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Three more videos from IAAPA with some arcade game footage

December 4, 2008

While I had hoped for more videos of video arcades in action at IAAPA, I suppose that might have been hoping for too much since there is a lot more there than just arcades. But in this series of vids from the IAAPA floor you get to see several brief snippets of arcades in action in between all of the other stuff. Some games you see in these particular videos (albiet briefly) include NFS: Carbon, Razing Storm, Battle Stations, Sea Wolf, Rambo, Sega Rally 3, Nicktoons Nitro, Go Go Jockey, etc.

Part One

Part Two – most of the arcades you’ll see are in this video

Part Three

Videos taken and posted by youtube user HawTian

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Footage from Initial D5

November 26, 2008


It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about Sega’s Intitial D5 – we first had news on this one back towards the end of June and have been waiting to hear something more since. Well here it is, footage of the game in action. There’s no doubt that it looks absolutely great, I wonder what hardware it is running on. The funny thing for me is that just yesterday I had a couple of people asking about getting an Initial D at my arcade but I have never seen one personally and I don’t know if my distributor carries it or not (although they probably could get one).

Here’s the embedded video, it does look like Youtube has added widescreen capability to the videos now but I have only seen that on the site and not on embedded material.

BTW- This is the 300th newsfeed we’ve received from The Stinger Report, time has sure flown by as we approach AH’s 2nd year in operation and again, thanks to the Stinger for the great news they send us.

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How about a little hypnosis with your arcade game? Try Waking Dead.

November 26, 2008

Some of the things that ‘magicians’ get into these days are not close to what I’d call magic but endurance. Standing in ice for a couple of days or hanging upside from something outside in the cold? Big deal. At the very least try something that seems like magic. We all know it’s fake anyways but I find some forms of ‘magic’ far more entertaining than others. When it involves hypnosis and an arcade game then count me in. While this particular video is nothing new, it’s at least two and a half years old, it’s still fun to watch. Called Waking Dead by English magician Derren Brown, this is an arcade title that puts the subject into a hypnotic state and then they take him to a place where he ‘plays the game’ he was just playing but in real life. They have to go through a bit of trouble for just one person and perhaps it’s a bit morbid to laugh about how the guy acts in the ‘game’ while they show his friends all disturbed by his behavior but I know a couple of people who would love to participate in this sort of zombie apocalypse shooter and I could see them in it.

Be warned that there is a little bit of mature language in the video when the player starts fighting the zombies.

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One Video from IAAPA shows Razing Storm, SR3

November 22, 2008

It’s very brief but in the middle of this video showcasing a bunch of stuff at IAAPA, they do show a couple of arcade titles, including Namco’s Razing Storm. Of course there are plenty of other things you can see that we haven’t really discussed since we’ve just been focusing video titles.

I’ve also found videos of Tecway Developments Go Go Jockey and SkyJet – not from IAAPA but elsewhere. At least you can see these games which were at the show. GoGO Jockey is below and the footage is probably from GTI Expo 2008; Sky  Jet is off-site but the footage is definently from some other unknown event.

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IAAPA: Guitar Hero, American Idol, Justice League, more

November 19, 2008


OK, we have finally got some stuff from IAAPA thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report and it looks like it’s been a great show so far. Here are a bunch of pics for Guitar Hero and a few more from American Idol. We’re still waiting on finding out some extra details on the games but at least we have a better look now. Click to enlarge them:

konamirt gh1 gh2 gh3 gh4 ah1 ai1

UPDATE: Bemanistyle has more details on GH Arcade. They say it’s very similar to GHIII but the controllers are built to the standards of Konami’s Guitar Freaks (i.e. much better quality than the home version). They also have a pic of Andamiro’s Pump It Up NX Absolute!.

Seeing how Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix has held several online tournaments this year with Big Buck Hunter giving away many thousands of dollars, we can expect to see some really big GH competitions in arcades next year. With the Coin-Up system arcade operators can also hold their own tournaments, usually cash pot style so there will be plenty of tourneys to go around with GH.

While GlobalVR did not have Justice League at their booth, they did release a video of the game in action (which also shows the cabinet). They are not quite ready to release the game yet (thus meaning that this is not the final build) and are still holding onto details but at least we have a teaser video which shows a little bit of gameplay. The game uses cel-shaded gvrgraphics and is apparently two players (I had thought that it might be a 4 player game at one point). You can watch below by clicking on the link for GVR’s website. Otherwise at the GVR booth they had NFS: Carbon, NASCAR and Paradise Lost from what we have seen so far. We tried to upload the Justice League trailer but the codec isn’t supported by WordPress’s video player. Go figure.

[Click here to watch the Justice League Trailer]

Since we’re also on the subject of American Idol in this post, it appears that there are a couple of devices at the show which will compete with AI’s video recording feature. First is a game called Dancing Heads, where you can “Be a star, no talent required”. It looks like a photo booth that will take your picture and integrate it into some sort of music video and dispense a DVD of the video for you to use afterwards. The second game which does sort of the same thing (this appears to be the new trend in photo booth technology) lets you select a song and then it records you bopping to the beat where you then get a DVD showing you and your friends dancing around to the song. I can’t make out a specific name for this one although it has giant boxing gloves on top of it, if that counts for anything.

dh1 dsc01035

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Video footage of Sky Bandits

October 28, 2008

Graffiti Entertainment, the developers behind the new Sky Bandits game for GlobalVR’s Vortek V3 system has released some videos of the new game in action. I’m not sure how other games compare on the same platform but this doesn’t look bad considering the age of the system. My distributor tells me that it can also run on Tsunami motion cabinets, which is an interesting prospect (too bad I still can’t get the joystick to mine working properly, even after replacing it). Here is a video of Sky Bandits, you can also check GVR’s site for extra info.

(Thanks to Kevin for the tip)

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Video Review: House of the Dead 4 by Sega

October 23, 2008

It’s been a little while but I found the time to do another game review, this time for Sega’s House of the Dead 4. I have been having a number of problems with the cabinet I have – from the guns to the monitors but when it doesn’t have problems it’s a great game. There are a lot more zombies in this than in the other HOTD games so the machine gun is a nice addition. I’m sorry if it’s hard to hear what I say in the video at certain points, I tried to talk loud but I guess the game volume was too high. 🙂

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