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Update on Sega Rally Arcade – not cancelled

April 10, 2008

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Despite the closure of the Sega studio in charge of creating racing titles for consoles, this title is still on track and is going through testing. To prove it, here are some photos from a testing unit setup just today. Also to further clear it up, this will be Sega Rally 3 and the testing units all have Super Challenge written on the marquees.  Let’s hope that this game tests well so it will see a general release.

Edit: This has not been confirmed by Sega, our tipster would like to point out he doesn’t work for them. It was just the way it was written that it sounded like it was someone that worked for Sega, our mistake.

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Sega testing new Sega Rally racer in UK arcades?

February 29, 2008

superchallenge.jpg[Thanks to tipster JimmyB!]

A poster at the NTSC-UK forums found something interesting when they dropped by a place known as the Birmingham Five Ways Bowlplex. While the poster went there to play 2Spicy, he stumbled upon a new arcade game there called Super Challenge but when he saw the game itself it was actually Sega Rally Revo, a racing game that came out nearly a year ago on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. While this poster was playing, three people were constantly observing him, one even ran up behind the machine with a keyboard to do something. And unlike Revo, the options, cars and tracks were quite limited, as they would be on a standard location test.

When I first was reading about this I wondered if the system was one of those new cabinets that some companies have been developing that just stick a 360 in a fancy arcade cabinet (the legality of which is in question if the unit is used for commercial use) but as I read the player’s report, it looks like this is the real thing – the cabinet appears to be of professional quality but one other thing is nagging me about this. In addition to no Sega logo on the cabinet, I’m left wondering why Sega did not bring this to ATEI a month ago if it is something they are working on? Or have they licensed the game to someone else to launch (which would be unusual on their part)? We’ll just have to wait and find out for sure but if it is an actual release it sounds like it’s a lot of fun as the poster who played this described the feedback system as such:

I’ve played a number of racers with arcade rigs, I’ve never played one with as mad feedback as this. I kept thinking that “Shit…i better not **** up my back on this thing!” but I was fine.

Read the full impressions.

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