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KOFXIII gets a release date

June 23, 2010

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King of Fighters fans mark your calendars. It has been announced that the latest installment of the game will be released on July 14, 2010. They are already scheduling tournaments in Japan for the game, I wonder how widespread imports will be to the US and Europe. Will the game manage to overcome some of the mediocre reception that KOFXII had? I’m sure that the inclusion of player favorite Mai will go a long way towards that, otherwise we’ll just have to wait and see. It will probably have a console release by the end of the year if they follow the pattern most fighters follow these days but perhaps we can hope for a decent period between the releases.

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KOF Versus Festival previews King of Fighters XIII

May 16, 2010

Earlier this month, a large Japanese King of Fighters tournament was held, taking in classics such as KOF2002UM and KOF98. However, the big point of attraction was a special preview tournament for the upcoming King of Fighters XIII! Top players were given the chance to battle it out on the latest entry in SNK’s classic series. Check out a video of the finals below!

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King of Fighters XIII official site updated detailing characters, story, moves and more

March 30, 2010

(Thanks to Aaron Auzins for the info)

In case you are eagerly anticipating the arrival of SNK’s next installment of the King of Fighters series then you’ll be happy to know that the official site for the game has now been updated with quite a bit of information. Details range from the storyline, most of the character roster (one cool thing about this is that it shows the characters in animation as they will probably appear in the game), move sets and even videos. According to Aaron:

…the mechanics involve the typical system with the standard SNK commands of dashing, backstepping and the like with KoF’s four-button scheme while
detailing throw escapes, guard cancels, usage of the power gauge, EX special maneuvers (w/video at and a hyperdrive mode that allows for some pretty tricky combos (w/video at

Hopefully these features as well as the nice character roster (which will feature 31 different fighters at least) will be enough to propel this game above what KOF12 was in the eyes of many fans. Also as a sidenote, the next location test for the game will be showing off a version that is 90% complete, according to this site

[King of Fighters XIII – Official Japanese site]

King of Fighters XIII unveiled

March 25, 2010

SNK Playmore had been teasing a preview for the latest KOF for a little while now and today was the day they finally showed the game off in Japan. Fans who missed Mai last time will be happy to know that she is back (she’s on the main page for the KOFXIII site which is where the image above came from) and the game is already confirmed to be showing up at the next Arcadia Cup Tournament in Japan. AM-Net has a number of pics but at the moment it seems that their server is being overwhelmed so you may or may not see the pics. I was able to get a couple of them which you can see below, click to enlarge. Kotaku Japan has some shaky cam footage of the preview event though if you can’t wait.

KOFXIII is scheduled for a release in arcades this summer with a console version coming in a little too quickly after that (we had heard this summer but with the arcade getting pushed back, they are either launching both at the same time or the console release will be pushed back as well). I suppose the console release can help broaden awareness of the game amongst fighter fans and bring them in for tournaments if you have a large KOF fanbase in the area but operators are not quick to forget what happened with Tekken 5 where the console release came out a couple of months after the arcade and plays on the arcade dropped badly. If you don’t have that solid arcade playing fanbase then it’s hard to warrant spending all the cash on the arcade, unless you already have a GameGate of course.

UPDATE: The AM-Net Blog has added some videos of the event! the audio isn’t great but at least you can see the game in action. Graphically the game is fluid 2D just like KOFXII.

One more UPDATE: Famitsu has a bunch of details on how the game plays, mechanics that make it different from or similar to other KOF titles.  Apparently, infinite combos are possible in the game.

SNK Opens a virtual NEOGEO museum

February 27, 2010


If you were ever curious as to how the NeoGeo MVS ans AES hardware came to be and what impact they had on the video game industry, then SNK Playmore has a new site which details just that. You can read through an article that was published in Arcadia Magazine detailing the history of the hardware, browse through all of the title names (a setup like has would be more useful however), look at published ads and buy those NEOGEO T-Shirts we talked about not long ago. Imagine if they decided to do a special version of KOFXIII for the MVS, I am sure that would turn some heads. 🙂

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Video of Samurai Spirits Sen @ GDC08

July 4, 2008

For as many things as we are able to find out about arcades around the net, sometimes a game or announcement slips under our radar. Fortunately it’s not for forever so you’ll have to forgive us that we bringing this up now but below is a video taken from GDC’08 of the upcoming 3D rendition of Samurai Spirits Sen (or Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny) for arcades. Come to think of it, I believe that we mentioned this one back in February but I admit that I forgot about it until today. It looks bloody awesome (literally) but obviously it is only for venues that can carry red labeled games due to it’s graphic content. I’m not sure when it is supposed to be released or in what regions exactly but where it was shown at GDC, I hope that it would be on the table for an international release this year. The game uses the Taito TypeX2 hardware but whether or not it will live up to the name (as the last effort that this game made into 3D was shunned by many) remains to be seen. Also tacked on is a second video that was on Gametrailers from about the same time as the first. I’ve been so used to sites like GT rarely carrying something arcade related (unless it’s SFIV) that I stopped checking (I used to check it for console stuff but it’s been a while as I just don’t have the time for consoles right now).

Video 1 (user: fabiosantana1)

Video 2 (Longer than the first, user: zakuzaft)

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King Of Fighter XII @ AOU 2008?

February 5, 2008

Yet another game that we can look forward to seeing more of at AOU 2008 (Hopefully). As if Street Fighter wasn’t enough! You won’t hear me complaining though. Fingers crossed.

[via Arcade Renaissance]

AM-nethas updated its game profile for King of Fighters XII to include a presence at the AOU 2008 show later in February. Based on the information provided, it appears that the game won’t be seen in a playable form, but rather in a video presentation similar to how it was previously shown off at AOU 2007. SNK Playmore already has a fairly strong 2008 line-up consisting of its return to a 3D Samurai Spirits, King of Fighters Maximum Impact Regulation A2, and King of Fighters ’98, so whether or not King of Fighters XII is being planned for a 2008 is questionable at this point. It seems that 2009 may be a bit more in check with the company’s plans for the arcade industry.

Hopefully at AOU 2008 we’ll get at least a better idea of what we can expect from King of Fighters XII. Though I would love to see some in game video, I’m thinking that more than likely its probably going to be a teaser of sorts (hopefully better than the logo teaser we’ve previously seen).

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Samurai Spirits Teaser Site

December 14, 2007


Back in Octoboer we reported about another fighter in the ‘Samurai’ series of games fron SNK that was in testing – it looks like another test is coming up in Japan (or it might be a release – no translation on this one) thanks to a teaser site for the game. There’s some nice artwork there and some Japanese text but not much else that we already didn’t know before. But the game is still on for a release in 2008 so here’s hoping it will see an overseas release!

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KOF 98 to return to arcades

November 29, 2007


KOF 98 is the generally considered the best in the ‘King of Fighters’ series, defining what makes a 1-on-1 arcade fighter great. I happen to agree with the statements discussing how awesome KOF ’98 is, in fact I have the game sitting in my garage.

Fans of the game may be pleased to hear that SNK Playmore is planning ontaking the update that will be released on the PS2 called KOF ’98: Ultimate Match and will apply that to arcades as well, just in time for the games’ 10th anniversary. It is unknown what hardware it will run on and what, if any, enhancements it will offer over the PS2 version. The arcade version of the game is expected to see a release in the Spring of 2008.

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