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Xbox Arcade Machine delayed again

August 6, 2008

We just revealed the cabinet for the new Xbox Arcade Machine, also known as the T2, the other day but not surprisingly it has been delayed again and it is in limbo. Apparently, it does not have Microsoft’s blessing! I would think that one would obtain that permission first before trying to go forward but for whatever reason that rarely occurs with these projects. According to the website for these machines, the date is now set for September, maybe now they are going to try and work something out with MS but I am not holding my breath on it.

[Xbox Arcade Machine website] [Discuss on the Forum]

New Xbox 360 Coin-Op Arcade Machine just a day away?

June 25, 2008

For a while on they have had a banner sitting there with a countdown towards an “Xbox Arcade Machine” for sometime now and according to the countdown, tomorrow is the day that it will be revealed to the world. Now whether or not it actually will come around is up for debate as I think it was a few weeks ago that the counter was almost done when it was reset and I just went to the site to take a look at it and at the moment it is at 1:15:12 – higher than the image that was sent to us by The Stinger Report. So we’ll wait and see if that happens again and if it doesn’t then we’ll have to see what Microsoft officially states about it as this is not the first time someone has tried to do this and disappeared shortly after distributors demanded to know the legality of such a machine. If it has Microsoft’s blessing then it may very well show up all over the place otherwise there won’t be much to say about it until the next company comes along trying to do the same thing.

I am curious to know what you arcade gamers think about this. Does such a system have any appeal to you or to those that you know? It could make a nice system that is a step up from store kiosks where full games are available to play as opposed to demos and I know that it would be used as an easy way to hold a Guitar Hero tournament. I also wonder if they already have distributors for the machine in the US and Europe, as the banner mentions that they are looking for distribution in Asia, the Mid East and South Pacific.

[Highwaygames via The Stinger Report] [Discuss on the Forum]