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Sega unveils Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA, Shining Force Cross update, other games for JAMMA

August 27, 2010

With the 48th JAMMA Expo nearly upon us, that means that companies are beginning to reveal the game they will be bringing along to the show and today, Sega took the veil off of what they have been working on. The  newest title to grace their line-up will be a new addition to the Initial D series, Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA.  Players in Tokyo will get a chance to try the game out before JAMMA however, as it will hit the location test circuit next Tuesday at the Club Sega Akihabara. The RINGEDGE powered game (no, not the mythical Sega game console made up by people who can’t read properly) will offer new cars, characters and courses as expected but it also add Tag Battles for 2 v 2 play and it will use online play, which makes it the third racing game we’ve seen this year take the online route.

But if you’re tired of racers, Sega has other titles in the works as well. One of the few arcade RPGs on the market, although it’s been limited to Japan as far as I know, Shining Force Cross

Not a direct screenshot but awesome nevertheless

is getting another update with Shining Force: Cross Road. They’ve added support for up to six players now, a new Elf species, new monsters, items, weapons and skills to make the game more complete and enjoyable. The new update will be released in “Winter 2010” and continues to use the RINGEDGE platform (this was the first title to use the arcade hardware). I’ll just take this opportunity to once again to express my desire about wanting an arcade RPG that’s not localized to Japan. It’s been over 10 years since Gauntlet Dark Legacy was released and since then there has been little else in the genre outside of Japan. There was Oriental Legend 2 but that also has no English translation and was in Chinese (excellent brawler/RPG though). We’ll keep holding out the hope here, someone has to be ballsy enough to give a try once again.

Sega also has a new version of their music title Project DIVA Arcade, the details of which are outlined in detail on this page. The update begins rolling out next week.

We’ve discussed Sega’s other titles they are bringing to the show on the site before: WCCF 2009-2010, Samurai Wars, Border Break 2.0, VF5 Final ShowdownHeat Up Hockey, Let’s Go Golf(formerly Go Go golf),  the animated Transformer games for kids and even the new Let’s Go Kids Elephant game. If you’re wondering why GRID isn’t on the roster, the same thing happened with Sega Rally 3 since the game was developed outside of Japan.

JAMMA begins on the second week of September, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for any other JAMMA related news in the meantime.

Visit the Sega JAMMA website


Sega opens a new arcade in Yoyogi, Japan

July 12, 2010

Newsfeed 865 via

Sega has another arcade location they are adding to the roster, at least in Japan, with Sega Yoyogi (located in a district called, Yoyogi of course). There are 134 machines occupying 690 square meters of space, including their latest Ringedge titles such as Border Break and Prjoect DIVA Arcade. You’ll even find at least one non-Sega titles there, in one pic shown on, I noticed a Maximum Tune 3DX+ by Namco. With the location sitting near to the train station, it certainly looks poised to generate good revenue.

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AOU round-up for today, with videos!

February 20, 2010

Here’s a rundown of the AOU news and info for today, complete with videos.


Metal Gear Arcade in action.The videos below by Gigazine show how the glasses work.

The new Melty Blood. I hadn’t seen much on this series before, visually it looks like Arcana Heart (although the it’s probably the other way around if Melty Blood came along first)

Project Diva Arcade. This runs on Ringedge BTW.

Gundam VS.

Gigazine also has a bunch of write-ups discussing the show, which you can check out here.

Here is a link to the Japanese flyer for Terminator Salvation, via AM-Net.

Here’s a Game Watch article detailing a few more things, with pics of people playing Metal GearArcade, Gaia Attack 4 and Terminator.

Here’s Famitsu’s look at the show, they have pics of Jubeat Knit and more Konami stuff. I wonder if media outside Japan will at least note the game which will be available outside of Japan, like Terminator, Tank! Tank! Tank! and Dead Storm Pirates but my hopes aren’t very high on that.

Project DIVA Arcade cabinet revealed as the game goes on location test in Japan (updated)

January 6, 2010

Last October we found out that Sega Japan was planning on bringing a PSP music game known as Project DIVA over to arcades and after a short time of hearing little about the game, we now have a look at the cabinet, pictured above. You can tell by looking closely at the picture that this is the cabinet design they are using in the Ringedge-powered Border Break but with a much larger marquee and enhanced sound system. The website doesn’t say if this is a Ringedge or Ringwide game but it currently is on location test in Japan. I am not expecting to see this particular game get much attention in distribution channels outside of Japan but I am curious to know if any operators out there who frequently import games from there plan on picking this up or not.

More details can be seen at the Project DIVA Arcade website.

UPDATE: Here is a location test report in case anyone is interested

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