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Virtual On heading for XBLA

February 25, 2009


If Sega’s Border Break news has wet the appetite for some mech action, then your in for another treat as Sega are bringing the classic  mech game; Virtual On to Xbox Live Arcade. Not any old VO, but the final release Oratorio Tangram which was the final release for the Naomi. The game is pencilled for an April release at 1200 points. Can’t wait, but one thing that does concern me is the more and more common 1200 point price tag for XBLA games. Are Microsoft gradually sneaking them up, me thinks? 

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Outrun Online Arcade coming to XBLA & PSN

December 19, 2008

Great news for Outrun lovers. Sega’s classic racer is coming to XBLA and PSN in early 2009. From the above video it looks like we will be getting a similar game to the original xbox home conversion of Outrun 2.

Hopefully this game will do better than the xbox version. Obviously I’m not talking about critical success, more retail. It may have sold OK, but there were never many people playing it online. Now that xbox live has even more members and the fact this is sure to be cheaper as it’s download game, we may see a lot more people playing it. I, myself , can’t wait to battle it out against the worlds best on my favourite arcade racer!

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Xbox 360 kiosks brought to hospitals with pre-loaded games; coin-op version next?

May 6, 2008

Ever since Microsoft revealed the term “Xbox Live Arcade” along with the concept that has included original content along with remade classic arcade titles, people have thought of bringing the Xbox 360 into the arcade. While one might wonder the value in such a thing, it’s good advertising for Microsoft, it would advertise XBLA games giving people a chance to play the full versions at the arcade, thus seeing if the game is worth it beyond the demo and it’s not bad for arcades either which would have a platform for constant new content. One notable reference was the Fragisle platform that was demonstrated to distributors but has since disappeared.

Now Microsoft has revealed a specialized Xbox 360 kiosk that has been created for children’s hospitals across the US. It is connected to a specialized version of Xbox Live that has been created specifically for the kiosks and essentially keeps the kids separate from the standard XBL network (which sometimes isn’t very kid friendly). Says the source:

The customized and hospital-friendly Xbox 360 kiosks are pre-loaded with a variety of E and E10+ rated games, Y-rated television programs, G-rated movies, as well as Xbox LIVE Headset and LIVE Vision Camera capabilities, which enable patients to communicate over a dedicated Xbox LIVE network.

There also is this: a website dedicated to the”Xbox Arcade Machine“. One needs a password to get anywhere but you have to wonder, is this the next step, say an official Xbox Arcade machine??

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Asteroids blasting its way to XBLA Wednesday

November 27, 2007


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We don’t mention arcade remakes coming to XBLA that often but I felt that this one is worth mentioning as it’s Asteroids. That’s right, Atari mighty classic makes it way to XBox Live Arcade this Wednesday, both the original and Asteroids Deluxe (which was an excellent game that gave the idea a greater challenge). The originals and the ‘evolved’ versions of the game will be available for a mere 400 points and if it is like the revamped version of Centipede then it should be good. Even if it wasn’t, the original versions of the game are worth it for that price even though they aren’t running on a vector set.

It would be nice to get a collection of these enhanced titles out into arcades as official releases. I think they would be appreciated even more running in a cabinet with authentic controls and an HD monitor to impress. I’d buy that over any of those ‘multi-cade’ MAME cabinets like Ultracade any day.

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