'The Office' goes to the arcade

Because of my schedule, I don’t have a lot of time to watch TV. On top of that there aren’t many shows out there I would go out of my way to watch but I do enjoy The Office, which I usually catch after 10PM on a channel that shows re-runs. But when I started receiving some messages last night and today that the most recent episode featured the office crew at a Dave and Buster’s type place, I had to find a way to see it of course. The newest game I caught a glimpse of was Madden Season 2 (GlobalVR) but I could have missed a few. I also noticed how they covered up the names on a couple of games, like Daytona with something else. In case you want to see it,  NBC.com has recent episodes available for free viewing so  you can catch up by clicking the link below. It’s great to see some love given to arcades on a popular show, it’s stuff like this that can always help public perceptions bit by bit.

[Happy Hour – NBC.com]

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One Comment on “'The Office' goes to the arcade”

  1. Amzi Says:

    Yeah I just recently got to the latest season.
    It’s a good show.

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