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Aussie smashes Galaga world record score

September 2, 2009
Photo: Lannon Harley

Photo: Lannon Harley


The never-ending quest for obtaining the high score on classic arcade titles continues to catch attention from different places around the world and the latest world-record attempt was made on Namco’s Galaga by Phil Day of Braidwood in Australia. He has filmed his feat of obtaining 3.44 million points on the game and has submitted it to Twin Galaxies, which beats the previous record of 2.7 million quite easily. The only thing that was unfortunate about the attempt was that it was only Mr. Day and a film recorder to witness the event, I’m sure it would have been pretty exciting to have been there to watch him do this. More info can be found on the link below.

[Via Brisbane Times] [Discuss on the Forums]