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The Max Experience

January 11, 2008

Here is another early motion simulator, the Max Experience. It was produced around 1984 or 1985 by a company called Amusement Technology (Amtech) out of Asbury Park, NJ. This strange device designed for both adults and children contained hydraulics and lifted you into the air. The game that came with the cabinet was a racing game however other games were promised for the cabinet including games based on a speedboat, motorcycle and submarine. The games were changed by changing the board and one microprocessor chip. It is unknown if any of the other games were actually produced.

I know of at least one instance of this cabinet existing at one point and that was in the Half Moon Arcade located in Weirs Beach, NH. The Half Moon Arcade is still in operation today. The Half Moon’s website still lists the Max Experience as being in their arcade however that website was not updated since 1999. Provided that the list is accurate it is amazing that a simulator like this even lasted until 1999. I made several attempts over the years to reach the Half Moon about this rare simulator but have had no luck. I seriously doubt they are still operating this simulator. If you made a visit to the Half Moon arcade prior to 1999, you may have seen this machine. You can find the Half Moon’s website here:

Pictures and more info about the Max Experience here, the pictures are a must-see as this is truly a bizarre looking simulator!

 Max Experience 3 Max Experience 4

Max Experience 2 Max Experience 1