Review: Asteroids Deluxe by Atari

While we eagerly await our ATEI coverage to be posted (it should be up very soon so stay tuned) I figured it might be nice to get in a video review before hand. I’ve been needing to do more of these but time is a precious thing as you know and I can’t seem to find enough of it lately. But here is one of my favorite games, Asteroids Deluxe, in all it’s vector glory. While I didn’t have a very good game here, I think that it’s always cool to see a vector monitor in action. Surprisingly, AD has been a popular game at my place, even kids who are only dazzled by today’s modern graphics constantly play this because “it looks so cool”. Too bad I don’t have a full color vector game to show them what that looks like but one day I’ll get my hands on a Major Havoc and that will change.

There is an HD version of this if you click here

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3 Comments on “Review: Asteroids Deluxe by Atari”

  1. Paul Says:

    My, it sure is dark in there. Good hang-out for goths, I guess.

  2. Shaggy Says:

    It’s actually a bit brighter in person, my camera makes it look a bit darker and when we made this it was with all of the other machines off except for the games on the row to the right of it. But I have been adding a few extra things to brighten it up, now that my Movie Stop is back up and running it has brightened things up a bit.

    And surprisingly no goths have ever hung out here or gang members. I’ve had no problems at all really which I have been happy about.

  3. Steve Brennen Says:

    AD is one of those games that, when released, was panned for being “too hard” or too much of a departure from the original. History has redeemed the game, however. Playing it now, it’s definitely a MUCH deeper experience than the original, and has the same frustrating quality as Defender. That is, it makes you want to put your foot through the monitor, yet you know deep down it’s your fault.

    Great game.

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