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Report from Street Fighter IV tournament @ Arcade UFO

February 27, 2010

At Arcade Heroes, we often say that there’s nothing like standing with another player and competing side by side, and arcade gaming is still the best way to do this. Technology has brought us the wonders of online gaming and voice chat, but the feeling of being able to shake your opponent’s hand at the end of a hard-fought match is something that you can’t replace. As a result, it’s great when we see other people pushing the merits of arcade competition – in this case, Jason Witmer of Accent Online. He attended last Saturday’s two-on-two Street Fighter IV tournament with a friend, and took the time to write up the experience for Accent.

The piece focuses primarily on the author’s experience of the tournament, but it covers the general themes of competitive gaming well. He mentions the anxiety prior to a match, the diversity of the competitors, the unique atmosphere of tournament play, and general sportsmanship and supportiveness of the community surrounding the game. While I’ve never competitively played Street Fighter, these are familiar to me as they are experiences which cut across all kinds of competition, be they sports, martial arts, table top games or arcade games. As a result, it’s an excellent read for anyone who is interested in competitive arcade play at any level.

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Ground Kontrol announces the 2nd annual Pinbrawl Tournament

February 27, 2010

Last year an arcade in Portland known as Ground Kontrol hosted a large pinball tournament called Pinbrawl and by all accounts, it was a big success. So with one successful tournament of this caliber under their belts, they are preparing for a second Pinbrawl, which has been announced for April 18th. The grand prize that pinball wizards will be competing for: a full-sized Williams’ “Johnny Mnemonic” pinball machine. For only $20 admission as a competitor (for spectators it’s free) that’s a great deal – if you happen to beat out the possible 127 others who will show up. More juicy details can be found in the press release after the break.

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Titan 4 Games licenses Silhouette for their first gesture-based coin-op game

February 27, 2010


Remember Titan 4 Games? If not, I don’t blame you – we first reported that they were working on gesture-based (think Project Natal) coin-op games last October but since then we have heard nothing but silence. The website isn’t helpful either – I tried contacting them via the e-mail they have there and they never responded. So it was nice to finally hear something new about their developments today, as a press release went out detailing what the first game will be to use the technology which has been developed by Softkinetic. Titan 4 Games will release Silhouette as their first coin-op title, with it as “the first of many 3D camera games from Titan, and is a natural step in the company’s strategy.”

Now the question is, when will we see it? How much will it cost? Will they be offering games that will remain arcade exclusive (Silhouette is mentioned as being on track for an in-home release down the line, for PC and probably Project Natal)? Will they be showing off anything at an upcoming amusement trade show? I am enticed by the use of this technology in arcades, especially by getting it out there before Microsoft does with their Natal platform at the end of this year, I just hope that the information will be made available soon.

Here is Silhouette as shown at an nVidia conference. I’ll leave witty or snide remarks about how you’ll look in public doing this for the comments section. 😉

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SNK Opens a virtual NEOGEO museum

February 27, 2010


If you were ever curious as to how the NeoGeo MVS ans AES hardware came to be and what impact they had on the video game industry, then SNK Playmore has a new site which details just that. You can read through an article that was published in Arcadia Magazine detailing the history of the hardware, browse through all of the title names (a setup like has would be more useful however), look at published ads and buy those NEOGEO T-Shirts we talked about not long ago. Imagine if they decided to do a special version of KOFXIII for the MVS, I am sure that would turn some heads. 🙂

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Viral marketing for TRON Legacy continues to give some love to arcades

February 26, 2010

I’ve always been a big fan of Tron so when it comes to developments of what is going on with the new TRON Legacy movie that comes out in December, I’m intently keeping tabs on what’s going on as Disney runs a pretty cool viral marketing campaign for it. We saw it begin with Flynn’s Arcade at Comic-Con last year and now they have run a nationwide scavenger hunt leading up for showings of the first official trailer for the film. One of the hunts took place  in my city but I don’t know where it was at or what was involved exactly before it was already claimed. Fortunately a guy in Dallas filmed his search, where it involved a girl wearing a Flynn Lives T-shirt playing a Twilight Zone pinball machine so it’s possible that they had people doing scavenger hunts at places where you can find arcade machines all over the country yesterday. You can see that below.

Also arcade-related is this viral website for Encom International. If you check out the “Past” page, it has an alternate timeline where Encom developed the original Tron arcade game and Space Paranoids was the best selling arcade game of 1981. If you look over the page, it looks like Encom became the Microsoft of the Tron universe. I would love it if Disney (or I should say “Encom” 🙂 ) would release those Comic-Con Space Paranoids cabinets to arcades this year, I would pick one up for my own arcade in a heartbeat and from our poll last August, plenty of you would love to play it.

Pac-Man returns to arcades with Pac-Man Battle Royale at Amusement Expo 2010

February 25, 2010

Ever since Namco first announced Pac-Man CE for Xbox Live Arcade, I thought that the game in particular would be a perfect fit in arcades, which I have mentioned before in posts and to people at shows. So this news that Namco will be showing off a new Pac-Man game at the upcoming Amusement Expo 2010 next month in Las Vegas has me quite excited. The faint screen shot of the game looks like Pac-Man C.E. but with a very notable difference – the game supports 4 players! I am all for more 4 players-on-one-cabinet games as we haven’t seen many of those in recent times (the new Gaia Attack 4 and Jigsaw World Arena as exceptions).

Keep in mind it’s only a sneak peek so they might not even have a full cabinet at the show but if you needed any reason to go to the Expo next month, here’s a good one! I certainly plan on being there, where I will capture any video that I can of this game in action.

UPDATE: As per the comments below, there should be 2 cabinets to play at Amusement Expo.

UPDATE #2: Click here for the first hands-on look at the game from Amusement Expo 2010!

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SNK Playmore announces King of Fighters XIII along with a preview event date

February 25, 2010

The King of Fighters series is something that you expect to see a new version of in arcades about every year or so, like Golden Tee. It may not be the most popular fighter series out there but it does have a loyal fanbase (something I have been surprised at with my own KOF98 which a few weeks was my top earning game even though it’s only on one token). So fans should be pleased to hear that SNK Playmore has announced KOF XIII for arcades. At the moment the only hint about the game is that it will continue the 2D trend and it will run on the Type X2 hardware. Rumor has it the game will be released in April – hopefully they give it more time in arcades than they did XII which came out on consoles two months later (this is the biggest problem I have with most fighters right now, they aren’t giving them enough exclusive time in arcades)  We’ll find out more when SNK holds a public press event on March 25th, until then did you care about KOF XII at all? I haven’t heard many good things about it after it came out on consoles but I also haven’t had a chance to play it yet. So let’s do a poll!

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