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Super Street Fighter IV on a VEWLIX cab

June 11, 2010

Let’s start this morning with a quick one. From the official Super Street Fighter IV Blog, an image of the upcoming arcade version of the game on a VEWLIX cabinet. The blog says “Ported at 100% full-scale development aims to start!” which I assume means that they’ve got the game fully ported to the Type X2 hardware and now they are going about making changes that will take a while to sort out for the winter release.

[Via AM-Net]

How about a homemade Vewlix tournament style cabinet?

April 17, 2009



If you really want to play something like Street Fighter IV in a proper arcade cabinet, you could buy the actual arcade unit or modify a standard Vewlix cabinet into something you could throw your consoles into or you could build your own Vewlix cabinet from scratch. While I doubt that many people will undertake the last option, it certainly is cool if you could manage to do so. And to help out, someone has created their own modified Vewlix cab, with two MadCatz arcade sticks and a good 32″ HDTV. They opted to use a PS3 to power the game although you could really throw whatever you wanted into it. The creator made the designs first in Google SketchUp 7 and then went to build his own – you can follow all of his progress by clicking the link below and you can even download his completed SketchUp files so that if you are willing and able to do such a thing yourself, you have the blueprints necessary to get started. 🙂

[Donovan Myers – Vewlix Tournament cabinet] [Discuss on the Forums]