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Review: Asteroids Deluxe by Atari

January 30, 2009

While we eagerly await our ATEI coverage to be posted (it should be up very soon so stay tuned) I figured it might be nice to get in a video review before hand. I’ve been needing to do more of these but time is a precious thing as you know and I can’t seem to find enough of it lately. But here is one of my favorite games, Asteroids Deluxe, in all it’s vector glory. While I didn’t have a very good game here, I think that it’s always cool to see a vector monitor in action. Surprisingly, AD has been a popular game at my place, even kids who are only dazzled by today’s modern graphics constantly play this because “it looks so cool”. Too bad I don’t have a full color vector game to show them what that looks like but one day I’ll get my hands on a Major Havoc and that will change.

There is an HD version of this if you click here

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Asteroids blasting its way to XBLA Wednesday

November 27, 2007


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We don’t mention arcade remakes coming to XBLA that often but I felt that this one is worth mentioning as it’s Asteroids. That’s right, Atari mighty classic makes it way to XBox Live Arcade this Wednesday, both the original and Asteroids Deluxe (which was an excellent game that gave the idea a greater challenge). The originals and the ‘evolved’ versions of the game will be available for a mere 400 points and if it is like the revamped version of Centipede then it should be good. Even if it wasn’t, the original versions of the game are worth it for that price even though they aren’t running on a vector set.

It would be nice to get a collection of these enhanced titles out into arcades as official releases. I think they would be appreciated even more running in a cabinet with authentic controls and an HD monitor to impress. I’d buy that over any of those ‘multi-cade’ MAME cabinets like Ultracade any day.

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