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New Family Entertainment Center opening in Mebane, NC, Z-Bowl

March 22, 2010


Here’s some more news of a new entertainment facility opening up out there, this time in the city of Mebane, NC (North Carolina) called Z-Bowl. While this one isn’t a traditional arcade like the last place we talked about, according to their website they will have “5,000 square feet of the latest arcade games, small ball bowling & great prizes” available when they launch in a couple of weeks. The press release however uses the term “game stations” instead of arcade or coin-op game devices so that makes me wonder if they have a larger focus on console gaming there but since they do use the term arcade as I quoted above from the website, we’ll stick with that. They also have a bar, 18 AMF bowling lanes, a billiards,shuffleboard & darts area, party rooms and more to do, which sounds like fun.  If you live in the area and are also looking for work, Z-Bowl is hiring, with a job fair to take place on Friday (March 26th).

More details will probably be added to their website when they open in April. You can visit that site here.

Addendum: Editor makes a great point in the comments: “So let me get this straight – Capcom, SEGA and NAMCO are building new amusement venues. There are over 20 new venues opening around mid-USA and there is a hoard of new venues in North Africa and India in development. So that would be the dead amusement scene then!”

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