Gameworks Minneapolis wants to move


We all know how important a good location is – I do especially as I have learned over time how my location stinks. And speaking of locations, there is a story out there about how the Gameworks in Minneapolis wants to get out of it’s current location to head somewhere else. Located in a place known as “Block E” in downtown Minneapolis, it sounds like the gameworksarea just has not been that great for business, in part thanks to “well-documented problems” such as drug dealing and loitering. The first problem in particular is not good for any ethical business and Gameworks wants out. Hopefully they can find a new place quickly but I imagine that it will take some time to do so as one big bookstore, Borders closed in the area a little over the year ago when they were not able to sub-lease the space, which is what Gameworks is attempting to do. I don’t know what the local economy in Minnesota is like right now, I know that where I live it isn’t terrible where we have among the lowest unemployment rates in the country at the moment but I know of several big box locations that are sitting around empty as there is understandably a bit of fear involved in opening big stores.

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2 Comments on “Gameworks Minneapolis wants to move”

  1. Bryan Says:

    They should move. I live about 20 minutes from that Gameworks, and I haven’t been there yet because of the area.

  2. editor Says:

    The article paints the area as a drug war zone!

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