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Behind the scenes at Sega

May 31, 2008

R reader!While I was at the Sega Rally 3 launch last week, I got to see a little bit of what goes on at Sega Amusements Europe. It is a fun place! The developers from the former Sega Racing Studio turned up for a look at the finished product, but some members were also addicted to another machine – the UFO Catcher in the corner! They got quite good at it and managed to win quite a few times, which was impressive given the bulky nature of the prizes in the machine. As well as playing Sega Rally 3 against them, I took on the testing team (who are scarily good at the game). One particular tester known as “The Stig” also got to witness me making a real hash of things on the PS3 version of Sega Rally, and asked me the question of the day – “do you read UK:Resistance?”, which is one of those questions you’re always afraid to face in public.

Speaking of UK:R, one of my missions for the day was to locate the Sonic statue that Zorg made infamous. As you can see, the quest was successful! The building also contains many other items of interest for those of us raised on the Master System and Mega Drive. The warehouse is full of spares for games going right back to the early 1990s – I noticed things for the 1992 games Virtua Racing and Stadium Cross, but the collection extends through to the present day fairly comprehensively. I must admit to geeking out a bit when I saw the Spikeout marquee pictured below, and Scud Race is still a gem (which still isn’t available on home consoles). Meanwhile, the workshop contains various fun things, including the prototype “Super Challenge” cabinet from the Sega Rally 3 location tests and a disassembled 1995 Sega Rally cabinet, as well as various modern machines such as 2 Spicy and Virtua Tennis 3.

Have a peek at some pictures I gathered on my trip:

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A visit to a warehouse loaded with games

April 30, 2008

As I mentioned just a few posts ago, I had the chance to go and check out a warehouse full of games today. I am kicking myself however as I forgot to bring my camera along for images/video. So I’ll just have to describe what I saw and when I get to go back hopefully I’ll remember the camera and they will allow me to film it.

Of course with the way everything was setup there it might not have worked out too well recording video as I have never been in a warehouse with so many games. And not only did they have a lot of games, there was very little space between them so I had to do a lot of climbing over things and standing on games to get to the back. Good thing I’m skinny.

When I first arrived I was walked to the back through their main workspace that also had many games laying around although most of those were being worked on and weren’t up for grabs AFAIK. They had some rare pins there, including two Medieval Madness pins and a Revenge From Mars. I saw a couple of Crisis Zones, two Dark Legacy cabs, several Artic Thunder cabs, a Wangan Midnight cab, Ballistic (by TrioTech) Wild Ride by Sega (which I had never heard of before), a Maze of Kings and an SF Alpha, just to name a few.

Arriving in the back I got to see what I was up against – about 8 rows of games stacked back to back along with other cabinets sprawled about. Keep in mind most of these games have a problem of some kind whether it was missing the board, dead monitor, busted controls, etc. Among the many games I looked at I saw a couple of Area 51’s and a Site 4 cabinet; a Time Crisis 2 cab w/o the guns; a Revolution X, a SF Rush 2049 w/o the board, several Crusin’ games including USA, World and Exotica; a Virtua On; a Konami punching game that used motion-capturing boxing gloves but it was different from MoCap Boxing – it instead had physical targets to punch called Fighting Mania: Fist of the North Star (thanks Paul); and this was only on 1 row. Hit the post break for more!