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Galloping Ghost Arcade open Friday night in Brookfield, IL (UPDATED with launch photos)

August 12, 2010

Right before the doors opened. Yes this is happening in 2010

The new arcade facility headed by the group developing a new arcade fighter Dark Presence will be opening it’s doors tomorrow night @ 11:59PM and judging by the video they sent us, they have managed to come a long way in getting a large number of games running to up an expansive location. They will have at least 120 games ready for the launch tomorrow, with more on the way after that and they will join several other notable locations in the US in creating what is more of a traditional “classic” arcade (i.e. little  or no redemption). They also have to deal with local laws that make coin-op pretty much illegal in the area by making the location a fee-entry only with all the games on free play inside. The video below shows more and we wish them the best of luck in their endeavors. It will also be the launch location of Dark Presence which will hopefully be ready to go by the end of the year. We’re still waiting to hear about how it’s first showing at the GarasuNoShiCon event went, they are promising to show that off soon.

UPDATE: MKII actors Philip Ahn (Shang Tsung) and Daniel Pesina (Johnny Cage) came to the Galloping Ghost Arcade and sat down to play some MKII. Here’s some of that thanks to Aaron Auzins. They also got to take a look at Dark Presence but we are still waiting to find out how showing that went. Aaron states:

“I was told in the first two hours of operation, 120 people paid for day passes to the grand opening. At 11:30 p.m. on Aug. 14, nearly 320 people had attended the arcade at some point in the day.

The arcade held its first tournament, using a Playstation 3 version of Super Street Fighter IV outfitted in a deluxe arcade setup. The free competition drew 24 competitors.

The arcade received a mix of visitors from the area, including just about every age span. One of the guests was actually Jon Klinkel, who weathered a lengthy trip from Battle Creek, Mich., to visit the arcade. Klinkel earned the number one spot on Twin Galaxies’ score record on the “Class of 1981″ fast shot version of Galaga this June.
Galloping Ghost was able to talk to him and capture a little bit of media, but I was able to see him mess around on the Galaga at the arcade, quickly amassing nearly 1 million points to show us how it could be done. Doc is currently reaching out to Twin Galaxies in order to become an official referee, so this exchange brought up a lot
of good conversation about records and competitions at the location.”

[Galloping Ghost Arcade website]

UPDATE: Aaron Auzins has sent us pictures from the opening event along with a video taken just moments after they opened. The place filled up quite fast. Expect mroe to be sent in to us as they also plan on having a special guest there soon, I’ll post updates to this post in the Twitter feed. As for the new stuff, you can see it all below


An update to the Galloping Ghost Arcade, with an opening date and video

July 14, 2010

(Thanks to Shane Muir and Aaron Auzins for the info)

A short time ago we revealed that a new arcade location was in the works in Brookfield, IL USA. You can read that initial story here in case you missed it. Every new arcade that opens is good news for us and the GGA has the extra touch of being run by an indie arcade developer (Galloping Ghost). The location will be the launch location for GG’s Dark Presence and Conquering Light fighters but it will also be home to hundreds of other great games from years past. We have a look at how the arcade is progressing thanks to one of the guys working there, Shane Muir. They currently have a little over 80 out of 217 games up and running, with a lot of time being spent on repairing everything from control panels, to monitors, PCBs, buttons, joysticks, etc. It reminds me of when I was working on an arcade location project with an ex-partner about a year ago with tons of broken games to fix and figure out. It was a daunting task (even more so where PCB repairs are beyond me) but the end result is always worth it, although the project I was working on didn’t come together in end unfortunately. If you live in or anywhere near the area, the Galloping Ghost Arcade will be opening on Saturday August 14th. It should be quite a sight to see(and play) all of those games up and running.

At the end of the video Doc Mack also mentions what arcade games you will see at the GarasuNoShiCon 2010 convention this weekend.

Sega opens a new arcade in Yoyogi, Japan

July 12, 2010

Newsfeed 865 via

Sega has another arcade location they are adding to the roster, at least in Japan, with Sega Yoyogi (located in a district called, Yoyogi of course). There are 134 machines occupying 690 square meters of space, including their latest Ringedge titles such as Border Break and Prjoect DIVA Arcade. You’ll even find at least one non-Sega titles there, in one pic shown on, I noticed a Maximum Tune 3DX+ by Namco. With the location sitting near to the train station, it certainly looks poised to generate good revenue.

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Another new FEC opens tomorrow – Xscape in Indianapolis

December 11, 2008



When it rains, it pours at least when it comes to new facility news. Here is another FEC opening up in the US, this time in Indianapolis, IN, to be called Xscape. Xscape is pretty big, they are boasting 75,000 sq. ft. of space and they have a great looking setup – a buffet, lazer tag arena, mini-golf, sports bar, rides which includes bumper cars, a go kart xscapeheaderspeedway and a couple of places where you can find redemption/arcade games. According to their website, they have about 60 games total including some new games like Rambo, Nicktoons Nitro, Primeval Hunt, Time Crisis,  NASCAR Motion deluxe, Blazing Angels, DDR and more. They have a website setup already with a list of their games and other features and if you live in the area it looks like it’s a great place to check out as it opens tomorrow.

I find it interesting that in this downturn we are seeing some pretty big amusement locations opening up. While it is true that entertainment typically does better in downturns (the Golden Age of arcades occured during a downturn in the late 70’s that saw far higher unemployment rates and inflation in the US than we’re seeing at the moment but I do understand that there are always differences in each recession as to causes & effects), with the way people speak about arcades and amusement you would think that they wouldn’t stand a chance in today’s climate.  Of course it remains to be seen how all these new places do over the next year or so but for now I think that it’s great to see all of these places popping up and as always, we wish every location that has started up recently or that will be opening up soon the best of luck and if you live near any of these places, be sure to stop by and give them your support.

[Xscape Website] [Discuss on the Forum]

A family in Rapid City, SD opens a NASCAR themed arcade

December 18, 2007


(Photo credit: Dick Kettlewell of the Rapid City Journal)

I came across this new article today detailing the opening of a new arcade in Rapid City South Dakota USA that discusses a family switching from a retail cell phone business to an arcade. It will be an FEC (called the Heartland Arcade) but it sounds like it will be pretty good and will include pool tables, 70 arcade games, a food court, a NASCAR memoriblia store and on top of it all, a NASCAR simulator that features 4 NASCAR vehicles that are 80% the size of the real thing hooked up to a game that is apparently different than the one released by GlobalVR. It sounds like a “NASCAR Special”, somewhat similar to Sega’s special games that feature a large cabinet (this sounds like Outrun 2 Super Deluxe). It appears that they have these at The Mall of America and a few other venues (about 10 thanks to The Stinger Report for that info). Here’s the details of the game from the news article:

From behind the wheel, you have a 135-degree view of the racetrack projected onto three screens. You also have a gear shifter, gas pedal, brake pedal and a small monitor.

Each of the four cars is mounted on a hydraulic system, so when another virtual driver bumps your car, it shakes and shudders as if it were really hit.

It sounds pretty cool and if any of you get a chance to drop by there when it opened, let us know about it.

[Via Rapid City Journal] [Discuss on the Forum]