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Virtusphere – a good improvement in VR technology

July 15, 2009


One of the many things that was a downside to player involvement in VR gaming was the fact that other applications generally kept the player in one spot and you would have to use a control of some sort to move around – which is not realistic. One company has found a way to get around that with their Virtusphere technology, which as they describe it acts as a hamster ball for humans but also behaves as a controller for players to walk around in any direction while they wear a VR headset. It’s a pretty cool jump in what can be done with VR although if you had something like this on a location you would probably have to make sure someone is there to make sure that the player gets in and out OK.

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Virtual-Kade opens up in Kentucky with focus on VR and exergaming

December 8, 2008



We’re happy to report new of yet another new arcade facility opening it’s doors to the public, although this one is a little different as they don’t appear to have any coin-operated arcades (except for the LightSpace floor, a device we talked about a while back but that is on freeplay) and instead are focusing on ‘virtual reality’ and ‘simulation’ type games. That also includes a number of game consoles  that are lined up along the walls that play from a variety of games they can switch out (which I imagine have to be attended constantly to refreshkadeavoid theft or the changing out of a game). It looks  like a couple of those also have a motion seat for the player to get comfy in.  I also think they have one of Trio-Tech’s 3D theaters although they do not mention it by name or show any pictures of the unit, they just say that it’s a 4 person virtual theater.

They also have some exerbikes with a game installed called Game Bike Pro. We’ve discussed something similar to these where an exercise bike is essentially the game controller. I hadn’t seen any amusment facilities pick them up until now so it will be interesting to see how they do outside of a gym.

Finally they have a game called Makoto – you stand in this area with up to two friends and there are these polls that have sensors which will light up and you’re supposed to hit it with a soft bat, competing for the high score. It’s an interesting game that I hadn’t seen before but in the brief appearance this game makes in the video below it looks like the sensors weren’t lighting up very fast.

With a refreshment area, golf simulator leagues, GLO Wii Bowling and a pretty cool environment at night they will easily reach their target market of college age kids. It would be cool if they got a couple of proper arcade machines   in there too but for now it certainly looks like they have enough to keep people quite entertained.

BTW – VirtualKade is located in Murray Kentucky.

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A look back at Virtuality

April 18, 2008

Remember those VR arcade machines that were supposed to revolutionize the way we played games? It sure would have been great if they could have truly lived up to the promises made but honestly I think that the technology was too far ahead of its time to really work out like is needed in an arcade. I do know someone that has a couple of these units with all the software released for the platform (they did come along a little farther graphically than what you see in the video below) but I haven’t had a chance to play these yet. Here is a video from the old Gamepro TV show (remember that, back at the height of Gamepro’s popularity ?) that showcases the Virtuality units on their “Cutting Edge” segment. Vide posted by user theepicjoe.

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