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Guest post: Capcom Turns Console Gamers To Arcade Releases With Release Of Super Street Fighter IV Cabinet

September 7, 2010

Today we have a guest post to share with you by James Mowery. He takes a look at the effects the upcoming Super Street Fighter IV Arcade can have on the scene. Continue on the link below to read James’ take on Capcom’s next big arcade release


Article: The Player — Japanese Queuing for Arcade!

August 16, 2010

Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report has penned a new article just for us and this one takes a look at the growing interest in the amusement sector in Japan, despite the doom and gloom that had been shopped around a couple of years ago when some companies had begun closing some locations there. Entitled “The Player — Japanese Queuing for Arcade!”, it takes a look at games that are getting players to stand in line, sometimes for an hour or more, to have their chance to try out the latest arcade titles. Click the link below to continue


Super Street Fighter IV Arcade on location test

August 6, 2010

Newsfeed 895 via

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade is out testing and has pictures to prove it. The article mentions some fine tuning in the game with the health but beyond that there isn’t much else to report. Too bad they don’t try it out the Darius Burst cabinet since they insist on using the dual cabinet setup. Now THAT would really help set SSFIV apart from it’s console counterparts.

As for a release, the other day ArcadeUFO (a well-known arcade in Austin TX) stated that Super Street Fighter IV Arcade is confirmed for a December release and that they will be getting the game.

Visit for the full spread.

Fighterpalooza: Super Street Fighter IV loctest vids; Street Fighter X Tekken shuns arcades (for now)

July 25, 2010

Newsfeed 882 & 883 via

Plenty of Street Fighter news has come along. First, videos showing Super Street Fighter IV Arcade are online (via Versuscity). Andriasang also has a pic showing some extra character slots on the arcade version indicating more characters to be revealed soon. In further Street Fighter related news, I am sure that you have heard by now that Street Fighter X Tekken has been announced, with a Tekken X Street Fighter coming down the road – unfortunately there is no indication of an arcade version in the works for either game at this time. But who knows, maybe with Namco getting in on this, they will get around to doing the same thing with that rumored Virtua Fighter X Tekken game and maybe we’ll get an arcade version there. It stinks that arcade exclusive fighters have become incredibly rare but that’s the nature of the market we live in today. At least we know that the upcoming Dark Presence should be hanging out just in arcades for a while, we should have more on that shortly.

One Super Street Fighter IV location test down, at least two more to go

July 23, 2010

Newsfeed 879 via

There really isn’t anything new to report on the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV after it’s most recent location test but at least some in Japan have had a chance to play it now. That and we know that the arcade version will be getting new characters but I’m sure the cries of anguish from the console players will have Capcom rectifying that soon after the arcade release. The pic above actually reminds me from a stage from the old, mostly forgotten fighter Primal Rage but I digress. Two more Japanese location tests are planned over the next two weeks.

For more pics and a little info on the game’s card system hit up Dengeki Online.

SSFIV news for the day

July 5, 2010

Newsfeed 857 via

In case anyone was wondering how Super Street Fighter IV came to be considered for an arcade release, Kotaku has a few minor details on that. It’s nothing mind blowing so I’m not really sure if this warrants a post all by itself but plenty of people are interested in the game and it’s nice to read about how the game’s producer was lobbying for an arcade release. Kotaku is wrong about that being the first picture of SSFIV running on an arcade cabinet, we already saw one almost a month ago, making the picture above the second known pic (not that it really matters). Unfortunately Capcom still seems to think that one player per cabinet on a game already released on consoles is a brilliant idea suitable to the thousands of locations they are targeting.  Not that it can’t be done, arcades still sell in the thousands of units but I have my doubts on this setup judging by what took place the first time around. It might look cool to have two or four machines running the game but I still contest that they are limiting their potential sales by pursuing the idea.

Super Street Fighter IV on a VEWLIX cab

June 11, 2010

Let’s start this morning with a quick one. From the official Super Street Fighter IV Blog, an image of the upcoming arcade version of the game on a VEWLIX cabinet. The blog says “Ported at 100% full-scale development aims to start!” which I assume means that they’ve got the game fully ported to the Type X2 hardware and now they are going about making changes that will take a while to sort out for the winter release.

[Via AM-Net]