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Sega unveils Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA, Shining Force Cross update, other games for JAMMA

August 27, 2010

With the 48th JAMMA Expo nearly upon us, that means that companies are beginning to reveal the game they will be bringing along to the show and today, Sega took the veil off of what they have been working on. The  newest title to grace their line-up will be a new addition to the Initial D series, Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA.  Players in Tokyo will get a chance to try the game out before JAMMA however, as it will hit the location test circuit next Tuesday at the Club Sega Akihabara. The RINGEDGE powered game (no, not the mythical Sega game console made up by people who can’t read properly) will offer new cars, characters and courses as expected but it also add Tag Battles for 2 v 2 play and it will use online play, which makes it the third racing game we’ve seen this year take the online route.

But if you’re tired of racers, Sega has other titles in the works as well. One of the few arcade RPGs on the market, although it’s been limited to Japan as far as I know, Shining Force Cross

Not a direct screenshot but awesome nevertheless

is getting another update with Shining Force: Cross Road. They’ve added support for up to six players now, a new Elf species, new monsters, items, weapons and skills to make the game more complete and enjoyable. The new update will be released in “Winter 2010” and continues to use the RINGEDGE platform (this was the first title to use the arcade hardware). I’ll just take this opportunity to once again to express my desire about wanting an arcade RPG that’s not localized to Japan. It’s been over 10 years since Gauntlet Dark Legacy was released and since then there has been little else in the genre outside of Japan. There was Oriental Legend 2 but that also has no English translation and was in Chinese (excellent brawler/RPG though). We’ll keep holding out the hope here, someone has to be ballsy enough to give a try once again.

Sega also has a new version of their music title Project DIVA Arcade, the details of which are outlined in detail on this page. The update begins rolling out next week.

We’ve discussed Sega’s other titles they are bringing to the show on the site before: WCCF 2009-2010, Samurai Wars, Border Break 2.0, VF5 Final ShowdownHeat Up Hockey, Let’s Go Golf(formerly Go Go golf),  the animated Transformer games for kids and even the new Let’s Go Kids Elephant game. If you’re wondering why GRID isn’t on the roster, the same thing happened with Sega Rally 3 since the game was developed outside of Japan.

JAMMA begins on the second week of September, we’ll be keeping our eyes open for any other JAMMA related news in the meantime.

Visit the Sega JAMMA website



Brief video of Sega's Let's Go Island UPDATED

January 28, 2010

I don’t have a lot of time to post at the moment but figured I should get to this now. It’s a video from EAG 2010 of Let’s Go Island by Sega. The framerate of the camera taking this is low which is why there is lag, so that’s not an issue with the game itself; the game looks quite colorful and detailed beyond that.

UPDATE: I have found out that this does in fact use Sega’s RingEdge hardware. Another nail in the coffin for that console rumormill. 😉

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Brief video of Sega’s Let’s Go Island UPDATED

January 28, 2010

I don’t have a lot of time to post at the moment but figured I should get to this now. It’s a video from EAG 2010 of Let’s Go Island by Sega. The framerate of the camera taking this is low which is why there is lag, so that’s not an issue with the game itself; the game looks quite colorful and detailed beyond that.

UPDATE: I have found out that this does in fact use Sega’s RingEdge hardware. Another nail in the coffin for that console rumormill. 😉

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So this is how the Border Break cabinet works

May 23, 2009


Sega has updated the website to their upcoming arcade mech title (which runs off of their new arcade hardware, Ringedge) Border Break and with it, a rundown of how the cabinet works. As interested as I have been in the game itself, I was really curious to see how the cabinet worked since Sega said it would use a touch screen and it had a sort of mouse-like controller as well. In addition to that, they have included a headphone jack (a feature that is certainly not used often enough) and overall the cabinet looks pretty cool thanks to the lighting.

After watching the video below, I am convinced that the mouse controller is pretty cool and if it became standard in arcades then I think it would open the doors for FPS titles to be tried again (anyone up for an OutTriggers update?). at the same time it almost seems like the touch screen in this game isn’t incredibly useful since the mouse could work easily for menu functions and a wheel on the mouse could do things like switch weapons. Either way it looks like an intensely fun game that in one way the style of play reminds me of Star Wars: Battlefront. A Battlefront-like game could certainly work in arcades although this one seems to be a bit complicated for many Western arcade goers. What do you think?

[Border Break Website] [Via Versus City]

More details on Shining Force Cross revealed

May 2, 2009


Game Watch has revealed some more juicy details on Sega’s new arcade RPG Shining Force Cross and with it my interest in the game is up but at the same time it looks like this is the kind of game that they don’t generally bring out overseas. I hope that they try anyways as it looks pretty cool as you can see from the screenshots. First off, this is another game that runs on Sega’s new Ringedge hardware, with Border Break being the first. The game is very colorful and while it still looks a bit like Gauntlet, it certainly is more advanced than Gauntlet is simply due to the item collection and selection aspect of the game, which is likely to be the sort of thing that would keep Sega from giving the game an international release. The game uses a touch screen system similar to what Sega used for Quest of D although this will not use trading cards like Quest of D did; it also offers players a chat function using the touch screen. Players can also customize the look and the voice of their character with the latter being an interesting aspect of the game I’d like to see in action. The cabinet design looks similar to what they will use for Border Break, and while I do not know of the name for the cabinet that they are using, it certainly appears to be the standard for what Ringedge will use in Japan.Click on the thumbnails below for a better view of the game.

sf21 sf22 sf23 sf14

[Via Game Watch] [Discuss on the Forums]

AOU news: Border Break unveiled

February 20, 2009


(click on the thumbnails below to enlarge)

Sega has revealed that their new mech game Border Break will be powered by their new Ringedge hardware. They also have stated that the game will begin location testing next week in Japan and it has a release date set for September 2009. The website for that game has been updated since my last AOU post and Game Watch has some screenshots available of the game and it’s cabinet, which also includes a touch screen element to it and a new mouse controller for arcades. It looks pretty cool and I’m happy to see some more mech action coming to arcades as I think that arcades can create a much cooler mech experience with the right cabinet. Whether Sega will reveal a cockpit cabinet for this title remains to be seen but the current configuration with a joystick and mouse is much like what we saw with Outriggers. Will we see it in the States? I have no idea but we can certainly hope so. I didn’t expect to see Brick People brought over here either so you never know.

bb02 bb03 bb06 bb07

UPDATE: Thanks to Editor for the video link and ECM has provided a few more links in the comments to more video action. It certainly looks like Sega’s answer to Namco’s Gundam arcade games.

[Border Break website] [Images via GameWatch] [Discuss on the Forum]

Sega reveals specs on it's new arcade hardware, RingEdge and RingWide

February 20, 2009


(image via AM-Net)

The hardware which caused some to erroneously think that Sega was jumping back into the console business has been revealed and we now see that there are actually two configurations, thus the use of the two different names. Not surprisingly, the hardware is PC-based, just like Lindbergh and Europa-R. But how does it stack up? Check it out:


Intel Pentium E2160 CPU @ 1.8 GHz

1GB of DDR2 PC2-6400 RAM

An “nVidia GPU” w/ 384MB of GDDR3 RAM and supports Shader Model 4.0 and “two 1920×1200” which probably means it has ports for two monitors and can support up to that resolution. Also as of a note, it says “nVidia GPU 2” on the document up higher – not sure if that means

5.1 ch HD Audio

Onboard Gigabit LAN

A 32GB SSD drive for storage (finally, flash storage instead of a standard HDD which will likely fail soon)

Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009



An Intel Celeron 440 @ 2 GHz

1GB of DDR2 PC5300 RAM

“AMD GPU” with 128MB of GDDR3 RAM, supports Shader Model 4.0 and also has two ports to handle 1920×1200 resolution video

5.1 ch HD Audio

Onboard gigabit LAN

An 8GB Compact Flash for storage

Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009


So there you have it! Ringwide is obviously not as powerful as Ringedge and thus should cost less – which is the point. Ringedge will be for games that Sega wants to push the envelope, Ringwide for games that won’t be as graphically pleasing but at the very least a little more inexpensive for arcade operators.  It also has been revealed that Border Break is among the first games to use Ring Edge, stay tuned for details on that in a moment.

Once again, I cannot stress enough that  Ringedge and Ringwide are NOT new game consoles. There seems to be a small effort online to convince people that RingWide is for arcades and RingEdge is some mythical new system but that is simply not the case. You can see a list of arcade titles which use both hardware configurations below. The specs, the pictures and the official word from Sega makes it very obvious that this is arcade hardware, as the design of the case looks somewhat similar to their arcade hardware called Lindbergh. The launch of the Lindbergh was similar to RingEdge/RingWide but to this day, Sega has not developed that into a console. The existence of patents for controllers is not an indication that they will turn this into a game console as they can use new control methods in the arcade – case in point, Border Break the first RingEdge game, uses a unique joystick/mouse control method that is seldom seen in arcades.

Sega has also pointed out their plans for RingEdge/RingWide in plans for arcades through 2010 and beyond. Talk of connectivity through ALL.NET is solely for arcades, which still lack many online titles. With Sega’s upcoming Sega Card Gen MLB game, it features online connectivity, the first game to do so by Sega in quite a while in US arcades. Hardware for Sega Card Gen hasn’t been confirmed yet but it fits into the RingEdge/RingWide plan and this is very exclusive to arcades.

I know that won’t stop fans from hoping for a new Sega console but at the moment, and I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but there is an uptick of misinformation being put out there on the internet (which isn’t unusual in and of itself) regarding this hardware. I have talked directly with several reps at Sega about the rumors and they have stated very directly that these are simply arcade boards. I know that there are bloggers out there claiming to talk to Sega reps who supposedly “confirm” that Ringedge will be a console but if that is the case then it’s the first time a game company has decided to reveal a multi-billion dollar investment of their business to anonymous people who run random Sega fan blogs. I highly doubt that such would be their strategy in a business that is as competitive and risky as the console hardware realm, which is being dominated by the Nintendo Wii.

There are several games already available in arcades using the hardware spoken of here, as you can see below.

Current games using the hardware in arcades, some of which are already available in different areas of the world:


Border Break; Shining Force Cross; Project Diva Arcade; Let’s Go Island


Sega Racing Classic; Tetris: The Grandmaster 4; Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code; possibly Tetris Giant.

[Ringedge document via AM-Net] [Discuss on the Forum]