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How amusement fared in the recent financial reports from Capcom and Namco Bandai

May 10, 2010

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Financial reports were recently unveiled by a couple of companies who have some involvement in the arcade industry so how did the companies in question fare? First off, Capcom hasn’t fared well all around, seeing dips in consumer game sales, amusement facility operations and operating income in Japan, Europe and the US. They did see an increase in “content expansion” however, which according to the linked document is linking to their Pachislot division. You can see the report for Capcom here.

Namco Bandai also posted big losses once again but for them their toy and arcade chain operations posted operating profits for the year. Despite the losses reaching an overall $300 million (the game content division equaling $74.59 million of that loss) Namco is optimistic that the changes it has made as a company to deal with the losses, which they began a little while ago when we last heard about the company loosing money, will result in net profits once again. If the Namco presence and marketing tactics seen at Amusement Expo are any indication, the arcade division is quite optimistic about the future. You can read about Namco Bandai’s financial reports here @ Gamespot

Exclusive: the last coin-op project at Midway Chicago, RIP SQUAD: Raids Against the Reich

April 27, 2010

Back in 2001, Midway made a decision to dump their long standing coin-op division in favor of focusing developments on console gaming.  When that decision came down, there were still some arcade games floating around in the development cycle, which were subsequently canceled and were lost to the knowledge of the public. Fortunately, there are a number of ex-Midway employees who still work in coin-op development and one of them wanted to get the word out about Midway Chicago’s last game to have work done on it, a unique shooter called RIP SQUAD. Many thanks to Scott Pikulski for all of this information, including the pictures and the video. Scott is currently employed with Play Mechanix and has worked on a number of their games, including the recent Terminator Salvation Arcade and the upcoming Wheel of Fortune video redemption title.

Hit the break below for an exclusive look at RIP SQUAD, where I summarize an online interview I did with Scott regarding the game, along with plenty of pictures and three videos. Look for the full interview in an upcoming issue of Replay Magazine.


Amusement Expo 2010: Pac-Man Battle Royale Hands-on

March 12, 2010

To begin our coverage of the 1st Amusement Expo which took place in Las Vegas, NV, I’ll start out with the Namco booth and work my way from there. Namco had a sizable booth that was near the entrance of the show (as usual) and dominating the booth was . We first reported the news that Namco would be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man with a new arcade release called Pac-Man Battle Royale. They had two cabinets at the show, cocktail style. While the game has intention of showing up in bars, it will work anywhere and it is not actually like Pac-Man CE at all, except for the graphics and changing mazes. You can see it below, the game has the player focus on eating the other Pac players.  Eating dots and ghosts are  sort of pointless not the primary focus of the game as in other Pac games and there is no scoring system aside from how many rounds each player wins but keep in mind that this is a prototype and there will be changes made to the game by it’s release in September. The cabinet will change too for the final release; they told me the hardware that it’s using which is a custom board and I can’t remember the name at the moment

I don’t have time to upload my other videos at the moment but I will be getting around to that later today Please check out there other videos I have from the show, I’ll have 12 of them up when finished which you can view on my Youtube channel. Pac-Man Battle Royale wasn’t the only new coin-op amusement product at the show so check out what else was there here. Also in anticipation of the release, if you need help finding an arcade/FEC/bar/etc near you (who you can pester into getting this or other games) check or

UPDATE: I have updated the release date info for this and several other games on our Arcade Release list for 2010.

Here is the direct link for 720p video

Namco tests Dead Heat Street Racing

March 9, 2010

We received a tip today that Namco is “secretly” (well, not so much anymore) testing out a new racing title called Dead Heat Street Racing. There were no details given on how the game plays although from the sound of the title alone it seems to be another game along the lines of Tokyo Drift, R-Tuned, NFS Carbon, etc. but until we see it we can only guess. Where the game is testing now remains a secret – the source didn’t say where it was at but we know it’s out there.  Since it’s testing now I guess we could see it at the show, which would mean that Namco will have a pretty full roster. If it’s there, I’ll be sure to grab some video.

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International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum announced in Ottumwa, IA; Walter Day announces retirement

March 6, 2010


If you are into competitive gaming then you have likely heard about Twin Galaxies, an organization that deals with officially recording high scores or substantial achievements in video games across the spectrum. Led for 30 years by Walter Day, they have become the place to go to when you want high score results noticed. Now the city where Twin Galaxies was founded, Ottumwa, IA, is looking to widen it’s mark in the video game world by announcing the creation of the International Video Game Hall of Fame and Museum. There will be a four day event in August where they will induct about 30-40 people into that hall. They are expecting thousands of people to attend the event on Aug. 5th-8th, which will also be supported by Twin Galaxy sponsored competitions.

On another Twin Galaxies note, the aforementioned Walter Day has announced his retirement from TG as he seeks to spend more efforts on his music career. Twin Galaxies will continue on as it has developed a strong organization to back it so no worries about that.

You can find out more about both news items above by watching this interview with Walter Day here.

Short animated flick about video games

February 11, 2010

This isn’t entirely arcade related – it’s more about video games in general and how they affected this particular person’s life. His point about video games being a potential place to waste one’s time is well taken although what he offers as alternatives for what you could otherwise do with your time are fairly lame. He also makes a good point about how video games can have a good social aspect behind them, allowing people who share a common interest to come together and have fun(where we can apply that arcades, which he seems to never have spent time in). At the end of the day, that’s what video games are all about – he claims that they have no value other than the social aspect once people come together to play them but even if you play them alone, you are paying for entertainment and spending your time for that purpose. I don’t think it should let it rule your entire life – if you end up divorced over it like this guy was then I don’t think you can blame video games for it all, as it boils down to how you choose to spend your time – which can be on anything, video games/technology can’t be singled out as an exclusive for all the problems our generation faces. Still, I understand his point as I have been amazed at the amount of time people spend on games like World of Warcraft particular, I have seen people ignore their kids as they sit down to play and the kids just sit there and cry while the parent zones out.

What are your thoughts about this?

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IAAPA Pics by Kevin Williams

November 27, 2009

Now for our second-to-last post about IAAPA 2009 – the last one will be the attempt at a podcast that we did at the show although we were unable to finish it up for reasons I’ll explain later.

Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report (also a frequent contributor to Arcade Heroes) was at IAAPA and took a number of pictures, including a couple of games that I either missed or didn’t find the time to focus on. Check them out after the break, click on the pics for the full-view


Interesting new shmup now location testing in Japan – Exception

July 9, 2009

A new and interesting shmup is now on location test in Japan and seeing efforts like this makes me long for seeing some good shmups in arcades outside of Japan again. Called Exception, this shmup has elements from games like Asteroids, Blast Works, Mars Matrix, Panzer Dragoon Orta (and probably others I am missing) that with physics processing, combine together to create something quite unique and a bit abstract. The only thing I don’t like about it is the constant blur effect that occurs when blocks are pushed away en masse – it kind of gives me a headache to watch where it keeps blurring up like that (although I’m told that it looks much better on an HD screen as opposed to what you see in the youtube video – that and it’s probably just me getting older :P). The game does also include multiplayer support but I am not sure what the arcade version will have different from the PC version which has already been released.

UPDATE: There is a new official site for the game which includes more information on the arcade version of the game (it will have an extra stage the PC version doesn’t have and different difficulty options so more players will find it easier to approach). Check out that site here.

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Raw Thrills releases H2Overdrive to arcades

July 2, 2009


Hydro Thunder fans, the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived as Raw Thrills’/Specular Interactive’s new take on Hydro Thunder, H2Overdrive is arriving at distributors around the country and then they are going onto various locations around the US. The game was shipped last Friday and I know that a few distributors already have the game on their showroom floors although from what I have heard, those are not sticking around for very long. With this news, you should be able to find the game at certain locations by this weekend – if you don’t find it, ask them about it.

For previous H2Overdrive coverage, click here. Keep in mind, there are no plans for this to come to game consoles at present time so this is an arcade exclusive title.

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A long detailed look at H2Overdrive on

June 13, 2009

One of the new shots from H2Overdrive via Noe's blog

While it has not been released yet (although I believe that it will be in the next week or so), H2Overdrive is already creating fans and one of them had the lucky chance to visit Specular Interactive’s studios in Southern California where he got a chance to see the latest version of the game and sit down with the staff for some interviews. The game has changed considerably since it was seen at ASI, which was discussed at in my recent interview with Steve Ranck of Specular but here you can really see in great detail how the game differs. They have even changed some of the things on the cabinet, including the addition of an LED speedometer. This game is going to be quite deep and also to dispel some rumors, this is NOT currently being ported over to Xbox Live. For the time being (especially for us operators) this is arcade exclusive.

The site is at and while the user, Noe. V. is not a staffer at 1up but he is responsible for uploading the many clips of H2Overdrive that you can find there including the latest trailer that we discussed a few days ago. With this in-depth interview, two video interviews and new screenshots, this should certainly be enough to hold you over until the game starts landing in arcades in the next week or two.

[Noe V.’s Blog with tons of H2Overdrive goodness] [Discuss on the Forum]