardware? I think of the TriForce Gamecube-based hardware and that had very little support overall so will developers in Japan take to this as a cheap alternative to something like the Taito TypeX2?  We’ll only know as next year unfolds.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the hardware in full size.

cimg0201  cimg0206  wiihrdwre1

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Merry Christmas

December 24, 2008


I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and say a big thanks to all of you for following our site. It been two years now since Arcade Heroes launched and it wouldn’t be what it is without you guys. I hope your looking forward to another great year of arcade news, rumours and views and you can be sure to find it all on Arcade Heroes. See you in the New Year!

More test locations for DJ Max Technika in CA.

December 24, 2008


This is a couple of days old already but if you live in California and missed a chance to check out the new arcade title DJ Max Technika then you will have a few more opportunities to djmaxaicatch it before it reaches it’s street release date. There are three locations where the game can be found on test – one at GolfLand USA in Sunnyvale (old home of Atari), one at Arcade Infinity (Rowland Heights) and one at Howie’s Game Shack (Mission Viejo). On top of that Michael Yum of PM Studios has confirmed for BemaniStyle that the game will soon be testing in New York although details on the location have not been divulged as of yet.

I am curious as to how many locations DJ Max Technika will end up testing in once all is said and done but it certainly will have made more rounds than many other arcade titles that we know about in recent memory.

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More Konami love at the Trocadero – GTi Club location testing in the UK

December 24, 2008




We’ve been waiting for some more news on Konami’s GTi Club and it’s finally here with a location test of the game at the Trocadero in London. The Stinger Report sent us some ‘spy’ shots of the game in action and from these you can tell that it’s certainly running in HD and the cabinet itself is very attractive. I am still curious to know what hardware this is using but that information has not yet been revealed. Seeing how this is showing up at the Trocadero now however, I am guessing that this is one of the many new games we’ll have the pleasure of seeing at ATEI in just a few short weeks. Check out the thumbnails below and stay tuned for more!

gticlub2 gticlub3

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