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The Middleman plays Gut Wrencher 1

August 13, 2008

Until I saw the post on Kotaku with their timed exclusive of this footage, I admit that I had never heard of the show called The Middleman. For one it’s on a network I never have a reason to watch and secondly now that I’m running my arcade I only catch late night TV if I’m in the mood for it. But from what I can tell about The Middleman is that it pays homage to plenty of nerdy things and in the case of the footage being discussed, the heroine’s favorite game is an ultra-bloody sidescrolling arcade game called Gut Wrencher 1 (which was made up for this show). I know several guys that would kill for a girlfriend as into video games as this girl is but in the meantime I guess you’ll have to settle for watching this until that special someone comes along (or just move on).

BTW- Sorry, I would embed the clip but WordPress only allows a very small number of video sites to have embedded material through their service and is not one of them.

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Pinball on TV

June 24, 2008

Stern has been on a roll lately. Indiana Jones seems to be doing well (it has been earning quite well at my place, I even had one person play it for 3 hours straight the other day) and they have more to come. On top of that they have been getting their name out there as is seen in this segment from the MSNBC Nightly News the other day.

Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t allow embedding from their site but you can click on the link below to watch the video in it’s entirety. It shows the new Indiana Jones and Shrek Pinball tables, some classic pins as they take a short look back at pinball and they even show Tokyo Drift when contrasting pinball to video games. Overall it’s a good video and as the one guy says towards the end, pinball is seeing a resurgence in popularity as of late, all Stern needs to do is keep it up (although hopefully they’ll have fewer releases like Wheel of Fortune and more like Indy).

[Keeping pinball games alive – MSNBC] [Discuss on the Forum]

Pinball is making the media rounds – coming soon to Modern Marvels

May 20, 2008

When I first saw the headline for this press release I thought that maybe Stern would be making a pin based upon Modern Marvels, which sent my head into thinking about how interesting that could be. I set myself up for something else though – as it turns out, the show Modern Marvels will instead be featuring the Stern Factory on an upcoming show that apparently will include other coin-operated games. We have been discussing the need for coin-op amusement to get itself more into the limelight lately and this is a good way to do just that. The episode will dedicate eight minutes to pinball and will air on July 25th @ 8PM and again at 12AM (in case you don’t have TiVO and missed it).

And before I get to the press release I just have to say, while I had been wondering at first about what a Modern Marvels pin would be like, I still think that one way Stern could attract a younger crowd to pinball would be to hook up with Microsoft and Bungie and create a Halo pinball game or hook up with Rockstar and create a GTA pin. Both of those games have instant hit written all over them if you ask me, the collectors alone will be all over them (well, unless they really suck – but that’s why Stern should buy the Pinball 2000 technology and bring that back to the scene and combining it with these games would make it easy to integrate some elements from these games into a pin), I’ve seen how some people get with their collectible Halo gear.

Anyways, back to the point, the Stern on Modern Marvels press release is after the jump. No mention of what games we’ll see but I’m willing to bet that it will include Indiana Jones Pinball at the factory.


Pinball segment on Good Morning America

January 22, 2008

As we reported last month, pinball had a brief moment in the spotlight last Friday on the US national news program Good Morning America. Here is that segment – the quality isn’t perfect but it lets you check it out in case you missed it.

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