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Shining Force Cross Raid trailer

September 15, 2010

Today is trailer day it seems. Here is a trailer for the update to Sega’s arcade RPG, Shining Force Cross Raid. This is best seen in HD. I can see a few elements from another Sega ARPG, Quest of D, which came out back in 2003 in Japan only as well. While the chances of seeing SFCR outside of Japan are pretty low since the game is tailored towards the Japanese market and the player’s taste there, I still hold out a strong hope that someone will give us an ARPG again that will be able to grace the international market. If it was done at one point with something like Gauntlet Legends or even the Capcom D&D games, then it can be done again.

The obligatory TRON Legacy trailer post

March 10, 2010

Obligatory as I have been pointing out the arcade related stuff that has been leaked recently from the upcoming movie. As you can see, Flynn’s isn’t the movie for very long although it wasn’t in the original movie for very long either but now that we have a high-def look, you can see the games under the sheets a little better. I notice that they even have a Space Paranoids cabinet in there at the beginning (which was at Comic-Con) and towards the end oft he arcade scene you can see a Discs of Tron in the background as well.

As for the trailer itself, I think it’s pretty good. I am blown away by Clu looking like a young Jeff Bridges there – that’s some pretty incredible CG work.  I hope that there’s more to the film than just flashy CG with a good solid story. But we will have to wait until December 17th to witness this on the silver screen, to which I will probably be there on the first showing. 🙂

I suggest putting this on full screen for the best look.

[Official trailer site]

New trailer for Elevator Action Death Parade

July 2, 2009


Taito’s modern update to Elevator Action now has an official trailer and it looks pretty exciting. In our previous coverage of the game, we saw that it is not like the original game in the sense that this is a light-gun title but Taito is trying out some interesting ideas with this one, particularly with the elevator doors which open and close in front of the screen. With this trailer we see that there are several kinds of mutants in addition to human enemies you will have to fight off and while the resolution of the trailer itself isn’t very high, the game is looking pretty slick so far. My fingers are still crossed for seeing this in the States but it looks like it has a good chance to making it to Europe in addition to Japan.

Click here for the trailer (uses Shockwave Flash)

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Razing Storm gets an official trailer, virtual environments torn to pieces

February 16, 2009

I don’t think that there is any debate about the fact that Namco’s newest light-gun extravaganza Razing Storm looks absolutely amazing. It’s one of those games that will certainly make arcades look cutting edge.  On top of that the action looks quite frantic and thus, like an awful lot of fun. Hopefully this is at ASI next month so I can finally get a chance to check it out. Last I heard we should see this released in March or April at the latest.

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