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New Family Entertainment Center opening in Mebane, NC, Z-Bowl

March 22, 2010


Here’s some more news of a new entertainment facility opening up out there, this time in the city of Mebane, NC (North Carolina) called Z-Bowl. While this one isn’t a traditional arcade like the last place we talked about, according to their website they will have “5,000 square feet of the latest arcade games, small ball bowling & great prizes” available when they launch in a couple of weeks. The press release however uses the term “game stations” instead of arcade or coin-op game devices so that makes me wonder if they have a larger focus on console gaming there but since they do use the term arcade as I quoted above from the website, we’ll stick with that. They also have a bar, 18 AMF bowling lanes, a billiards,shuffleboard & darts area, party rooms and more to do, which sounds like fun.  If you live in the area and are also looking for work, Z-Bowl is hiring, with a job fair to take place on Friday (March 26th).

More details will probably be added to their website when they open in April. You can visit that site here.

Addendum: Editor makes a great point in the comments: “So let me get this straight – Capcom, SEGA and NAMCO are building new amusement venues. There are over 20 new venues opening around mid-USA and there is a hoard of new venues in North Africa and India in development. So that would be the dead amusement scene then!”

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Large new FEC complex in development in Homer Glen, IL

February 11, 2010


If you live in or near Homer Glen, Illinois, then this should come as good news, a development group is currently in the third phase of planning a large family entertainment center to be opened in the city sometime in the near future. Currently labeled as Waterfall Place, the design will feature architectural inspiration taken from Prague, filling in 60,000 sq. ft. four-story building that will include ” boutiques, a nightclub, dining and office space on three above-ground levels and a gaming arcade in the basement.” The news article mentions several companies who are interested in helping fill the space up, including a “national gaming arcade company” but they do not mention which company that happens to be. Where Illinois happens to be the center of arcade game development these days, it could be anyone looking to either expand in the state (Sega and Namco has facilities there already) or start up a new place. Ground will break for the location possibly by this summer, I imagine we’ll find out more then.

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New entertainment facility under development in Omaha

November 4, 2009



If you live anywhere near Omaha Nebraska then you have a new entertainment facility to look forward to visiting sometime in the future. At the moment it is called “The V” which I am guessing stands for “The Venue”. The multimillion dollar project is currently looking for investors and other entrepreneurs to help make the project a reality and from the sounds of it, The V should be a cool place to check out once it is finished. According to the website:

The V is a 45,000 square foot multi-attraction entertainment concept consisting of a variety of amusement attractions and a casual dining restaurant targeting families, young adults and corporations.  Amusement attractions offered by The V will include a 16 lane open play bowling center, 4 lane upscale private bowling lounge, 110 player station game zone, rock climbing, mini-bowling, laser tag arena, multi-player game attractions, billiards, darts and shuffleboard.  The V will also have dedicated private meeting space for corporations and groups and party rooms available to host family parties.

As you can see from the picture above, the facility will have plenty of open space and it sounds like it will have a sizable arcade although we will have to wait and see how they will go about designing that. From the sounds of it, a major focus at the facility will be one geared towards providing a modern bowling experience. At present there is no ETA given on when they expect to have everything built and ready to go but you can find out more information can be found at the official project website here.

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Some links to end the day on, mostly regarding facility news

October 1, 2009


I have a bit of catching up to do so I am going to consolidate a couple of links that were sent to me by Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report into one post, which is made easier by the fact that most of the links have something to do with one another.

First off, an amusement facility in Pennsylvania known as the Coliseum Entertainment Megaplex has been saved by the credit union that the business deals with. The business had filed for bankruptcy last year but thanks to this move they are able to continue on. Hopefully they will be able to bring in more sales and keep going as the complex does have an arcade. You can find that news here.

Secondly, the competition in Dubai continues to grow as what is being called the “world’s largest indoor family theme park” opens it’s doors in Zabeel park. Called Stargate, the facility stargatedubaiboasts 400,000 sq. ft. of space where the spaceship designs spans over five zones. In addition to offering a gigantic soft play area, go karts and more they also have features that focus on edutainment for kids. Over 4 million visitors are expected to visit the site per year and if you ever plan a trip to Dubai this gives you more more place to check out. More details can be found here or you can visit the official website for the Stargate facility.

And for our last link, if you are into following what big celebrities are always up to, Brad Pitt was seen with his son playing some arcade games at the Dave and Busters in Times Square. I’m not sure if it’s hilarious or sad that someone is paid to watch a celebrities every move and to see whether or not they win the game that they are playing. Of course me linking to this gives them incentive to keep it up I suppose.  Link

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Sega Republic in Dubai just about ready to open, will include some awesome games

August 3, 2009



Sega’s massive new entertainment facility in Dubai is getting ready to open it’s doors and with that, it is already putting it’s staff of 125 people through “intensive training sessions” on how the facility and it’s 250+ amusement games operate. Some of the video titles which will be available to play at the Sega Republic: Storm-G, Initial D4 Limited, OutRun 2 SDX, Let’s Go Jungle Special and more. There are plenty of new Sega-themed rides that will be available and they even have a “high-tech snowboarding half-pipe” that people can take a ride on.

While I have zero plans for visiting the Dubai area anytime soon, if I were going there for some reason I would definitely visit Sega Republic as it sounds like it’s going to be a top notch entertainment facility.

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New FEC opens in the Tampa Bay area – Xtreme Adventures

July 28, 2009



The new FEC location announcements just keep pouring in and this one comes from Tampa Bay area in Florida. What used to be a gym has now become a 6,000 sq. ft. entertainment facility for families and in addition to the arcade featuring “an assortment of the latest arcade games” they also have a large lazer tag arena, a climbing wall, miniature bowling, a café and naturally a large ticket redemption area.  They even have a variation on Laser Tag that I haven’t heard of before called Lazer Frenzy where you have to traverse the arena while avoiding the colored beams that fire come from all directions. It’s always cool to see someone trying out some new ideas with something as tried-and-true as laser tag is so we wish them the best of luck and from the news article detailing the business, it sounds like they are already “bringing the bacon home” so to speak.

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Another big FEC opens in Indiana – America's Incredible Pizza Co.

July 23, 2009



I’m not sure what it is about Indiana lately, but it seems to be attracting a lot of entertainment facilities as of late. The newest facilitiy – America’s Incredible Pizza Co. opens today with 55,000 sq. ft. of space and will employ 200 people in a 1950’s era themed structure and in addition to a restaurant, kart racing, minibowling, mini-golf, bumper cars and of course an arcade. There is no word on how large the arcade part of it will be but as an FEC with a strong restaurant side, it certainly will pull in the customers.

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