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Flynn’s Arcade recreated at Comic-Con with a real Space Paranoids cabinet!

July 25, 2009


As part of the hype machine that Disney is creating for the new TRON: Legacy film, they reconstructed Flynn’s Arcade, with tons of retro coin-op machines and to my own personal excitement, a working Space Paranoids arcade machine. I have found two videos of the arcade and some footage of SP which you can watch below. Sadly, the arcade was only a temporary thing but it’s very cool that Disney did this to promote the movie. I have read however that they showed some movie footage at Comic-Con where Flynn’s Arcade actually plays a role in the film, so it is likely we will see more arcade related viral marketing.

As a note to arcade makers out there, if there are no plans for someone to actually release Space Paranoids to the public, then I really hope that someone does. I am quite sure that I am not the only arcade operator out there who would love to have a real Space Paranoids machine and with the existing Tron fanbase I imagine that there are a lot of Tron fans out there (many of which are arcade fans) who would go out of their way to find a Space Paranoids machine. I certainly would.

BTW- I do know of a PC Space Paranoids game that was made by Rogue Synapse – we posted about it a long time ago. From everything I have seen on this, this version at Flynn’s and the aforementioned PC game are different. From reports it sounds like the movement controls on the arcade version need some fine-tuning but I guess it won’t matter if the game is never released.

Space Paranoids

Now I wish I would have gone to Comic-Con

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