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Sports Run by Belrare/Tecway Developments

August 5, 2010

The makers of games like Pop Moto, Magic DJ and Happy Balance Ball have another game to grace the market with called Sports Run. As you can see above, the control scheme used is a direct take from Sega’s Giant Tetris, even down to the differing heights in the joysticks. I’m not sure if that’s a patented technology or not but for now we’ll assume that Sega can

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feel flattered by this. As for the game itself, the online translators aren’t much help but we can glean plenty from the images and a small video on the Tecway website which you can see here. There are several characters to pick from and sporting  events to choose including the long jump, archery, track run, shot put, and tug of war. At least they have an original game to offer, something that taps into the competitive party game genre that is still lacking considerably in modern arcades.

There is a good chance that there is an English version of this that Tecway/Belrare will have available for an international release. I say this as they brought all of their other products over to IAAPA last year and I expect to see this at the Tecway booth at this years IAAPA too.

Sources: Sports Run @ Tecway / Belrare site

Pics from the show floor of DEAL 2010

May 14, 2010

Newsfeed 802 via

While most of the attention towards expos has been going towards GTI lately, there was another expo that took place recently in Dubai that involved amusement products and that was the Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure show or DEAL 2010 for short. Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report had the opportunity to go there and check everything out, so let’s take a look.


A rundown of the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010

May 8, 2010

After almost a week of waiting, we finally have a more in-depth look at what went on at the GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010 in Taiwan this past weekend. To show us what was there, Youtube user HawTian posted three videos but unfortunately they are nauseating slideshows that zip along with a picture a second. To save you the trouble, I watched through the videos a couple of times and wrote down when you can find the different arcade games for each title, so you can pause the video, let it load and then scroll to what you want to see. If some better videos come along then I’ll either update this post or make a new one, depending upon the content. Videos and more embedded after the break


GTI Expo 2008 round up with many new games and SF2 the casino game

May 16, 2008

Sega was not the only company to have an arcade show recently, as the Game Time International Expo 2008 kicked off in Taiwan last week. Thanks to forum user Molloy, he provided us a link to a thread on that featured some pics from the show from a user there named kenji. As always if you want to see the full image, just click on the thumbnails below.

One game that I was particularly interested in was Power Boat by IMOtion. They had a video of the game at ASI (which I have been trying to get a hold of since March) and it definently has changed since then – the cabinet is different and I know that they were working on tweaking the gameplay a little more to make it like HydroThunder. I’m not sure when this will come out but a modern HydroThunder-llike game with a motion base cabinet will probably do well in arcades. Is it me or do these look a little like RaceTV cabinets? Also they have made a new cabinet for Panzer Elite Action. I hope to have some more on Power Boat here shortly.

IGS was there in force, showing off games that I’d love to see them release through American Alpha, their US branch but most likely I’d have to import these games. They had the scrolling fighter Oriental Legend 2 there and Pirate Revenge which we’ve mentioned before. Also Speed Driver 2 was there, one of the few IGS games to use full 3D.

More after the post break including the Street Fighter 2 the Casino game!