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Arcade Heroes Podcast #16

July 30, 2010

With July coming to a close it’s a perfect time to review what went on since our last podcast and discuss some recent things (including the new Darius which gets it’s big reveal tomorrow, we hope). Beyond Darius we also talk about:

-AAMA Distributor Gala

-Other new and recent game developments

-AVATAR Pinball

-Co-op play

-Konami retrospective

The time flew by as Kevin and I were talking and this one clocks in at nearly 2 hours. On our end the audio disparity between Kevin and myself sounded like it was fixed. Thanks for listening.

Download the podcast here!

Gamepro does a podcast on California Extreme

July 17, 2010

Some CAX goodness

Newsfeed 860 via

When I was a kid, I enjoyed reading the game magazine Gamepro. In the days before the internet was in everyone’s home, it was the only place I got news on the video game world (I even sent a letter in asking for a tip on Metroid 2 for the Game Boy but by the time they got around to publishing it I had already figured it out), at least until I found GameFan Magazine. Back then Gamepro had a one-page spread on arcades under the title ‘Hot at the Arcades’, but they eventually gave up on that and their current website generally ignores them as well. So it’s a little surprising to see a podcast on arcades on, although it’s about California Extreme and not so much the current state of arcades.

You can listen to the podcast here, if interested.

Arcade Heroes Podcast #15

June 16, 2010

Another month, another podcast. Here is the podcast for June where Kevin and I talk about E3, 3D applications in arcades, Open Day event, arcades opening and closing and more.I had to cut it short a little earlier than normal as towards the end I received a text and had to run off to take care of something. But we still managed to talk for about an hour so I hope you enjoy it

Download the podcast here.

Arcade Heroes Podcast #14 : Arcade shows, game news and more with Kevin Williams

May 15, 2010

We haven’t forgot about the podcast although I admit to slacking on it lately. It didn’t help that we had to start over on this one due to the program I was using to record it being shutdown by someone else towards the end of our attempt and the recording being lost. But we tried it again and here we have Podcast #14. At this point, Kevin and I will do a podcast about once a month, unless there is so much news out that it warrants two.

This time we discuss:

-DEAL and GTI 2010 shows along with the 3D gaming trend that is starting to poke it’s head out there

-Gameworks update as it appears that the Reuters article got it wrong and Gameworks is doing a lousy job at message control (I.e. – several Gameworks locations to remain open)

-Other arcade openings around the world and company earnings discussion

-Talk about upcoming fighters, developments in music gaming, other new game releases

-And a little more

You can download the podcast here (163MB; MP3 file)

The Arcade Heroes podcast #13 – not too professional but it works

March 16, 2010

Here continues the tradition of not really holding to a tradition with the Arcade Heroes podcast with Episode 13. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report joins me once again as we discuss

  • Amusement Expo 2010 and many games in detail – From the already popular Pac-Man Battle Royale to Terminator Salvation, Deadstorm Pirates, NASCAR Team Racing, Nirin, Go Go Grand Prix, Friction, Pump It Up Pro 2, DJ Max Technika, Marubot Football League, Wheel of Fortune, Panic Museum, Tippin’ Bloks and more
  • A little bit on the situation regarding ASCAP with music arcades like Guitar Hero
  • Arcade-related stuff that has happened outside of the Expo that I hadn’t had time to cover on the site yet or it happened when we were in Vegas
  • More details on that Midway surprise I mentioned on Twitter a few days ago and what it is exactly

While it doesn’t look like much, it goes on for nearly an hour and 45 minutes. Thanks to Kevin for joining me at my arcade via Skype and apologies for our listeners when Kevin was cut out inexplicably a couple of times (which I why I call this not too professional) and a kid stopped the recording on the computer I was using right at the end but I think we were able to salvage it there. Either way, you get probably more details out of this about Amusement Expo 2010 than anything else so I hope you enjoy it.

Download the podcast here! (94.3MB)

Arcade Heroes Podcast #12 – New games at EAG and more

February 3, 2010

Here’s our 12th podcast – I know I haven’t been keeping up with these on a weekly basis as I had wanted to originally but we’re still getting them done when there is enough to talk about. On this podcast, Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and myself discuss:

-EAG and ATEI 2010 in London, along with the new games shown off at each show

-The upcoming AOU show in Japan and what we might see there

-The latest developments in pinball

-I rant a little about the parts side of the business

And more to total almost two hours of talk, which we try to keep entertaining where we can.

Download it here! (MP3 format)

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Arcade Heroes Podcast #11 – Finishing up '09

December 31, 2009

It’s the last day of 2009 and with that, our last podcast of the year. Due to the slow down in news lately (and I have been rather busy) it was a little difficult to get a podcast done but Kevin Williams and I were able to talk for abotu an hour the other day about what has gone on in the industry since IAAPA. Some of discussion includes –

-ASCAP going after Guitar Hero Arcade

-The future of pinball

-Discussion on some of the new games coming out in the near future

-Looking back at the past ten years and looking forward to what is in store in the future.

As always, we hope you like it! And Happy New Year to everyone on top of that, have a fun and safe holiday!

Download the podcast here! (99MB; MP3)