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Raw Thrills’ releases Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe

July 22, 2010

The other day I had mentioned in the Twitter feed that there was a new Terminator Salvation cabinet that was being made available for release, a 32″ cabinet with mounted guns. I had no idea that they had this in the works however, a Super Deluxe cabinet somewhat similar to the Big Buck Safari Super Deluxe machine but arguably far more impressive. What I was sent is a rendering but I imagine we’ll be seeing photos of the real thing very soon.

The MSRP on this is quite notable at $17,995.00 – considering that we have seen many games that are much smaller than this go for that same price, RT is certainly making smaller games at that price point look bad. This cabinet is available now and as to where you’ll likely find it, the local amusement park is probably a good place to start.

UPDATE: Found out that it has a 100″ projected screen. With a screen that size I almost wonder why they didn’t add two extra guns to the unit.

Raw Thrills' releases Terminator Salvation Super Deluxe

July 22, 2010

The other day I had mentioned in the Twitter feed that there was a new Terminator Salvation cabinet that was being made available for release, a 32″ cabinet with mounted guns. I had no idea that they had this in the works however, a Super Deluxe cabinet somewhat similar to the Big Buck Safari Super Deluxe machine but arguably far more impressive. What I was sent is a rendering but I imagine we’ll be seeing photos of the real thing very soon.

The MSRP on this is quite notable at $17,995.00 – considering that we have seen many games that are much smaller than this go for that same price, RT is certainly making smaller games at that price point look bad. This cabinet is available now and as to where you’ll likely find it, the local amusement park is probably a good place to start.

UPDATE: Found out that it has a 100″ projected screen. With a screen that size I almost wonder why they didn’t add two extra guns to the unit.

Video: Terminator Salvation Arcade

May 14, 2010

Since we have a lot of searches coming in over Terminator I figure I may as well share the videos I took of the game yesterday. As these are the first videos I have taken of the game while not being at a show (so no “jet engine” roar to worry about) I could spend some more time with the game. I’d love to be able to do the same with many other games I’ve seen at shows but so far I haven’t had any luck in that regard(best chance I’ll have is if my local distributor gets a new game on their show floor and I happen to have my camera with me when a new title is there). It helps that this is at my arcade, I was able to find a way to obtain one and in case anyone is curious to know how it’s been doing at a smaller, arcade-only location, it has done about $300 in the first week and I look forward to seeing how this does over this weekend since there is no holiday to compete with. I have placed the game online, so if you get a score high enough to get in the top 100 around the world, your initials along with the location are shown for all to see. There is even a location in the UK which has it, so CoinUp has expanded outside the US.One thing I forgot to mention in the videos is I am not sure if it was an intentional joke in the game or not but for some reason there are a few characters you watch get killed by the Terminators and then they show up in another chapter only to be mowed down again. I haven’t found any secrets in the game so far, come to think of it we should do some research into secrets and cheats for modern games as it doesn’t seem like those have been documented on many arcade games in the past few years. Anyways, onto the videos.

Part 1 (click here for the 1080p quality link)

Part 2 (click here for the 1080p quality link)

Reminders for releases this month: Terminator Salvation, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Pump It Up Pro 2 & Fiesta, Sega Racing Classic

March 20, 2010

This post is just a reminder of some new games that have come to arcades this month which you can be on the look-out for. In case you need a little help in finding an arcade near you, beyond looking in the Yellow pages we can also suggest and

First, Terminator Salvation by Raw Thrills’/Play Mechanix. We first broke the rumor that this would be coming to arcades about a year ago and the game is finally here. Some might be wondering why the game is coming out now when the movie it’s based upon also came out almost a year ago. The answer according to Raw Thrills’ – game refinement. I’m sure that everyone doesn’t mind having a better game by waiting a little longer and from what I have played, they certainly have fine-tuned the game quite well. The cabinet is very stylish and attention grabbing, the guns are pretty cool too with the clip reloading and the varying force feedback. Graphically it looks really good – I was surprised by the color they threw in there when you expect it to be nothing but drab post-apocalyptic stuff. I have been hearing a lot about how well this game is earning already so we’ll be keeping an eye on how it continues to do. Where it is an arcade exclusive (i.e. much different from the console versions of TS released last May) that helps too. [See the game in action!] [2nd video link, longer footage but older game build]

Another great arcade exclusive that is available now is Namco’s Tank! Tank! Tank! A spiritual successor to Tokyo Wars, this let’s you drive a tank around blasting either your friends in a free-for-all deathmatch or team up against hordes of monsters together. This is one of my personal favorites that is an original game which is a ton of fun to play. It features a vertical screen, graphics that are colorful and fluid, force feedback in the seat and steering wheel and Namco’s picture avatars. The bright yellow cabinet should be noticeable from a good distance. In case you are wondering why we had this listed as a release last year that is because we were under the impression that the game was to be released in December and didn’t find out until afterwards that it had been pushed back, apologies for that. [See the game in action!]

From Andamiro we had two new games that were released at Amusement Expo 2010, Pump It Up Fiesta!, which is an upgrade kit for PIU’s and Pump It Up Pro 2. PIU is a solid dance game series that has a loyal fan following and I heard nothing but praise from fans on the new modes that each game has as well as the song lists. The cabinets are attractive and the game looks like it’s fun to play although I do admit that out of all the games on this post, these two are ones I missed out on playing at the Expo. [See both games in action!]

Next is Sega Racing Classic by Sega. It’s a remake of the original Daytona USA minus the name and primary theme-song. It also features a nice new cabinet with a 720p screen and while we’ve been hearing that they will be offering these for cheap, I still haven’t been able to get a price on it yet. UPDATE: BMI is listing this for $6475. So much for it being priced “well below our other racers” as I was told at a trade show. I’m sorry but this pricing is WAY out of line for what this game is.  I have come to think of this as what a Daytona remake on XBLA or PSN would be like right now but with the price sitting in just a few hundred less than other racers out there, the ball has been dropped here. There may not be any surprises from what to expect on the game itself since it’s the same thing as the original Daytona with an HD resolution and a nicer cabinet to play on but that at least makes the game worth a play if you come across it. [See the game in action!]

I think that should cover it for what has come out this month to the US (I’ll need to double check on European availability) and as such I have moved all these games to the “Already Released” columns on our Arcade Releases 2010 list. It’s a pretty nice selection of new games to pick from this month, there’s something for everyone which I think is a good thing. If your favorite location doesn’t have one of these games and you want them to get it, let them know about it. Get out there and play!

Amusement Expo 2010: Raw Thrills/Betson, TrioTech booth

March 13, 2010

Here are several different booths for one post, hope you enjoy.

First is the Raw Thrills’/Betson booth. Many were distracted at this booth not so much by the game but by the scantily clad pole dancing booth babes at the adjacent Apple Industries booth.  I had to avoid filming that so the video isn’t flagged (and we need to stay focused here 😉 ). At the booth they had Terminator Salvation, H2Overdrive, Big Buck Hunter Open Season, and the new Wheel of Fortune video redemption game. Terminator was running what was likely to be the release software, which now sports cut scenes, voice acting and updated graphics from the IAAPA build. There was a surprise with H2Overdrive there – they now have 32″ H2Overdrive cabs that are intended for smaller locations and budgets. In addition to the smaller screen it also lacks some of the LED attract lights on the back but it’s still a nice cabinet. These will likely run $700-$800 below the deluxe versions. Also for a new product was Wheel of Fortune. While it’s a video redemption title, think of Deal or No Deal (which also has a street version that dispense different kinds of tickets for locations that can’t take redemption tickets) in where they are going with this. The game has a spinner controller for spinning the big wheel and an HD touch screen for selecting letters.

Here is something I missed from IAAPA by TrioTech – the new Stomper DLX. It’s a modified version of their UFO Stomper that can fit into more venues that it’s predecessor could. The system works out in the same way by detecting the players foot movements and it includes a variety of mini-games they can play. I’m not sure what the price is on this one but it certainly is in a lower realm than UFO Stomper was.

Terminator Salvation now sampling; H2Overdrive sees first player to reach Fleet Admiral rank

February 19, 2010

Here’s some news out of the Raw Thrills’ camp today, with two press releases on two separate products.

First off Terminator Salvation will be shipping out in limited quantities to certain locations with the game hitting full production in March. The reported test location earnings have been quite good (between $983 and $805 a week at one US theater; $1395 1 week at a Japanese arcade, etc). These earnings which were released to distributors caused a “fury of sales orders” for the game worldwide; it also is at AOU 2010. As far as the sampling goes, I have heard of two places that are getting the game in my state prior to the full release, I imagine that such is the case in other places as well so if you’re looking to play the game, you might get lucky and find one within this next week.

Also H2Overdrive, which was released last summer is still making news, with a player in Texas achieving a rank in the game that so far, no one else has managed, Fleet Admiral. The reason why this is news is that it takes between $500-$600 of money spent on the game to reach this rank. It certainly helps that H2Overdrive is arcade exclusive but this also is testifies to the replay value of the game. Betson is also reporting that the game has sold almost 2000 units since last June, which is pretty solid for video in coin-op.


EAG 2010: Show report

January 30, 2010

It’s funny how some memories stick, isn’t it? I had only been to the ExCel Centre in London once before dropping in at the EAG show on Wednesday, for the consumer gaming event GameStars Live in 2004. Somehow though, five and a half years from that event, I was able to perfectly remember the layout of the Custom House DLR station that serves the venue, as well as the vast hallway leading into the main exhibition hall. As it turns out, familiarity would be the key theme which ran through the day.

Wandering around the new show, it seemed very much like the ATEI show I attended last year. Of course, there was no accompanying media registration panic this time, and not having to deal with two areas split across the upper level of Earl’s Court was nice. Getting in was a simple process (though this may have something to do with my late entry), and the staff on hand were nice and helpful. The organisational aspect of the show, given that it was running for the first year, was fine and left me free to use my short time  at the show well.

The striking thing about EAG 2010 is that the exhibitors were, by and large, fairly conservative in their offerings. The standard genres were well-represented: shooting, driving and music games all maintained their popularity, and redemption games were everywhere as usual. However, the commotion caused by fighting games at ATEI in the past (Tekken 6 in 2008, and Street Fighter IV in 2009) was absent, and manufacturers seemed to focus on widening the market for their tried and true hits. Even where unusual ideas were present, such as Giant Tetris, Go Go Grand Prix, and The BishiBashi, an element of familiarity was retained in order to reduce risks – perhaps an effect of the economic situation, which has only grown worse since last year.

All that having been said, the financial pressure ensured that the exhibitors at EAG were fielding a strong line-up of games for 2010, with the best of the last couple of years on show as well as the games which will be taking companies forward. And, having compiled a 1700-word monster report on the show, you’ll need to hit the post break for the detailed EAG rundown!


IAAPA 2009 videos – Sega Racing Classic, Terminator Salvation, Tank! Tank! Tank!

November 21, 2009

Youtube just didn’t want to upload my videos this afternoon but after some persistence, I am finally getting them put up there. In total I have 20 videos to put up so I won’t be finishing it tonight but rest assured that as long as Youtube doesn’t suck tomorrow then I should get them all up by then. I apologize for some of the cracking in a few videos, that’s not something I noticed until I had already filmed most of these and some of it was due to the loud ambient noise.

First off, Sega Racing Classic. What I like: The cabinet and the sound. If you still are fine playing the original Daytona in arcades then this shouldn’t disappoint. What I don’t like: I heard that this is just running modified Daytona code under emulation and while the higher resolution is nice, the game still looks very aged. I’m in the boat that a majority of 3D games don’t age well and next to some sleek racer it’s going to show. It also stinks that they couldn’t add more tracks to the game. Anything else: Price. Sega wasn’t revealing what the price is other than to say it would not be priced at the same level as a normal racer. After some thought I can see why they are taking this route as opposed to giving us a brand new Daytona – look at how incredibly well these re-releases do on services like XBLA. Also older games like Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga are sold new by Namco and you could put this into the same category. Still, I think that a new Daytona (or Sega Racing Classic 2 as it will have to be) would do really well, judging by the response that SRC first received. Overall: Unless they are $2000 a cab (I won’t keep my hopes up) I would pass on this for my arcade. But I do not have a Daytona sitting in my location already; there also are a lot of choices for racers and I can’t say that I’m wanting to just get all the racers I could, so take that for what it’s worth.

Terminator Salvation. What I like: There was little to nitpick about this one, I liked everything about it. Graphically it fits right into the post-apocalyptic theme with just enough shine to look nice but not too much to hurt your retinas. There are a lot of robots to shoot and the game keeps the pace moving along steadily. The clip reloading feature is a nice touch that you get the hang of quickly and the force feedback is balanced well. The levels take a little bit of time to get through, which is also good in my book because there a couple of light-gun games I can think of where it seems like the levels blow by too fast. The cabinet has many details to it and the Terminator topper is just plain awesome. It plays just as well in single player as it does with two players although competing for your rank and score at the end of a mission can be fun. What I didn’t like: Not much really, the only thing I can think of is the secondary weapon button which launches your grenades. As your hand is over the clip most of the time, the grenade button can seem far away when you need it fast but where you have a 60 bullet clip, it’s usually not an issue(I suppose you could say that it’s part of the challenge balance).  Anything else: Where this is not the final build of the game they are bound to change a few things. It would be nice if there was another weapon power-up or two to add but honestly this game is on the right track to be a big hit as it’s a ton of fun and you don’t have to care about the movie at all to enjoy this. Overall: I would get this for my arcade in a heartbeat. I played it multiple times and enjoyed it every time. People will gravitate towards it based on the license alone and beyond that it’s a solid game with replay value.

Tank! Tank! Tank! What I like: I could say that I like this simply because it’s not a racer but there’s much more to it than that. It was designed as a party battle game and it is simply fun, no matter which play mode you choose. A free-for-all or team battle is slightly more fun than the “quest” but I do wonder how it would hold up with just two units as opposed to four. The avatar feature can be hilarious if you play around with it; the force feedback is excellent and quite accurate as well. It’s being billed as having motion (there is even a motion shut off button) but it feels more like in-depth feedback since the motion base doesn’t move side to side (and I’m glad it doesn’t. These motion games where you are a car on a flat street and they tilt you sideways just don’t get it). Everything can be destroyed in the levels and as your enemies fall they will drop a number of power-ups to use. The only one I didn’t like after a while was the squirt gun as it’s more of a stun weapon to be used in team play than a frontal assault cannon. At the end of the day I suppose I’m more into the highly destructive stock than in the more strategic weapons.  What I didn’t like: Other than the squirt gun thing I can only think of something from a small operator perspective and that’s the price. Now I understand that this isn’t going to be a $5000 game or anything (especially since you get two units in one and you have the motion) and it’s actually a little cheaper than some of Namco’s other dual game offerings which in the past have come close to $20,000.  Anything else: I forgot to ask this question but I hope that this one stays arcade exclusive for a long, long time (or forever, like Tokyo Wars).    Overall: I would get this for my arcade in a heartbeat as well. I also played this several times and I think I hogged my unit once or twice so I could stay on longer. Players will enjoy the sheer destruction that you can wreak throughout the game and with co-op and competitive modes it has covered the important bases.

That is all I am able to get to tonight but as promised, I will start uploading more videos tomorrow as soon as I can.

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Pics from IAAPA 2009 (Part 1)

November 20, 2009


Well I’m back from IAAPA 2009 and it was an excellent show. I had always heard how large it was but you have to see it (and walk it) to believe it. I am going to start off with some picture updates here since that is a bit easier to get up and later I will be uploading videos to my Youtube channel. I took more video than any of the other shows I’ve been to which in part is due to the amount of content I found there.

Here we go – because this post is going to be quite large when I’m finished with it, I am going to put everything after the post break. Click on the images to see them full-size. Games to look for below: Cooking Mama, Tank! Tank! Tank!, Dead Storm Pirates, Terminator Salvation, Big Buck Hunter Open Season, Sega Racing Classic, Hummer and more.


Arcade Heroes Week-in-Review Podcast Ep. 2 – Terminator Salvation, console ports, new Sega hardware rumor, Robo-Basho loc test and more

June 22, 2009

Another week has passed and here is another podcast reviewing what went on throughout the week but discussing the topics in more detail where possible. On top of several topics which you have arleady read about, from to Terminator Salvation on location test, I also discuss a new rumor regarding the next piece of arcade hardware after Ringedge that I have heard about and I also detail the current location test of a robotic coin-op game that we have discussed before known as Robo-Basho.

Click here to download the podcast!

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