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Super Street Fighter IV arcade listed for sale at the end of August UPDATE: Make that October

May 12, 2010

While I had thought that the impending release of Super Street Fighter IV in arcades would be happening in the winter of this year(the always reliable AM-Net lists it as such), importer has listed both the cabinet and the kits for SSFIV as becoming available on August 31st, 2010. I won’t bore you with details on what SSFIV adds to the original game as you can already find that out there since the game is available on consoles but COE adds this: “The Windows version of Street Fighter IV includes all the features found in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, plus some extras, which Capcom representatives say could make it “the definitive version” of the game.”

I assume that they are calling it the Windows version as Taito’s Type X2 hardware is a PC. No official version of SSFIV has been announced for PCs that I know of and the only way to make a fighter definitive is to put it on an arcade machine so I will hope for now that Capcom will actually reward arcade players for their patience in this case with extra content. COE also states under products details that the cabinet version handles one or two players, which I greatly hope means that Capcom has pulled their heads out of their rear ends and will give operators a chance to get a two player version of the game without having to invest in two expensive cabinets as opposed to one.

UPDATE: Not long after we posted this Coinopexpress changed the date to October 31st, putting it closer to AM Net’s winter timetable. They also changed a few things in the description, such as changing it from “Windows” version to the arcade version and removing the language about the arcade version being the definitive version of the game. Hmm…

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Super Street Fighter 4 will get an arcade release UPDATED

April 4, 2010

(console version cover art)


A couple of weeks ago we reported that Capcom would bring out Super Street Fighter IV (which had previously been announced as a console-only title) to arcades if the fans demanded it – and demanded it they have as SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono announced that SSFIV would get an arcade release at the Japanese National SFIV tournament this year.

Chances of it getting an “official” release outside of Japan are pretty low but as long as operators can import the title then it’s certain that a few will take the plunge despite that. As for the price, none has been announced but I’m pessimistically guessing that it won’t be reasonable, as we saw with SFIV. They could always pleasantly surprise us and release it at a point where we see other fighters out of Japan (say a kit in the $2000USD range) and offer a version that lets two players use one cabinet (making it much more attractive to locations that need to consider space and costs). We do have to applaud the fans for being vocal enough about this to convince Capcom that it would be worth a release as it just seems out of place to have a major Street Fighter release not grace the arcade.

UPDATE: When it comes to a release date, AM-Net is listing the game as a “Winter 2010” release. No price is listed yet but we’ll keep an eye on it. Sometimes it’s helpful to look at Capcom’s competition in this arena as another fighter game we mentioned recently does have a release date and price and I wonder if this game had anything to do with Capcom’s decision. King of Fighters XIII will be released in July as a full unit and August as a kit (the HDD is listing for 198,000¥ which currently = 2095.90USD, the full kit about $1000 more). I also found it interesting that AM-Net says that Konami Digital Entertainment has something to do with KOFXIII. We’ll have to wait and see if Capcom tries to compete with other current arcade fighters in price and adds some arcade exclusive content to the game which will be coming out some months after the console version of SSFIV.

I should also point out that in case you don’t care about it being an arcade specific version of the game, there is always the Game Gate VU which let’s you legally put console games into a coin-op kiosk.  This received a bit of attention since Amusement Expo so I do wonder if there will be any operators who prefer this over waiting and paying on a full SSFIV arcade machine. You can throw standard coin-op controls into this so would that be good enough for some arcade SF fans?

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Want Super Street Fighter IV in arcades? Let Capcom know about it!

March 18, 2010

This comes to us from an interview with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono by Shack News and brought to our attention by The Stinger Report. Street Fighter fans should find this interesting:

“” Shack: Since there’s no planned arcade version for Super Street Fighter IV, do you think the future of SFIV is geared toward American and European audiences beacuse they are more console-based players? Do you hope to convert Japanese players into console players?

Yoshinori Ono: (I have removed a little part here-Adam)
For me personally, Street Fighter is an arcade game. It always has been. I’d love to do an arcade version, but the company is focusing more on console games right now, so [an arcade version of Super] didn’t reallypan out. That said, if there are people out there that want to see an arcade version, by all means, be vocal about it and let us know.

…If you know any arcade collectors or operators in the US, please tell them to write us letters saying they will buy 100 machines.

Emphasis mine there. This obviously confirms that at the moment there is no planned arcade release for the update to Street Fighter IV in arcades but as Mr. Ono himself stated, if arcade players are vocal enough about it, then we could see one. I am looking into getting some proper contact information for this but if you the players or operators really want this, the best bet is to flood Capcom with requests via their websites. Mr. Ono continued in the interview after that to discuss the US arcade market and his discussion of how they would expect a couple hundred arcades to go with it although they would prefer thousands of orders

I think getting thousands of orders, or even hundreds of SSFIV orders is not an impossible task but it certainly is difficult for a couple of reasons:

First of all price. When Capcom first showed SFIV for arcades everything was great until we found out that you had to buy two cabinets if you wanted a 2p experience and they wanted about $10,000 for each. some places had to place a minimum order of four machines. When Capcom was shopping for interest in distributing the game in the US it’s not surprising that they were pretty much shot down as very few venues have both the interest and money to invest in that. Obviously there were some locations that did but to sell the number of units that Capcom thinks it should sell, they needed to change their pricing strategy to really move units. If they could create a version where it’s 2 people on one cabinet(which makes the game enticing to smaller venues, which shouldn’t be ignored) and for a price well below $10k then we are talking but my hopes aren’t high on that unless they have learned a good lesson. I personally cannot think out a reason why if they did a SSFIV release that “development costs” should all be shoveled onto the arcade when in reality, the console release will cover that nicely.

Next is you have to convince us operators that the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV will have enough to pull player interest away from their consoles. I know that interest is out there to a degree, as I’ve had people coming in expressing interest in an arcade version of SFIV even after the console release and some people do see the advantage of playing against someone at an arcade as opposed to over the internet (yes there are those who would rather do the latter, I know). Will the arcade version get any nice extras since we are paying a heck of a lot more for the game that can be purchased in a home form too along with nice arcade sticks?

BTW, Mr. Ono also mentions wanting to do a new Darkstalkers so we’ll have to see where they go with that one.

More info on the future of Super Street Fighter IV for arcades

October 22, 2009


Today Kotaku had a post regarding the possibility of the new Super Street Fighter IV getting an arcade release, stating how it would be easy to do so, if they really wanted to do it. Arcade industry consultant and AH contributor Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report enlightens us with some extra details on what is going on behind the scenes regarding this issue.


Super Street Fighter IV *might* get an arcade release

October 3, 2009


Oh boy, here we go. I for one will not be putting a lot of faith into Capcom for this until we see it. For more perspectives, AH contributors Kevin Williams and Aaron Auzins weigh in on the possibilities, after the jump