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Virtua Fighter Vs. Tekken? Namco is talking about it

April 14, 2009



Anyone familiar with fighters knows that some of the best games involve a crossover of two series of some sort. One of the most popular fighters out there today is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and there have been rumblings of a third installment coming along in that series; more recently we saw Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom and in the past we’ve seen SNK Vs. Capcom. But while Capcom has seemed to get all of the crossover love, there are two other series that might clash together if Tekken 6’s director gets his way : Virtua Fighter Vs. Tekken. Right off the bat I can see some problems with this – since the two games are very different so what style would would the game follow – VF or TK or something new competely? That is a very tough line to follow but if the fans want it, they just might get it. What are your thoughts on a possible VF Vs. TK game?

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Virtua Fighter Pachislot

October 26, 2007


This reminds me of the HOTD slot machine I saw at the ATEi this year. I don’t think I took a picture of it, but it was there, I swear.

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The granddaddy of 3D fighting games, Virtua Fighter, is getting its own pachislot (think pachinko meets slots) machine. Not surprising as SEGA Sammy Holdings is in the pachinko business. The machine isn’t set to hit Japanese pachinko parlors until this December. Until keep in mind that pachislots, just like Virtua Fighter, is all about timing — not to mention winning, too.

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