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Smash TV to make a comeback – someday soon perhaps

November 10, 2009

Better to use the flyer than the title screen that everyone else uses


There are many arcade games out there which have been ported to a console or two but not many games can claim to have been ported to at least 16 different platforms (if you count compilations like Midway Arcade Treasures). Smash TV is one of those games and with dual-stick games like Geometry Wars being a popular item on consoles today, it only seems natural that someone at the company-formely-known-as-Midway would want to bring Smash TV back from the dead again.

And it appears that they were working on a new console port of the game not long ago, right before Midway went completely down the tubes. According to the news about the SmashTV update, it looks like the idea is still on the table but I would count the possibility of a return of the game coming to arcades being a minimal one (I actually mentioned that to Eugene Jarvis at AMOA 08 but it wasn’t something they were considering) although it would be very cool to see the game coming back to it’s “natural habitat” once again.

I do realize that this is the third post dealing with the home conversion of an arcade title(which we don’t normally focus on) in the past couple of weeks but don’t blame me – blame the slow arcade news!

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