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Adventureland premiering at the Sundance Film Festival

January 17, 2009



The one of the several things I can enjoy about the Sundance Film Festival currently going on in Park City Utah is that it’s close by to me. Unfortunately, I missed the last arcade related film shown at the festival (which I think was the King of Kong) but if I am lucky, I will get a chance to go up and see Adventureland, a coming of age film where a recent college grad gets a low paying job at an amusement park. It’s based upon the real-life experiences of the writer/director of the movie, Greg Mattola (director of Superbad) and it premieres in a few days. I have a friend up at the festival right now and he’s going to find out when it premieres so perhaps I’ll be able to post a review of the film on here in a few days.

To find out more, along with a preview clip showing some sweet 80’s games, hit the link below.

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