ICE’s Standard version of Panic Museum


At IAAPA I had a chance to play Taito’s huge, theater style light-gun game, Panic Museum. The setup is impressive, with a large projected screen and theater quality sound, but obviously this does not work for many venues where space is an issue. So distributors have come up with a solution, giving the game a more traditional setup with an LCD cabinet. While we are not sure what the screen size is, as you can see from above the cabinet is attractive. This particular version is by ICE for release in the US and it differs slightly from what was shown at EAG. After looking over several distributor websites, I have only found one selling the deluxe version for almost $14,000 and no one has listed the standard version yet. ICE doesn’t even have the deluxe version of the game listed on their website at the moment so we will have to wait to hear more.

[ICE website] [Discuss on the forums]

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One Comment on “ICE’s Standard version of Panic Museum”

  1. arcads4ever Says:

    I weren’t too sure aboiut this game at first but it sounds interesting anyway, must have been because of the main excting title I’m looking foward to such as dead storm pirate and lets go island

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