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Former Gameworks managers to save ex-Gameworks spot in Columbus, Ohio

July 5, 2010

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Another Gameworks location has been “saved”, this time at the Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. This one will be run by the company which managed Gameworks stores from

The former Gameworks storefront in Columbus, OH

1999 to 2005, known as KDB. The Columbus site will be re-opened on Aug. 5th, with a new focus targeting older audiences, much like Dave and Busters. They also have a Gameworks card buyback program so if you still happen to have a card your money won’t be completely lost. There is little information on what kind of game selection will be present, all they have stated is that it will have “lots of new games.”

In light of this news, that leaves most of the closed Gameworks locations accounted for under new management, laying a blow to those who would use the Gameworks liquidation as a sure sign of the failing arcade industry.

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Gameworks liquidates remaining locations

May 1, 2010

Yesterday morning I saw a Reuters article that said that Sega Gameworks was closing all of it’s locations and not just the seven we had previously reported about. Thanks to Kevin Williams who contacted the author of the article directly, it turns out that Gameworks is in fact liquidating the fifteen locations and not just the seven as they had previously reported. Keep in mind, a couple of locations have already been bought out by different companies and will stay open, but under new management. That could possibly happen with the remaining locations as well but it will be a waiting game there.

What does this indicate about the industry at large? That’s hard to say really as while Gameworks has suffered through the same tough economic conditions we all have been going through, other chains have survived, such as Dave and Busters or Tilt. Other independent stores have opened while a few have closed. Where we have also seen a few of the Gameworks locations picked up ans essentially saved I think it comes down to how well were these GW locations being managed. This whole thing is a shame as Gameworks were often one place where you could expect to find some uncommon or rare games as well as unique entertainment experiences. The one in Vegas is the only place I’ve ever seen an Afterburner Climax Super Deluxe or a pair of 2Spicy cabinets. But the reality one must face when running a business is that it can fail, in fact it’s more likely to fail than to succeed, no matter what endeavor you undertake but that is no reason to not try it out anyways.

As for effects throughout the industry, there were only fifteen Gameworks locations in the US, compare that to the hundreds of other businesses across the country which feature coin-op that will remain open (check and for listings) so this is NOT an “the end is near” sort of thing.  There are still several companies producing new games (see our sidebar links) and just because Gameworks closes doesn’t mean that they will suddenly stop making games. It’s probably worth pointing out that in the console sector of gaming that Game Crazy will be liquidating all of their stores (and there are many more than fifteen of those around) but no one is claiming that it means that the video game industry is spinning down the tubes.

As for what Gameworks will do about the game cards, I believe that according to the law they need to give refunds when asked but I’m not sure where you would go to find out who to speak to about that.

Gameworks in Indianapolis saved by Tilt

April 23, 2010


If you were bummed out by the recent news of Sega closing several Gameworks locations and you live near the one that was in Indianapolis then you’re in luck – the owners of the national arcade chain Tilt has bought out the location there. While they plan on rebranding the location under the Tilt name, it will stay as a Gameworks where players will still be able to use their old Gameworks cards. Tilt will also be fifty new games to the location next month although it isn’t specified as to whether those will be video or redemption games. I know that Tilt carries both so we’ll have to wait and see. From the linked article it sounds like the mall there isn’t doing too great, they state that the Gameworks and a movie theater are the only major tenants on the fourth floor there but with the right marketing and game content I am sure that they can turn it around.

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GameWorks in Tampa already under new ownership

April 15, 2010


When Sega sent out the press release stating that they would be closing certain GameWorks locations, they left a glimmer of hope in there by stating that some locations could stay open if they were bought out by new owners. For the GameWorks in Tampa, that appears to be the case as the location will re-open tomorrow under new management. Unfortunately for certain game fans, 50 to 60 percent of the games are being replaced by redemption content which will probably do quite well for the location. I do wonder what video content will be retained and whether they will be picking up any new video games. The food will be improved as well, which will certainly be nice for visitors (I wonder what they had to deal with before that) and if they can keep the games maintained then it should do well.


Gameworks restructuring plan means seven locations will close, some may reopen in the future

March 30, 2010


It’s never a good day when we have to report about arcade locations closing – we always prefer times like last week where we reported on several new places opening around the US. But the reality of business is that venues open and close all the time and when times are tough, large chains generally aren’t exempt from the conditions either.

According to a press release issued today by Sega Gameworks, they are restructuring the company and as a result they will be closing locations in the following areas:

“Long Beach, CA; Columbus, OH; Detroit, MI; Minneapolis, MN; Indianapolis, IN; Tampa, FL; and Miami, FL. The company has introduced potential new tenants to mall ownership, in hopes that some locations may be reopened in the future.

I like to emphasize that last part to point out that there is hope for some of these locations, so hopefully something good comes of it. From what I have seen Gameworks locations generally have an excellent roster of games so as long as new ownership can maintain that, and perhaps improve upon any faults, the locations can become more profitable.  Their eight other locations will remain open, if you’d like to know what those are, check out the press release after the break.

UPDATE: Looks like they didn’t plan on how to handle pre-paid items such as game cards and parties in advance.

UPDATE #2: The location in Tampa, FL has already been picked up by a new owner, and they are taking the location into a more family-friendly direction (i.e. more redemption)

UPDATE#3: I am aware that Reuters posted an article today (Apr. 28th) where they made it sound like they entire operation is in liquidation. We are checking into this to find out if that is really the case or if it was just a poorly worded story that is actually talking about the news we initially posted about here.


Gameworks Minneapolis wants to move

April 23, 2009


We all know how important a good location is – I do especially as I have learned over time how my location stinks. And speaking of locations, there is a story out there about how the Gameworks in Minneapolis wants to get out of it’s current location to head somewhere else. Located in a place known as “Block E” in downtown Minneapolis, it sounds like the gameworksarea just has not been that great for business, in part thanks to “well-documented problems” such as drug dealing and loitering. The first problem in particular is not good for any ethical business and Gameworks wants out. Hopefully they can find a new place quickly but I imagine that it will take some time to do so as one big bookstore, Borders closed in the area a little over the year ago when they were not able to sub-lease the space, which is what Gameworks is attempting to do. I don’t know what the local economy in Minnesota is like right now, I know that where I live it isn’t terrible where we have among the lowest unemployment rates in the country at the moment but I know of several big box locations that are sitting around empty as there is understandably a bit of fear involved in opening big stores.

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Seattle Gameworks to host it's own Fight Club tournament

April 9, 2009


Not long ago we reported that the Sega Gameworks in Phoenix Arizona had scheduled it’s own “Fight Club” tournament and now, the Seattle Gameworks is following in their footsteps. It does help that these recent tournaments have been organized by the same individual, so they are staying fairly consistent across the board in how they are being handled. The Fight Club at the Seattle GameWorks will take works on April 24th-26th and if you would like to sign up, the information should be on the GameWorks website within the next day. The games that will be on location for the competition: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and Street Fighter IV. For more details on how the tournament will go down (it is similar to the other fight club tourney), the details have been tucked in after the post break. BTW, the prize pool is over $1000, with the first place winner bagging $500 in cash.

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