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DDRX cabinets not all they are cracked up to be?

July 15, 2009


Konami’s most recent arcade release, DDRX is available for purchase and can be found at a number of locations around the US and Europe but how has the game held up to both fan expectations and scrutiny? I was contacted by Eddie Lehecka of and it appears that all is not well for DDRX as fans have found that the game is not living up to the hype created for it. Now they do not wish to see the game tank – these are dedicated fans of bemani gaming and in particular DDR and they would prefer to see the issues with the game addressed quickly so that support for the DDR name doesn’t wane with both hardcore and casual players in the market.

It’s not just the fact the game isn’t meeting expectations – there are some changes in the cabinet that are different than those advertised, such as the fact that the game uses USB ports as opposed to SD card slots, the floor sensors are very flawed, screen lag is a common complaint  and there are issues with the sound system on top of that as well. Of all the things that should not be a problem is the dance pad itself – if this doesn’t work correctly then the rest of the game will suffer no matter how well it has been programmed. But as Levar Burton is known to say, don’t take my word for – an extensive amount of fan backlash can be read at the links below, attesting to these problems.

Feedback from fans and general users regarding DDRX

A review of DDRX arcade written by a staff member and 10 year DDR player

I have personally seen the game once at ASI but I did not get to take a detailed look at the cabinet itself. If you have seen it and played the game extensively, what are your thoughts on it?

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