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GlobalVR teams up with Sprint to offer custom NASCAR arcades for NASCAR events

March 3, 2010


When I first played GlobalVR’s NASCAR a few years ago, I figured that it would only be a matter of time before the cabinets would somehow find their way into NASCAR venues and now it has finally happened. GlobalVR has teamed up with the JHE Production Group for the  2010 Sprint Experience. The Sprint Experience is a 14,400 sq. ft. interactive NASCAR-themed display that is dominated by eight custom NASCAR motion deluxe game cabinets which are housed in a special trailer. Looking closely at the picture above, I believe that they are using the mini-deluxe cabinets that were introduced with Twisted last year.

From the press release it sounds like the setup was a big hit and where they will continue to show this off through the season, I’m sure it will continue to be such a hit. No word on whether they will be offering the game in the online edition, although with eight linked units located in a venue that is bound to attract many fans to the display, that is probably unnecessary.

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