AOU round-up for today, with videos!

Here’s a rundown of the AOU news and info for today, complete with videos.


Metal Gear Arcade in action.The videos below by Gigazine show how the glasses work.

The new Melty Blood. I hadn’t seen much on this series before, visually it looks like Arcana Heart (although the it’s probably the other way around if Melty Blood came along first)

Project Diva Arcade. This runs on Ringedge BTW.

Gundam VS.

Gigazine also has a bunch of write-ups discussing the show, which you can check out here.

Here is a link to the Japanese flyer for Terminator Salvation, via AM-Net.

Here’s a Game Watch article detailing a few more things, with pics of people playing Metal GearArcade, Gaia Attack 4 and Terminator.

Here’s Famitsu’s look at the show, they have pics of Jubeat Knit and more Konami stuff. I wonder if media outside Japan will at least note the game which will be available outside of Japan, like Terminator, Tank! Tank! Tank! and Dead Storm Pirates but my hopes aren’t very high on that.

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4 Comments on “AOU round-up for today, with videos!”

  1. Celestein Says:

    For what it’s worth, as a Melty player, the games nothing like Arcana Heart in terms of gameplay.

    Any word on when it’s coming out?

  2. Shaggy Says:

    I meant on the visuals but I could be wrong on that too. Still, when I first saw the video I thought it was AH3 for a second.

    AM Net lists the release as July 2010

  3. 60Hertz Says:

    Arcade is majorly ignored by most western press with Edge being an exception… shameful really… games like tank! tank! tank! look fun and lets go island will probably soak up the dough much like it’s predecessor lets go jungle did… and this will go largely unnoticed. Dead storm screens look great, havent seen footage yet tho…

    • Shaggy Says:

      Here’s a video I caught of DSP at IAAPA

      Sorry about the scratchy video, it was the camera I was using, it just couldn’t handle the noise there.

      You are right, it stinks how arcades are ignored by most of the press in the west where they will cover pretty much everything even if it’s Facebook games but will ignore arcades. The one other exception is Hardcore Gamer Magazine but no one reads that sadly.

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