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Step over motion controls: Play pinball with your mind!

June 11, 2009


While the gaming world has begun to become swept up in the euphoria of motion controlled video games, one team of researchers in Germany have been hard at work on a new type of control interface that allows a person to play a game with their mind. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the concept of using a player’s mind to control gameplay (see Atari’s never-released Mindlink controller) but in this case, this new interface allows you to play a pinball machine!

It’s still a long time before you can expect to see these sort of devices popping up on actual pinball machines or any other video game for that matter but it’s an interesting step in such a direction. According to the article it takes roughly ten to thirty minutes of dry runs before the player can get it to work – they have to wear a not-so-fashionable cap with electrodes in it and think about moving their arms. But once the player gets the hang of it, they can play a game of Addams Family pinball using only their mind. For a look at this gadget, click here for a video.

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The Immersive Cocoon and thoughts on other technologies arcades can use

September 18, 2008

The Stinger Report pointed us to a very interesting article about the future of computers and how we will interact with them via the Immersive Cocoon – think a possible prototype to Star Trek’s Holodeck that uses motion sensors to track your movement and how you interact with the presentation. Of course I feel obliged to point out how arcades have been the incubators of such an idea, first with the cockpit cabinets, then simulator machines and most recently with two games that use dome screens in combination with a mech game for the ultimate mech game simulators (such as the BattleTech Arcade title and Namco’s GUNDAM Pod game); and of course there has been plenty of motion capturing from games that detect your movements (Police Trainer 911 or Para Para Paradise) to entire chambers that do the same thing for a fighter. Obviously the arcade industry has been a part of the frontlines in innovating this technology so we know that eventually these technologies will find their way into other industries as well.

Of course this Cocoon chamber is being aimed at home use at one point in time but naturally costs will probably prohibit such a thing for a long time and I could see arcades using this technology at one point in time (again, once it hits a certain price point – it has to be affordable for operators too). And cost is probably the primary road block when it comes to introducing new technologies to any field, especially to the public. Here are some of my thoughts about other technologies that could be used in arcades, from motion tracking to holograms to ray-tracing:


Post-Edinburgh Interactive Festival Report

August 22, 2008

Previously we have discussed the Edinburgh Interactive Festival and how our friend Kevin Williams was going to present a seminar about the amusement industry to that show and now we have the details. He displayed a number of new games to delegates at the convention, and showed off technology such as the Gundam game from Namco that uses the dome screen and Konami’s latest efforts such as Action Cop, Jubeat and DDRX. I have seen the Poker Tek game mentioned in the release (and show in the picture with Kevin there on the right) and it appears that it caught some good attention at the show. Get the full details (with more pictures) from the press release after the jump: