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Timezone FECs testing out a new design, hopes to set standard

April 16, 2009



As I have been working on a new arcade, my thoughts have turned towards developing a new theme. I liked the theme at my current arcade although admittedly it is lacking since I never finished it up properly. I meant to paint all of the walls with circuit board-like graphics and add more lighting but between the lack of time and where it appeared that I wouldn’t be at my current location for very long anyways, I began to loose the desire to really spend the necessary time I needed to to get it all done. That will change with the new place and one thing I like always seeing are different themes and designs that other arcades around the world use.

Timezone, which operates many FECs found throughout Indonesia and several different Southeast Asian countries is launching a new design that if it works out, may very well become the standard that all of their FECs follow. After looking at it, I wouldn’t be surprised to see other FECs around the world to try out similar designs or ideas. There is a lot to a theme – I think that in addition to the games you find in a place, the theme around you sets the mood that you are likely to feel while there. Timezone’s idea is to go with a futuristic look that you can see in more detail by clicking on the thumbnails below. A press release detailing the changes can be found after the post break.

timezone2 timezone3 timezone4 timezone5 timezone6 timezone7 timezone8

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