i-Mockery.com’s 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets in Game History


I never personally cared much for top “Insert Your Desired Item Here” lists as you never can agree with them completely. This particular list has things I don’t agree with (Crystal Castles has such a cool cabinet that it should be higher on the list but I do agree with some of the entries, particular the #1 game but I already digress) but I can forgive it as this is a unique list – it pays little attention to the games themselves and talks about the cabinets and how they are a work of art in themselves. In some ways companies have lost the art of creating awesome looking cabinets (OK there are some exceptions like that Pirate game we had on here a week ago which should be on the list but they probably don’t know about it) so this retrospective is pretty good. I have read plenty of articles on I-mockery before and have always enjoyed their wit and they combine each cabinet choice with their writing so I give them kudos for this list. Continue to the link below to check it out, it’s recommended for the history, the cabinets, the humor and these guys also get their facts right so you can’t go wrong past that 😉

[i-Mockery.com’s 50 Greatest Arcade Cabinets] [Discuss on the Forum]

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