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Seen on location test: GRID Arcade by Sega Amusements Europe/Codemasters

June 23, 2010

There is a new racing game set to enter the arcade market this year and this one is coming from Sega Amusements Europe and Codemasters.  It’s one console gamers may already be familiar with, GRID (or as it’s called on consoles Race Driver GRID). Thanks to a tipster who only calls himself Bill, we have your first detailed look at the game (we also contacted Sega first to ensure that it would be OK to go ahead with this as we had ran a post on this some weeks ago and were asked to remove it) as it was seen on location test at the Trocadero in London, UK. As you can see from the pictures, they are reusing the Sega Racing Classic cabinet, but have greatly improved the lighting to draw more attention to it. Here is what we know about it so far:

GRID features event based Racing – You chose and event and then chose a car from a selection of 4 per event.

3 Game Modes

Multiplayer – Quickrace

Single Player – Quickrace

Single Player – Championship: 3 Tiered competition, come 1st, 2nd or 3rd to move to the next tier. (Come first to unlock a special event in the next tier)

Many licensed cars to chose from including: Dodge Viper, Saleen S7, Aston Martin DB9, Bugatti Veyron, Pagani Zonda, Jaguar XKR

Real world environments including – Washington, San Francisco, Milan, Nurburgring, Donington

Full damage – Great fun in Multiplayer, damage is only visual and does not affect the handling of the cars

Reset button – puts you back on the track facing the right direction almost immediately so you get straight back into the race after a smash

I have not personally played GRID on consoles or PC so I’m not sure if it’s the kind of game that can just be dropped as-is into arcades or if they will be needing to change it a bit. I imagine that there will need to be some changes made and hopefully they are also enough to make the game stand above it’s console cousin. The addition of the arcade cabinet is already a plus but we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out more. Fortunately, we will have more exclusive information on GRID in the near future as it nears a release, with many more details(beyond the Stinger update below)

UPDATE: As soon as I posted this I checked the e-mail and Kevin Williams of the Stinger Report also sent me some additional information on the game(including a little hardware talk), along with pictures. Here’s Kevin’s deeper look at GRID

Name: ‘GRID’
Manufacturer: SEGA Amusement Europe
Developer: Codemasters

SEGA Amusement Europe (SAE) held a special LocTest for their in-house developed racing title – ‘GRID’; marking the first time consumer game publisher Codemasters has dabbled in the amusement scene – approached by SAE to license the game for coin-op. A location in London played host to two cabinets shown in a 70 per cent completed state. The prototype cabinets displayed were a version of the same system used to house ‘SEGA Classic Racing’ (now painted black).

The arcade version of the of the original ‘Race Driver: Grid’ – a consumer street racing game launched in 2008, based on the Codemasters ‘TOCA Touring Car Championship’ series started in 1997. The arcade version featured a scaled down version of the original PC game running on a new PC architecture created exclusively to run the Ego game engine (this was not the SEGA Europa-R architecture).

The popular racing game in its arcade clothes includes both a ‘Championship mode’ and a ‘Quick Race mode’ – with the conventional game cockpit layout including ‘Recovery’ button, Up – Down gear shifter and force feed-back steering.

The prototype colourful neon-light ‘blinged’ cabinets were networked for two player racing, and included a ‘Race leader’ light for the audience. The final cabinets are being developed by SAE, and will support six-player simultaneous racing competition (but with no online or tournament support). The game following in the mould of the last SAE release (‘SEGA Rally 3’ in 2008) – though sources suggested that a special deluxe configuration is being considered for release.

The game is expected to be released in fall of this year, though it seems unlikely that a Japanese release will be considered. However sources revealed that SEGA USA will be testing a US specific content version of the game (following the same track as seen with the SAE developed ‘Ford Racing’). SEGA US/UK hoping to make the squeeze on a crowded amusement driving scene, competing with – Namco’s still to be launched ‘Dead Heat Street Racing’, Taito’s ‘D1 GP: Arcade’, Konami’s ‘GTi-Club’ and to be launched ‘Road Fighter’, Global VR’s ‘NASCAR Team Racing’ and ‘TWISTED’ and InjoyMotion ‘Street Racing Stars’.

More pics by Kevin Williams

UPDATE #2 : AH reader RJAY sent us a video he took of the game from the location test.

Taito shows off a new light-gun/music shooter, Music Gun Gun (updated)

August 20, 2009



Taito has another new light-gun shooter that they are showing off in Japan (the other being Elevator Action: Death Parade) and from this recent public demonstration of Music Gun Gun at one of Taito’s arcades in Japan, it looks like the game was interesting enough to grab some attention from the crowds passing by. From all appearances the game looks like it mugevent01will be a shooting gallery style title with different mini-games available to play. As the title of the game implies there is is a musical element to the game as well but at the moment it is unclear as to how that actually works out. For more info on the public event behind this, click here.

UPDATED: Thanks to Aaron Auzins, here is a detailed description of how the game works.

The closest way to describe Music Gun Gun to American audiences would be akin to playing Elite Beat Agents by firing at the screen to activate circular timing markers. Players can choose a song from a menu and the gameplay allows for up to two players to participate in the rhythm-shooting stages. The timing markers appear onscreen with a circular dial on the outside that travels clockwise – if the dial travels the entire 360 degrees, the player misses the “note.” While players are shooting in time to the music, what is actually happening onscreen is players are in pursuit of an “enemy” that throws objects at the players. These timing markers indicate when these items would “hit and damage” the player, so the actual gameplay is in destroying objects hurled at the player, but it is done in rhythmic fashion. Of course, timing comes into play as if players shoot the circle as the projectile reaches the circle (it seems players in the videos are doing this at about 10-11 o’clock clockwise if you can imagine a clock), they receive a “perfect” rating, while being slightly off before or after the timing window results in a “good.”

The August 15 Ikebukuro location event report details a good turnout, with the author of the report being a little worried at first since at the beginning event, there were very few people stopping, but the picture displayed in the Arcade Heroes story shows the eventual evening turnout with many people checking out the game. The two cosplayers are modeled after the in-game characters Tama and Momo.
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My interview with Steve Ranck of Specular Interactive on H2Overdrive and more

June 4, 2009

A few months back Arcade Heroes was privileged to reveal H2Overdrive to the world and now I have done an interview with the man whose company is behind the game’s development, Steve Ranck of Specular Interactive. We go into more, never-before-revealed details on Raw Thrills’/Specular Interactive upcoming boat racer and a few other arcade related things. So without further adieu, let’s get started and remember to click on the link at the bottom to read the full thing.

First, about Steve:

Steve Ranck is the President and founder of Specular Interactive, Inc.  He’s been developing games since age 12, and professionally since 1994.  Prior to Specular, Steve cofounded Swingin’ Ape Studios, Inc. which developed the critically acclaimed Metal Arms: Glitch in the System before the company was purchased by Blizzard Entertainment in 2005.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your company and history in the arcade sector.

Specular Interactive was formed in 2007 to develop great arcade games.  Most of our employees have worked together before at former companies, and a good number of us worked on the original Hydro Thunder arcade game back in 1997-1999.  Collectively, we have a lot of seasoned arcade developers here.  But at the same time, our team members have also worked on a number of console games and so we have a lot of experience with modern engine architecture and graphics hardware.  Our goal is to develop a series of high quality arcade games by combining our arcade design experience with modern graphics technology and hardware, and do it all at a price point that’s affordable for today’s Stingrayoperators.  Our first game which we feel delivers just that is H2Overdrive, a high-action, addictive power boat racing game.

Q: How did the idea for H2Overdrive come about?

In early 2007, Eugene Jarvis, developer of arcade megahits such as Defender, Robotron: 2084, and the Cruis’n series, was receiving feedback from arcade operators that wanted a boat racing game that would succeed Hydro Thunder.  Eugene’s company, Raw Thrills, had already developed a number of very successful arcade games before getting requests for a boat racing game.  Eugene called and proposed the idea of me forming a team to develop the game.  The idea of developing a high-action boat racing game on modern graphics hardware for the arcade sounded like an incredible opportunity.  I formed Specular Interactive shortly after and we began the ground-up development of H2Overdrive.

Q: How long has the game been in development and how large of a team has worked on it?

H2Overdrive’s been in development for 2 years, starting with a team of 3 and growing to 14 developers during the peak of development.

Q: There are several aspects that H2Overdrive shares with Hydro Thunder, what makes H2Overdrive not only different from HT, but better?


Justice League: Heroes United now available

February 20, 2009

jl42_cabpic_graytmold_lftAccording to my local distributor, GlobalVR’s Justice League arcade title should now be available at a variety of distributors across the country and that means that it won’t be long before it will start making appearances at different locations. I was also told that they should have one on their show floor today so when I stop by later this afternoon I am going to check it out. Once again, this marks the first brawler we have seen in arcades since Sega released Asian Dynamite a couple of years ago for the Naomi hardware and it will be interesting to witness how players take to seeing the genre again. JL has already received a round of criticism from people seeing the screenshots on the net but according to TwistedSupreme and HeavyElectricty who played the game at ATEI, it looks much better in person on the HD screen than in the screenshots. As far as brawlers themselves go, they really work best in arcades anyways so if we see more here in the near future then I won’t be one to complain.

Justice League: Heroes United is now listed as “Already Released” on our arcade release list for 2009. Also, in case you missed previous coverage of the game, we have video of it in action here by AH owner and writer TwistedSupreme and some more comments on it by AH writer HeavyElectricty here.

As a side note, this now makes 8 games we have listed as released for the US for the year of 2009. No that’s not amazing when compared to console releases but it’s a good trend for arcades to be hitting when we only have a handful of companies out there making games. It’s certainly far overdue for the naysayers out there to stop propigating the whole “arcades are totally dead” myth (which has always been ridiculous from the start as it doesn’t help the business of arcade operators like myself for people to go around chanting that on their news blogs, forums, etc. since there are still thousands of us around and it’s hard enough to get people in the door without them with a notion in their heads that there can’t be anything new at our locations).


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Review: Asteroids Deluxe by Atari

January 30, 2009

While we eagerly await our ATEI coverage to be posted (it should be up very soon so stay tuned) I figured it might be nice to get in a video review before hand. I’ve been needing to do more of these but time is a precious thing as you know and I can’t seem to find enough of it lately. But here is one of my favorite games, Asteroids Deluxe, in all it’s vector glory. While I didn’t have a very good game here, I think that it’s always cool to see a vector monitor in action. Surprisingly, AD has been a popular game at my place, even kids who are only dazzled by today’s modern graphics constantly play this because “it looks so cool”. Too bad I don’t have a full color vector game to show them what that looks like but one day I’ll get my hands on a Major Havoc and that will change.

There is an HD version of this if you click here

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Justice League to be unveiled at ATEI 09

January 17, 2009




Global VR has announced that they will be showcasing their latest title, Justice League: Heroes United at the upcoming ATEI 2009 show. With the press release they also have included some pictures of the cabinet, jl26_cabpic_lftwhich comes in two flavors, standard and deluxe but pricing and availability are currently unavailable but should be revealed soon. We also should have some hands-on information about it straight from the show so if you’ve been wanting to know more, stay tuned. It certainly is good to see someone trying out a brawler for arcades again, the last one I know of was Asian Dynamite in ’05. For more info on the game, check out the press release after the break and discuss it on the forums.


Another radio interview for Will Brierly, maker of Get Outta My Face!

January 15, 2009

Will Brierly, author of the new independent arcade title Get Outta My Face is still making the rounds in getting the word out about the game, via online radio shows. Unfortunately I arcade_cab_001didn’t find out about the show he was on until it was too late but according to the website of the show he was on (The ESCape Show) they have replays of previous episodes everyday at 6AM and 11PM EST every day and the episode should be in their archives section before too long. Even though I missed the show, I think that it’s great to see Will making an effort to spread the word of his game online, from his website, to youtube, to game talk-shows to us here. There is still no word on how much longer we’ll need to wait to see the game for sale to arcades everywhere but we’ll be sure to let you know when it happens.

In case you missed the info on Get Outta My Face, click here for our previous coverage on the game.

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More Konami love at the Trocadero – GTi Club location testing in the UK

December 24, 2008




We’ve been waiting for some more news on Konami’s GTi Club and it’s finally here with a location test of the game at the Trocadero in London. The Stinger Report sent us some ‘spy’ shots of the game in action and from these you can tell that it’s certainly running in HD and the cabinet itself is very attractive. I am still curious to know what hardware this is using but that information has not yet been revealed. Seeing how this is showing up at the Trocadero now however, I am guessing that this is one of the many new games we’ll have the pleasure of seeing at ATEI in just a few short weeks. Check out the thumbnails below and stay tuned for more!

gticlub2 gticlub3

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More info on the new arcade game Get Outta My Face

December 18, 2008

We heard about the new and original arcade title Get Outta My Face prior to AMOA and I’m happy to pass along some updates of what has been going on with the game as of late. Fortunately, the project is still on it’s way to a general release and there have been some additions to the game since we last discussed it which include some online features such as an online scoreboard and updates and it now has some easter eggs hidden throughout. The game will see a general release through an at present, unspecified distribution channel which also means we’re not sure when this will happen but it looks like it won’t be long. The creator of Get Outta My Face has been busy of late promoting the game, which includes a new video of the game in action on location test, along with thoughts of people who tried the game (the video is below) and he also was interviewed this past Sunday on the online radio talk show Life Death Reset to discuss his game (link to that, interview is towards the end).

From everything I have seen on this, I find this to be a fascinating  game, it’s certainly one of the more original arcade titles to come along in a little while and I’m a sucker for the “easy to learn, difficult to master” kind of game so I am looking forward to playing it one day soon. Hopefully it is successful and will help foster a desire in others to take up the art of making arcade games for proper arcades. That and we hope to see Will Brierly (maker of this game) doing other arcade titles in the future!

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UBeat testing at the Trocadero, London

December 16, 2008


If you’re going to be dropping by the Trocadero in London anytime soon then here’s something to keep an eye out for – Konami’s UBeat. The Stinger Report sent us some pictures of ubeat2the two units they have there but for how long they will be in place is anyone’s guess. The game should be showing up at ATEI however so if you miss it here then there is always another chance to see it at the show (along with DDR:X and CastleVania).

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